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My brother in law is an avid hunter and has beautiful trophies throughout his home. His cute wife decorates the largest one for the holidays and I was teasing him that if he gave me one, I would paint it pink. He laughed and promised me on his next trip he would bring something back; alas, he did! So, thanks to Reeves art supplies, I was able to fulfill my end of the deal and prettied this skull right up!

Pretty painted skull, love the boho look made with a paint brush and acrylic paint in no time!

The Reeves packaging is so classy! Show your colors, love the versatile Reeves art supplies! I chose 4 hues of Reeves acrylic paint in the cutest tubes and used a few coordinating paint brushes. Reeves art supplies can turn drab into fab into no time! The flower palette is my favorite, so cute and made painting a breeze. I usually use a paper plate and the colors blend together so using this palette was a treat! Added some Reeves acrylic paint on a sketched boho aztec design and this skull turned into a work of art in just minutes! I chose colors that would coordinate with my house colors… Peach, Yellow Ocher, Phthalo Green, Viridian, and Titanian White of course! Added Reeves acrylic paint after sketching a chic aztec design onto a dull skull and now it's fab! I first painted the entire skull, minus the antlers, Titanium white. Reeves acrylic paint is so smooth and covers so well! Pretty two-tone skull, brighten it up with a whitewashed acrylic paint in no time at all! After the paint was dry, I sketched a design inspired by this pin with a pencil onto the skull. Sketched out a cute aztec design and turned this skull into a work of art in no time with acrylic paint! I started with the Peach pink and then filled in the Yellow Ochre and once that was dry, topped off the design with the mixed Viridian and Phthalo Green. Add a sketched aztec design + acrylic paint onto a skull and in just minutes you have a chic piece of decor! I love adding florals to really girlie it up! Easy painted skull DIY using just Reeves acrylic paint! For now, I skipped the florals since the design is so pretty and love it in my entryway! Pretty painted skull, love the boho look made with a paint brush and acrylic paint in no time! A little bit of rustic + a little bit of farmhouse, it’s such a pretty piece of decor! Easy tutorial to paint a skull in a boho, aztec look! So cute and stylish, made in just minutes with acrylic paint!

Spruce up a real or faux skull in no time with a little bit of paint + this easy tutorial! Cute! See other projects you can paint with Reeves on Twitter, Facebbook, or Instagram!

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