My husband told me “cheeps” isn’t actually short for chocolate covered peeps but I told him that’s a long post title so it makes sense to me.  He still doesn’t get it.  lol!  So anyway!  Kelli’s little 8 year old {remember THIS butterfly bday cake?} was baptized over the weekend {she wore the earrings I made, btw!} and Kell asked me to make something yummy for the luncheon treat with egg-mallows.  After going to 3 stores to find those dumb seasonal marshmallows with no luck, I gave into the peep craze!  Introducing cheeps aka Marshmallow covered peeps!!

and fully dunked those puppies {er, bunnies} into chocolate.

Melting chocolate . Food coloring . Lollipop sticks . Peeps . Wax paper . Sprinkles to decorate with 🙂
Melt chocolate. Add food coloring. Insert lollipop stick into peep:
Dip. Cool on wax paper. Decorate:
 Display. Eat. The end.
Because it was Friday date night, I didn’t start on the cheeps until after 11 o’clock and was still working on them around midnight, when I apparently lost my mind because this little blue boy peep kept turning to face a little yellow girl peep when I wasn’t looking.  No matter how many times I turned him to face straight like the others, he kept turning to her.  I think he was in love so, I documented their courtship:
 Pretty soon they were married and had a green baby!  
{Get it? Blue + Yellow = Green?} 
Okay so I really just dipped a green one to add to the happy family {go adoption!} and…… 
Ummm okay, is anyone else thinking Kristi from Lolly Jane is completely nuts?!  Ha ha.  I tell ya, I was SO tired…  do you late night craft after hubby/kiddo are asleep, too?  Well then, this could be YOU! lol 😉  Well anyway I got them done and they turned out pretty cute. Ry was excited about the “baptism cheep” I made for her {all white} but, she still ate him.  Sorry, cheep!  


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