keep calm and kiss on Valentines Day printable

I love Valentine’s Day!  When we were little girls, we would wake to a small heart shaped box of chocolates.  There was an assortment of different kinds and we thought it was the best treat in the world.  No sharing, 5 whole chocolates to eat at our leisure.  You see, our sweet Dad would leave these in a row on our long bathroom counter, with a handwritten note to each of his 5 daughters.  And you know what? Even though we live miles apart, he still drives and leaves a bigger box on our front porch.  That is one of my fondest memories growing up, I just love this holiday!  It’s about love, and not necessarily about a spouse (;  But this free printable definitely is, LOL!! We love this dingbat font and thought the lovebirds were too cute so we created a keep calm and kiss on Valentine’s Day printable. {Click on it to enlarge, it’s sized as a 5×7}
We’ve displayed it in a shabby frame with the other eclectic Valentine decor around the house and love the grays and pinks together (:
keep calm and kiss on valentines day printable
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  1. that's adorable! thank you so much for the free printable! I'll be featuring it on my blog in the next few days…whenever I get around to completing my Valentine's decor!

  2. new follower. just printed the freebie. thank you. I see a few projects to my right in your sidebar that are catching my eye… would love a follow back. Oh my, I see like 5 projects to go and snoop around on… laura

  3. So its only the 3rd comment I have left on one post lol- I wanted to tell you I blogged about winning this cute giveaway and you should go check it out 🙂

  4. Oh man I am so excited!!!! SOOOO excited!!! I am feeling pretty lucky- my swap gift was awesome huh?!!! I can't wait to get this cute bracelet:)

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