How to hang pictures with a pop tab

We ordered these oh-so-popular funky picture frames by Cut It Out, courtesy of The Glitter Academy craft night last weekend, {which was a blast!}    The 11×14 frames fit the wall space perfectly and is a cute way to display my 4 kiddos portraits and our how to hang pictures with a pop tab trick worked perfectly for this!

To create the look I gave the frames a clean coat of white paint, {they come raw} sanded the edges a bit {v e r y lightly as the frames are soft MDF and I didn’t want to ruin the decorative cutout} then added some glaze here ‘n there to give it that old, shabby chic look we love so much:

Now the fun part: hang to display.
For those of you who have ordered signs from us, you’ve probably seen the pop tab on the back.  Since we’re avid Diet Coke drinkers, we save the tabs from the cans just for this purpose ;)  

We thought we would share our alternative to pricey sawtooth hangers:
Simply screw a poptab on the back of a frame, bend the top of the tab slightly so it will catch when hanging then hang. Easy peasy, right? :)

How do you display your kiddos pics?
And how often do you swap them out for updated photos?
I’m thinking each year, right?

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  • Jessica & {The.Junk.Nest.} - The frames are great. I love how you did the shabby chic thing with them. Over the weekend I was just thinking about what to do with my daughters schook pic. This has inspired me :) And using pop tabs for hangers is briliant. I am sooo doing this!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica & {The.Junk.Nest.} - Wow…I can't type!!! ha ha.ReplyCancel

  • Jessica & {The.Junk.Nest.} - Wow…I can't type!!! ha ha.ReplyCancel

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