A sparkling new year: New Years Neighbor Gift

We the holidays but NOT the mess afterward…
you know, vaccuming up pine needles, mopping up water spots from the tree stand, scrubbing those toilets after Aunt Harriet’s stay….!

If you never made it to giving your neighbors a Christmas gift, here’s a fun last minute idea for New Years Neighbor Gift:

Supplies needed:
  • Posh little gloves from WalMart
  • Fun coordinating ribbon
  • Embellishments 
  • Smidge of tacky or hot glue

Simply glue the ribbon around the seam of the glove where the prints meet,

and add your embellisment of choice:

Stick the folded gloves (embellishment showing) into a clear baggie and tie to a chilled bottle of sparkling cider:
Top with a cute note:
and you’re all set for a fun yet practical & inexpensive New Years gift for your friends!

We hope your 2011 sPaRkLeS 😉

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