How to make a spring cookie bouquet

Hi there, I’m Janine from the Happy Happy Nester. I have thoroughly enjoyed guest posting for LollyJane, so thanks Kelli and Kristi for this wonderful opportunity! For this month’s post I wanted to create a spring project. And lately, I’ve had a cookie bouquet on my mind! So, what better way to celebrate spring than with cute flower cookies popping up from a fun festive basket!

How to Make a Cookie Bouquet |via Happy Happy Nester

I love to bake, but I decided to consult the authority in the industry, Marian of Sweetopia. I knew that she would have the best sugar cookie recipe. She said the key to preventing the cookie from spreading is to eliminating the baking powder from the ingredients. As predicted, the recipe was perfect and not only is the cookie pretty and holds a lollipop stick, but it is also delicious. Next I made her Royal Icing recipe and the results were amazing! I replaced the icing sugar with powdered sugar and it still came out great! Her very helpful 10 second knife rule works and is the best test to get the right icing consistency. Her theory is that if you take a butter knife and cut one inch down into the icing, the mark should smooth over in about 10 seconds. She has a helpful video that is worth watching. If it takes less than 10 seconds, then icing is too runny and you should add more sifted sugar. If it is too thick, you just keep adding little amounts of warm water. My icing came out too thick and so I added water until it got to the right consistency. It spread on the cookie quite nicely and also harden perfectly.

How to Make a Cookie Bouquet |via Happy Happy Nester

As you can tell in the above photo, I also decorated a cookie with edible pansies! I saw this on Pinterest and I really wanted to give it a try. It was pretty easy to make and probably the hardest part was finding organic edible pansies. I did find them at our local grocery store, which was awesome! If you grow your own pansies without pesticides, you could use them. Also, there is a great online store that sells them.

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

How to Make a Cookie Bouquet |via Happy Happy Nester

Yes, this is how thick you want your cookie dough. The dough cuts nicely and makes pretty defined edges. My dough got stuck in the cookie cutter, so I had to gently push the dough out with my fingers. Just make sure to gently push since you don’t want to leave your finger impressions in the cookie. Yes, this gives you an idea of how thick you should make the cookies. The craft stick goes in nicely, be careful not to puncture the top or bottom of the cookie. Just place it straight into the dough.

How to Make a Cookie Bouquet |via Happy Happy Nester

On Sweetopia’s website you’ll learn how to outline the cookie and then fill in the middle with icing. As you can see in this photo, the icing isn’t too smooth. So, Marian said to shake the cookie a bit to get it to smooth out. Check out the photo below. It’s smooth…

How to Make a Cookie Bouquet |via Happy Happy Nester

Tada, it’s magic!

For the pansy flower cookies you’ll want edible flowers so that they don’t seep pesticides into the dough. I found my package at our local grocery store! Pretty cool that they carry them. Mix 1 tablespoons of dried egg whites (meringue powder) and 2 tablespoons water. Next dry the pansies on a paper towel. Make sure not to leave them out too long as they quickly start to shrivel up and dry out in the open air. It only took them a few minutes for this to happen! So, Next, spread egg mixture onto a cooled cookie. Add a pansy onto of the egg white mixture and press them so that adhere to the cookie. Then brush the top of the pansy with the egg mixture and cover thoroughly. Sprinkle sugar on top of the flower and cookie. Place on a parchment lined cookie sheet and bake at 325 for 2 minutes. Watch the cookies closely, since the flowers can dry out. Place on a drying rack and let cool. When the cookies come out of the oven they tend to be a little soft, but once they have cooled on the drying rack they hardened right back up so don’t panic.

How to Make a Cookie Bouquet |via Happy Happy Nester

To make the basket, place floral foam on the bottom of a basket. Make sure that it fits tightly, so the foam doesn’t move around in the basket. You will place the cookie sticks into the foam. I found it held the sticks in place quite nicely. Once you place the cookies into the foam, you’re ready to decorate and enjoy! Add moss or Easter grass in the basket to cover up the foam and a bow and chocolate eggs and bunnies if you like. I had bought a cute yellow chick, but forgot to put it in the basket when I took the photos. Oh well, next time. Decorating the basket is the fun part… well, eating the delicious cookies is fun too!

How to Make a Cookie Bouquet |via Happy Happy Nester

I hope you enjoyed this cookie bouquet as much as I enjoyed making and sharing it. It may look like a difficult project, but just make the cookies ahead of time and then decorate them with icing and flowers on another day. I spaced it out over two days and this made it a so easy to make. I was also thinking this could be a cute table decoration for a baby or wedding shower! If you used some pretty pastel colors, it could be nice for a wedding! Add a few candies and silver and you have a beautiful bouquet. Thanks for reading my post and I hope you are inspired to give this little cookie bouquet a try!


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