You know we love a good stenciled project… from our wood signs to stenciled furniture, we are suckers for them! We gave it a go on a pillowcase for the first time ever and you know what? We LOVE our new stenciled pillow and are seriously wondering why we haven’t stenciled fabric before! LOL We are digging the new line by I Love To Create’s Tulip For Your Home; their home décor stencils and paint rock!

DIY Stenciled Pillow tutorial (via

Here’s a peek at the supplies we used:

Supplies to make a stenciled pillowcase. Looks fun!

You’ll need:

  • Pillowcase
  • Large textile stencil, (we used the leopard. Yeow!)
  • Small motif stencil, (lips)
  • Soft matté fabric paint in Blueberry and Coral
  • Stencil adhesive
  • Foam roller

DIY Stenciled Pillow tutorial (via

We made this pillow in less than 20 minutes, including dry time. Suhweet! (Okay okay we DID use a blow dryer to speed up the dry time!) To make your own stenciled pillow, follow along:

  1. Lay a thin piece of cardboard inside the pillow form, (to prevent bleed through.)
  2. Spray a LIGHT coat of stencil adhesive on the back of the large textile stencil, press onto the center of the pillow.
  3. Squeeze the blueberry fabric paint onto a flat surface.
  4. Roll the blueberry paint onto the pillow, covering all of the large textile stencil.
  5. Once completely covered, immediately (slowly) peel back stencil.
  6. Air dry (or bust out your blow dryer) then layer with the small motif stencil.
  7. Once dry, display and enjoy!

The leopard + lips stencils make a sassy addition to any room of your house but we love it for my 10 year old daughters room best. So cute!

DIY Stenciled Pillow tutorial (via

To see more of ILTC’s Tulip For Your Home products, stay caught up with them!

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Psst! This is a sponsored post but as always, opinions are always our very own. We give these stencils four thumbs up! 😉


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