6 Can Taco Soup

I really should call this my 1 pot/6 can taco soup recipe because it’s the easiest, yummiest, last-minute-friendly-dinner that my kids beg for.  And I suck at cooking so I promise you that it’s impossible to screw this dinner up!  Taco soup is great for pot lucks, family dinners and sick neighbors…because you can trick them into thinking you know what you’re doing in the kitchen (;  I’ll also sub-title this dinner “food storage friendly” since you don’t need any fresh ingredients except the toppings, which can be optional for you dairy-free folks.

Delicious and easy 6 can taco soup! Perfect for last minute dinner!

There are a lot of different ingredients you can subsitute in this meal….I sometimes do just that depending on what’s in the pantry.  My most common ingredients are:

  • 1 can black beans
  • 1 can kidney beans
  • 1 can ranch style beans
  • 1 can tomato chunks
  • 1 can whole kernel corn
  • 1 can or cup salsa

I add 2 tablespoons of taco seasoning for flavor and that’s it.  I literally toss it all into a cold pot (don’t drain any of them), set the temp to medium/high, stir it once then put the lid on and walk away for 20 minutes.  I’ll come back, stir it again and serve it piping hot.

Delicious and easy 6 can taco soup! Perfect for last minute dinner!

It’s super tasty with sour cream and cheese sprinkled on top of it.  My kids love to load up tortilla chips with their soup and shove it into their mouths.  Animals.

Delicious and easy 6 can taco soup! Perfect for last minute dinner!

The first time I made taco soup, I followed a crock pot recipe that added fresh chicken and a variety of crazy ingredients.  I let it cook {and tempt me, might I add!} for 6 hours before I finally was able to enjoy it.  The second time, I used canned chicken and tried it in a pot.  Tasty knock off!  Sometimes I’ll add canned chicken or go back to the crock pot method but this is hands down my favorite last minute meal and my kids’ very favorite dinner.  Hope your littles enjoy it as much as mine do.

Although we’re more comfortable with a paintbrush and saw in our hands, we do have a few recipes here and there!  Check ’em out!

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  1. What are ranch style beans? I’ve never heard that term before. Are they like baked beans?

  2. So I made this the day you posted this BEFORE I read your post…we must be on the same wave length this week. And yes, it was super yummy. One of my fave “food storage” rotating meals! We try to stay dairy free and fresh when possible, but every now and then meals from a can are super easy and cheap! Instead of salsa I just added some taco seasoning, a fresh green pepper and cilantro. Yummers.

  3. This looks so yummy! How many people do you think it would feed? I have 8 people in my family, so I’m wondering if I should double it.

    1. I have 4 kids (that eat! :)) plus me and my husband–I use 3-4 cans of beans and it feeds all of us, sometimes with leftovers, sometimes not. I usually serve this with corn bread or taco chips so it depends on how much of those they eat! I would for sure double this recipe for 8 people. I add cilantro to mine! Delish!

  4. I love taco soup! It is my goto during fall/winter which I am so looking forward too!!

  5. Yummy!! We have a similar version that I add a packet of ranch dressing to and it adds really good flavor – mmmm. Soup is so good & satisfying on a cool fall day!! Chat soon!!

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