DIY Big Head cutout

Make your own big head cut out in minutes and on the cheap! They’re great for any event and are a fun way to recognize your special person!

Big event coming up? Make a Big Head cutout to stand out in the crowd, it’s a fun way to recognize your special person and sure to bring lots of laughs!

DIY Big Head cutout

Making your own big head cutout is so easy and doesn’t take much time or effort. I made 3 in less than 20 minutes for my little graduates of elementary, junior high and high school that looked so sharp… minus the hefty price tag if you have them professionally printed! Wanna make your own? Let’s do it!

DIY Big Head Cutout! So fun for any event to help make your person feel extra special, no fancy tools needed and cost less than $10 each! #diy #diybighead #bigheadcutout #diycutout

Supplies to make a Big Head cutout

The best part of making a big head cutout are no fancy tools are required. In fact I bet you have the tools needed in your home already!

How to make a Big Head cutout

Making this DIY big head cutout is so quick and super fun because you get to admire the person you’re making it for. LOL! It really is so dang cute. Here’s how to make it:

Take a selfie or use a professional picture (make sure it’s high resolution) and have it printed in a 16×20 from your local printer. I used the Walgreens app because they usually include a 40-50% coupon from the $16 standard price plus offer same day or 1 day printing. However, Costco, Sams Club, Office Depot, or etc. can print it for you as well.

How to make a Big Head Cutout, so cute and easy!

Using spray adhesive, mount photo onto the foam board. I like to spray the foam board first then place the photo on top. From there I work from the inside out to smooth it down.

DIY Big Head cutout, so fun to help your loved one stand out among the crowd as you cheer them on!

The spray adhesive we linked is repositionable so it ensures a flat outcome, no bubbles!

Want to make a Big Head Cutout? See how EASY it is with these simple steps, such a fun craft to celebrate the people in your life!

Use your box cutter or X-acto knife to cut around the hair, ears or hair and UNDER the chin. No necks allowed. 😉

See how EASY it is to make a DIY Big Head cutout with these simple steps. Soooo cute!

This is where we will place the stick.

DIY Big Head cutout. So darn cute and easy to make- bring it to a graduation, celebration or party honoring your loved one to really stand out!

Optional: Use scissors to trim any excess foam the box cutter missed. You can also just use scissors but it leaves the edges folded over a smidgen whereas the box cutter leaves nice crisp lines that look very professional. Seriously, how cute are these already?!

Big Head cutout tutorial, so easy and so cute! Add a stick to wave around at your loved ones big event to stand out among the crowd!

Once you have your big head secured and cut out, flip it over and tape a paint stick or dowel to it. Lastly, attach it with a few strips of painters tape or duct tape.

DIY Big Head cutout, a must-make to stand out among the crowd at a graduation, birthday or other celebration. So cute and EASY to make!

Ta-da! Add a little note on the back and date it for a fun keepsake!

How to use a Big Head cutout

Once you’ve made your big head cutout, wave that cutie around to make your loved one feel EXTRA loved at their big event! It’s a great way to really stand out among the crowd. You can even use it within a backdrop or as party decor:

DIY Big Head Cutout, so cute- add to a party backdrop! A cute and affordable way to recognize your graduate or person at their special event!

We made them for every family member to hold over their face while performing a skit and dancing at a family reunion recently and got a ton of laughs! Another idea is to use it for a surprise birthday party; when the birthday boy or girl comes in they will see their face from all ages or events throughout their life as each partygoer holds one up and is sure to laugh. It’s also great to tape to your seatbelt to get away with riding in the carpool lane. KIIIIIDDING! 😉

DIY Big Head Cutout! So fun for any event to help make your person feel extra special, no fancy tools needed and cost less than $10 each! #diy #diybighead #bigheadcutout #diycutout

No matter how you use it, a big head cutout is a really fun and easy way to add a little pizazz to celebrate your special person!

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