What to Expect From a Home Builder

unsure what to expect from a home builder? presenting Building made simple with KB Home, a step-by-step of the Buying Process! 

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step-by-step approach to building homes

There are definite upsides to having your home built by an experienced home builder… mostly that, (after all of your choices are made,) the process is smooth and hassle-free while you get to sit back and watch your homesite “grow” into a house… YOUR house! Eek!

Gorgeous modern farmhouse new build by KB Home! #KBHome #ArizonaHomeBuilder #AZcommunity #neighborhood #newbuild #custombuilt #newhome

KB Home has a simple, step-by-step approach to building homes and that process takes all of the guesswork out of it for the buyer. Curious how it works? We’ll show you:

1. Choose your Community + Floor Plan

First things first, choose the community you want to live in; there are so many amazing choices here in the Phoenix area and you can’t go wrong with any of them as they ALL offer quality, choice, and value. Once inside the gorgeous model homes, you’ll be greeted by a Sales Counselor and will soon be able to select a homesite and floor plan that works for YOUR family.

Congrats on your new homesite! Want to know what to expect next?? Click through to see! #KBHome #ArizonaHomeBuilder #AZcommunity #neighborhood #newbuild #custombuilt #newhome

A major perk of building new is there are no costly renovation surprises along the way and what you see is what you get, yay for staying within budget! Another perk of building new with KB Home is that they offer a stellar home warranty, which saves you money at the beginning of homeownership.

3. Personalizing the Interior

The next step happens to be our favorite: Choosing every single finish in your new home. Whether you’re decisive like Kelli and know exactly what you want or, like Kristi who is easily intimidated by the vast variety of choices, there is staff along every step of the way to validate your decisions or help to make the decisions for you. The partnership with KB Home helps give people confidence to choose what they like. From outlet locations to faucet finishes and everything in between… YOU get to choose!

Aaah look at these GORGEOUS selections from the wide variety of home finishes at KB Home. This bathroom is going to be stunning!!! #KBHome #ArizonaHomeBuilder #AZcommunity #neighborhood #newbuild #custombuilt #newhome

Talk about choices! In case you missed our post on our visit to the Phoenix Design Studio, meeting with your studio consultant, and seeing new build design ideas, take a look here. (Be sure to bring your free printable wish lists so you can jot down everything your family wants/needs and compare it with your studio consultant.

Popular Arizona home builder lets YOU design your own gorgeous, on trend options to make your dream home a reality... within budget! #KBHome #ArizonaHomeBuilder #AZcommunity #neighborhood #newbuild #custombuilt #newhome

No two families and budgets are the same, so at KB Home YOU decide how much to spend on your home. Rest assured your studio consultant is not commission based and the home buyer really takes the reins as much as you want. Picking and choosing the design elements is almost the best part of the building process, next to moving in! Plus, the Design Studio offers freshly baked cookies so there’s that. Mmm!

Feel royally spoiled with special treatment and details like FRESHLY baked cookies while at the KB Home Design Studio! #KBHome #ArizonaHomeBuilder #AZcommunity #neighborhood #newbuild #custombuilt #newhome
PC: It’s Chelsie

4. Staying Involved During the Build

Your build is coming to life, so exciting! Don’t worry about being in the dark or doing sneaky drive-by’s… you will get to visit your home’s progress several times during construction to ensure you’re on the same page as KB Home so there are no surprises along the way. Your sales counselor and construction superintendent are available from start to finish! You’re able to have unlimited walk throughs at any given phase of the build, (of course by by appointment and coordinated ahead of time.) Bonus: you can even log into your home buyer’s portal and receive milestone notifications with the progress. How fun is that!

Progess shot of a modern farmhouse new build by KB Home! #KBHome #ArizonaHomeBuilder #AZcommunity #neighborhood #newbuild #custombuilt #newhome
PC: Allison Hovac

Home Sweet Home… enjoying your new KB Home build!

What sets KB Home apart from the rest is that when you get your keys to welcome you home, there is no calling your sales counselor or construction superintendent to report about unfinished trim work, paint touch up’s or any other last minute fixes or repairs. 

Congratulations on your new home build! Want to know what to expect next?? Click through to see! #KBHome #ArizonaHomeBuilder #AZcommunity #neighborhood #newbuild #custombuilt #newhome
PC: Allison Hovac

It is 100% move-in ready!

Congrats on your new home! Curious what to expect from a home builder? Check out this thorough step-by-step of what to expect with buying/building with KB Home! Congrats on your new home! Curious what to expect from a home builder? Check out this thorough step-by-step of what to expect with buying/building with KB Home!#KBHome #ArizonaHomeBuilder #AZcommunity #neighborhood #newbuild #custombuilt #newhome
PC: Allison Havoc

You are HOME and get to simply enjoy all of the energy efficient appliances, gorgeous tile and floors, and every other detail that makes your KB Home house, YOUR home.

Stunning new build modern farmhouse kitchen by KB Home! #KBHome #ArizonaHomeBuilder #AZcommunity #neighborhood #newbuild #custombuilt #newhome
PC: Allison Havoc

Lastly, don’t forget to SAVE THE DATE! You can find all of the details here and we will be co-hosting the Phoenix KB Home Design Studio kitchen reveal… it’s going to be SO good! Psst! Be sure to RSVP (click here) as space is limited!

Come see the refreshed and GORGEOUS kitchen reveal at the KB Home Design Studio in Phoenix! #KBHome #ArizonaHomeBuilder #AZcommunity #neighborhood #newbuild #custombuilt #newhome

Come enjoy a dessert bar, home decor make ‘n take, mingle with KB Home designers + sales associates to ask every question you have about building a new home, aaaand check out all of the gorgeous design elements within the Design Studio! Hope to see you there!

Congrats on your new homesite! Want to know what to expect next?? Click through to see! #KBHome #ArizonaHomeBuilder #AZcommunity #neighborhood #newbuild #custombuilt #newhome

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