We have LVED blog hopping to see everyones top posts in 2011 so we’re jumping on the bandwagon to show our most popular projects…  we realized just how eclectic our blog is while compiling this post! 😉

Surprisingly, our #1 most viewed project was Kelli’s state art, a quick gift whipped up for our newlywed sister:
Next up was the turquoise hutch revamp, a cheap Craig’s find that fits in Kelli’s dining room space perfectly, now filled with bakeware, cake stands and an owl or two:
Our cheery yard sale find lemonade stand was a huge hit and we were flattered to see a few knock off’s of our revamp in Blogland:
Back to home decor… the fun hutch-turned-craft-storage that sits in the craft room, storing all crafty goodness:
A rare jewelry post!  Our interchangeable felt necklace
is so fun to wear because it goes with everything & is an easy peasy project to create:
Kelli loves her some turquoise!  This lamp redo from our late grandmother’s house needed a makeover and is now the perfect shade…. ha, no pun intended 😉 
Ah, Valentine’s Day!  Our crush bottles were so fun to make and are an inexpensive gift to make for your sweetie:
We love to create something out of nothing!  Our recycled coat rack was a mod podge of this ‘n that but made the perfect housewarming gift for our older sis:
Another redo!  Kelli’s boys dresser was a Craigs find nightmare before she turned it into something chic, paired with the PB knock-off beds her handy hubby built:
A sewing tut on LJ is almost unheard of but this apron-turned-sundress was too cute not to attempt:
It’s been fun to browse the ‘ol archives and see what we created throughout the year.  2012 brings a lot more revamps, after’s and some big reveals.  Stick around 😉


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