Our family is from sunny Arizona but our little sis married a boy from Baton Rouge.  Just for fun, we made the newlyweds sweet decor for their cozy apartment:
[Arizona + Louisiana]
Want to make your own? You probably have everything on hand..

Supplies Needed:
  • computer/printer
  • cardstock
  • 8×10 frame
  • double-sided tape
  • heart stickers [or red marker]
  • vinyl “+” [or black marker]
1. Google image desired state, print onto regular paper.
2. Cut out state.
3. Trace (backward) onto cardstock, cut out.
4. Put hearts on the city you live in then using double-sided tape, center your states onto colored cardstock, [ours is geographically correct, fyi!] Don’t forget your “+” sign.

Frame & you’re done!  

Same concept for solo state.  Enjoy (:


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