Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Hello hello! We are already on week 2 of the One Room Challenge and we’re neck deep (literally) in demo mode! The good news is our Jeffrey Court tile arrived for our small bathroom renovation and it is goooorgeous. SO beautiful!


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We are in love!

Jeffrey Court bathroom tile mood board | Loving these mixed tiles for an affordable bathroom remodel!

That is the only pretty thing that happened this week.

Small bathroom ideas for remodeling. Love the new tile coming in, so fresh and clean! Tips to renovate a bathroom on a budget!

Week two bathroom renovation updates:

  • Shower walls are gone.
  • Backside of the wall to be moved is gone.
  • Door frame + pocket door are gone.

DEMO DAY! Tearing out this ugly bathroom tile to replace it with white penny tile and dark grout is going to make this modern farmhouse bathroom renovation so glam and gorgeous!

Can’t wait to get rid of the ugly floor tile!

Small bathroom remodel ideas on a budget! We're renovating a bathroom on a budget and are gutting it down to the studs!

Tip for space planning a bathroom renovation:

Play around with a bathroom template like this one (source unknown), then measure three times to be safe. I ended up drawing my own bathroom out with accurate measurements so we don’t make any expensive mistakes going forward.

When remodeling a bathroom, use a small bathroom layout to plan your renovation. Tips for remodeling a bathroom on a budget!

Yes, very S L O W progress this week. We’re currently in Canada enjoying a couples retreat with our spouses so we’ll have to make up time next week when we get back, eek!

Remodeling a bathroom? We've gathered some gorgeous bathroom wall tile designs without breaking the bank! These tiles are gorgeous for this fresh farmhouse glam girls bathroom renovation!

When we were taking the wall out, we realized we don’t have as much length on the new wall as we thought. So we had to completely change the design of the new vanity. I was hoping to keep the vanity above and add on a makeup counter for my girls. SOB SOB. Things happen, you gotta roll with it! So now we’ve ordered a vanity and I can’t wait to show you how we’re going to make a few DIY changes to it to customize it!

How to plan a bathroom remodel! Make sure you plan out your space beforehand on paper or a 3D rendering so you don't make any expensive mistaking when renovating your bathroom remodel!

With the help of this tile…every little things, gonna be alriiiiight 😉

So very excited to get this bathroom tile shower installed! Loving Jeffrey Court's Home Depot fan tile in a shower, so pretty!

Hopefully next week will be a giant step toward finishing this glam farmhouse bathroom renovation! 1/3 of the way there!

Loving this glam farmhouse chic bathroom tiles remodel ideas! This girls farmhouse bathroom renovation is going to be so pretty! Watch the full journey to gut an old bathroom and turn it into a glam farmhouse chic bathroom dream!

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  1. Hi so was the tile molding the trim that goes around the fish scale tiles? Trying to look for the source of how you did it!

  2. love love love your tile selections. We just listed our big house up north and will be downsizing there since we spend most of our time in Florida now. The downsized home is going to need just about everything and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Seeing these tile choices may have just helped me check one room of stressful decisions off my list. I have heard copying is the most sincere form of flattery. Consider yourself flattered? 😀

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