Craft hutch DIY

First of all….a BIG THANK YOU to Y-O-U!!!! 
Thank you.Thank you.Thank YOU!!!  We won the American Crafters contest, wee!  We feel like we’re now officially friends with the other contestants too, especially Jen & Marni.  And the generous sponsors gave out awesome prizes & we’re so thrilled Marni & Jen get to be spoiled for their hard work too! Please visit all their AWESOME blogs & give them some love, the contestants, host & sponors!  And a grand thank you to Miss Amy for hosting too!  xoxo  
Thrilled to show off our Craft hutch DIY!
  We’re so happy you all loved the craft hutch, here is the before/after as promised.  [Sorry it took so long, my hubby took my computer apart without telling me {we’re in the middle of moving} and I’ve only been able to use my iPhone which is no bueno for blogging!] 
This is how it looked on the craigslist ad, can’t you just see the potential??
Tip: The best paint re-do is using REAL WOOD.  Say no to laminate, lol!!   
Step #1:  Sand. 

 Tip: Use a gunk remover if necessary.
Step #2: Prime.
Step #3: Paint.
Note: There are 2 types of painters:  sprayers & hand rollers. Kelli tends to be a latex paint/hand roller. Kristi prefers spray paint…to each their own. This was painted by hand, fyi.  Either is great (:
Also, there were glass inserts for the shelving on the top portion of the hutch, a simple switch with bead board matched the look much better!
Step #4: Distress
Note: This was sanded PLUS lightly painted with black acrylic paint on a small foam brush.
Other embellishments not shown step-by-step: green background is actually contac
t paper.  All hardware we had on hand, but it would have cost about $10 on eBay {cheapest place we’ve seen it!}.  What else?-we had the bead board on hand, and all the paint supplies.
Cost breakdown:$40 for hutch on craigslist { just got lucky!!}
$3 for contact paper from dollar store
free hardware, paint
More tips: use mason jars for storage. It’s hard to tell but on the tops of the lids are circles of quarter foil fabric to dress them up even more.  Also, hide all the ugly/bulky items behind cabinet doors. 

Hopefully you now feel inspired to craft in your new hutch! (:

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  1. I have been looking for inspiration to turn my grandmother’s china hutch into craft storage (the crafting bug hit me big time and now supplies are oozing out of every iota of storage I have). Mostly I’ve seen the paint jobs but your is the first I can actually see what kinds of things you used to store the crafts!! Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Yah!! Glad to help!! Craft supplies take a mind of their own when left unattended, I swear!! LOL!! Organization is the best! (;

  2. I LOVE the transformation for the hutch. I have one in my dining room (which is never used). My home plan represents a traditional style. I'm constantly looking for DYI projects to update to a transitional look. Any ideas would be really appreciated. Karen

  3. Okay girls, you did awesome at refurnishing this hutch. I am so impressed with your mad skills. Good job. You have me vamped and ready to re do two of mine. 🙂 jenny

  4. This is amazing, love, love, LOVE it! I just went to our thrift store and bought a similar dresser/hutch combo for $95 and am going to do this exact make over! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your awesomeness with the rest of the world! I found your tutorial on UCREATE (just so you don't think I'm some weird blog stalker) Haha…

  5. My husband and I inherited the same "lovely" hutch when we got married. We need it for the storage but hate the way it looks and I have been wanting to redo it for forever, but now I REALLY want to…like this weekend! Love it! 🙂

  6. The hutch looks great. I'm always on the look out for craft room inspiration and this hit the nail on the head! I pinned it to my inspiration folder.

  7. Ok so I love the hutch. I have an armoire that I want to refinish. I was thinking of glazing over the paint. But I like the look of sanding. So you painted it black and then white and then sanded it so the black would show through right?

  8. A friend and I went to some thrift shops a few months ago we saw 2 different hutches, and they were really good deals. One was only $25, unfortunately neither of us had room for it. Good job on the refinishing.

  9. Thanks for posting this. I have a hutch just like yours in stressed white and I was thinking of stripping it but not anymore. i love the way it looks.

  10. Looks great! I'm very jealous of your hutch!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  11. I want it! I wish I could do this! So not crafty and don't have time! you all are amazing! Found you from SITS! Congrats on your success!

  12. Absolutely love it. I have what I consider ugly wood furniture. Maybe I can convince hubby to do this to it.

    Thank you.


  13. Hi ladies! Congrats on your win! I WON last season…

    I actual won round 2,3 and the finals..LOL

    But I'm so glad you weren't in my season…I wouldn't have had a chance! LOL

    LOVE LOVE everything you did! I just pinned the Lemonade Stand and share on FB and Twitter..and one of my FB/blog friends said..hey she's the wife of someone at work…small world!

    Well CONGRATS! I'm stalking you now:-)

  14. Beautiful !!! I love the paints in the glass jar. I need to borrow that idea.

  15. I am totally inspired. I have a hutch we inherited that could use this type of makeover. I'd love if you would stop by and join in my Swing into Spring party. The link stays open through Friday at midnight EST. I'd love for my readers to see this awesome makeover.

  16. What a great idea! I have a hutch I am wanting to redo but I think to use it for crafting suppies is a wonderful idea!

  17. WOW!!! Congrats!!! That is so exciting that you won the contest!!! Not that I'm surprised with such an amazing transformation! So pretty. I love it!
    Star Hughes Living

  18. oh my heck! my mom has a hutch almost identical to this one! it was her mom's before and i think it is the ugliest thing ever. guess i just need some crafty cute people to showcase it's potential. because now- i. want. that. hutch! (so i can give it a make over of course!)

    this turned out SO cute! congrats on winning!

  19. Very nice. I didn't like the look in the before picture at all but the after is stunning. Good job.

  20. I am so proud of you and yes, I voted 🙂

    Your makeover is amazing – sadly I wouldn't even see the potential unless I had someone like you with me

  21. Congratulations on winning! This hutch makeover is AMAZING! I love it! Just joined your blog, you girls definitely know how to inspire. 🙂


  22. Congratulations you two!! And a fantastic job on that hutch. That is no small project! The question is…which one of you gets to keep it at your house now?? 🙂

  23. Seriously drooling at your gorgeous re-do of this hutch!

    How cool for winning the contest. Well deserved!


  24. I absolutely adore the hutch you two refinished! I'm so excited you won! Congrats! You both deserve it!!

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