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Welcome to our favorite post of the week! This is where we feature what we’re crushing on this week. From home decor to goodies to a pretty graphic to the latest book or movie and everything in between, we’ll be sharing 5 things that caught our eye this week. Let us know which one your favorite is!


Bod E Talk

We’ve stuck to our new years resolutions so far this year and are collaboratively down 11 pounds! WHOOP! Two things have really helped us. One: following BodETalk’s program (we’re in the Gold Standard, our coach is Jana Garrett, she is AMAZING!!). It helps you get in tune with your body and learn the signs of hunger vs boredom. The second is supporting the first: meal planning, WITH a menu. There are a ton of free plans in the land of the web but we’ve been intentional with adding successful recipes and workouts to our Healthy Living Pinterest Board. Take a peek if you’re looking for easy (and yummy) but healthy recipes and 20 minutes or less workouts like we have.


Image result for celery juicing

ps: I jumped on the celery juice trend, as well. This is my favorite juicer that we’ve also been putting to work with all the navels our dad brings home from the farm. YUM! Does celery juice really work? So far I’ve noticed:

  • more energy
  • better sleep
  • clearer mind
  • less hungry

And yes, I still drink my beloved Diet Coke. But WAY more water. At least 120 oz a day.


Cutest clothes! Use lollyjane for 10% off!

We just scored some affordable threads at Painted Pretty! I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this lightweight peasant top. Use LOLLYJANE to save 10% off through Jan 28th, whoop!


Image result for heidi swapp light the fight podcast

When I’m not reading, I can’t get enough of podcasts. Currently loving Light the Fight for parenting advice. Heidi’s sweet teenage son commit suicide a couple years ago. As you can imagine, it was heartbreaking for her family and so sad for us to see her life unravel as we’ve followed her for several years. We’ve been so impressed with how she’s held her head high and truly wants to help other parents be better people overall so they can be amazing parents, in a realistic way. Her sidekick David Kozlowski is a therapist and has amazing insight that I can’t get enough of. Be sure to listen to Podcast #2 and #3, if nothing else: learn to be a first responder in your child’s crisis.


The Yellow Rose Beauty Shop by [Brown, Carolyn]

Winding down, I’ve been reading all of Carolyn Brown’s books. She’s pretty good about not getting too deep into “sex scenes” which I appreciate as I prefer lighthearted romance. Yellow Rose Beauty Shop cracked me up, there was enough romance plus secrecy plus church drama to keep me page flipping, er, swiping on my phone/kindle 😉

Let us know what you’ve discovered this year so far in the comments, we’d love to hear! xo

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  1. Yay for Bod E Talk. It’s the best lifestyle EVER!!!! I’m so happy you’re experiencing it. It’s life changing!!! Enjoy!

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