Keep your wood floors clean with our not-so-dirty little secret… the Swiffer WetJet Wood!

Keep your wood floors clean with our not-so-dirty little secret… the swiffer WetJet Wood mop!

“House was clean. Kids woke up. The end.” –said every parent ever

dirty wood floors?

With 7 active kids and 3 dogs between us, life happens hard in each of our homes. Sure, a 10-minute pick up can hide the lacrosse gear, shoes strewn about, toys, hair scrunchies, phone chargers, and leftover pizza boxes BUT… the floors reveal everything. 

Take care of your wood floors with these simple tips! #swiffer #woodfloors #iheartwoodfloors

How to keep wood floors clean

My quick AND deep clean floor routine is actually one in the same: sticking a microfiber like pad on my Swiffer WetJet Wood and letting it do the work! That’s literally it. Mom win!

Take care of your wood floors with these simple tips! #swiffer #woodfloors #iheartwoodfloors

We are halfway through renovating our 1970’s ranch style farmhouse and the newly laid wood floors were the biggest investment, and also the biggest improvement. Naturally, they are used daily and take abuse from us, our children, our pets, and our husbands’ heavy police and lineman equipment…  after they arrive home from their shifts, they plop dirty work boots on our floor and voila! Instant dirt on my floors. Repeat with sports gear and drooled on pet toys.. our poor floors, haha. It gives us both peace of mind to simply grab our Swiffer WetJet Wood for a fast (but thorough) wash and know my floors are not only clean, but cared for under that clean. Swiffer’s cleaning solution loosens said dirt and lifts it off the floor, pulling the mess into the WetJet Wood pad and locking it away for good. Bye bye doggy drool and dirty lacrosse ball grime!

The fine mist spray coats my floor evenly so even when the lights are off, I know it’s clean!  

I have a large pew in my entryway (aka the family drop zone for all things that should never be there but are!) and my WetJet Wood is a breeze to get in those tight spots underneath the pew and the flexible swivel allows me to clean up after the tiny army of dirt monsters I created. 😉


No matter how big the mess, or even just mopping from the daily grind, my favorite thing is to look back at the shine on my wood floors, sans leftover cloudy or hazy streaking. Yes, I’m one of those people that organizes an area then walks past it a few times a day to give myself a high-five! 😉 I do the same with a clean space and to us, there’s nothing better than seeing the floors we put our hard earned money into showing off a nice shine… and ready to withstand the clobber it’s about to get when our families return. Thank goodness for our secret weapon, Swiffer WetJet Wood, that is in our cleaning arsenal!

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This post was in partnership with Swiffer WetJet Wood. As always, opinions are our very own and we really love all Swiffer products 😉

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  1. I’ve used the Bona system on my wood floors for several years. The WetJet Wood looks similar to the Bona Wood floor care; has anyone reading used both of these? I would be interested in knowing how they compare. I’m game for anything that speeds up the process!

  2. Hello, ladies: I have a cork floor in my kitchen, and have never found how to clean it. I love your floors, but lemme know ifn’ you ever see anything about how to treat cork floors! They cost me big $.

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