Memorial Day is just around the corner; what a great long weekend to spend time with family and honor those have gone before us! Now that I have a child, I wanted to create a printable that would be fun and easy to make that he could bring to decorate at the cemetery. It also serves as a fun toy to keep at home.

DIY Patriotic Printable Pinwheels!

DIY Patriotic Printable Pinwheels

Click below to download the templates and read on for further instructions on how to put together your pinwheels. These are so easy to print from home and awesome to do as a family!

Patriotic Pinwheel

“Miss and Love You” Pinwheel

Rainbow Pinwheel (simple – one sided)

Blank Pinwheel (color/decorate your own)


Items Needed

  • Printed Templates
  • Scissors
  • Glue and/or Tape
  • Push Pins (if you want them to spin)
  • Pencils, straws, or wood skewers

Step 1: Print out the two papers you want together from the templates above, and cut out the squares.

Easy DIY Patriotic Printable Pinwheels
Step 2: Glue the two squares together back to back, decorative sides facing out.

3. Cut across the diagonal lines on your square, careful not to cut all the way to the middle.

4. With the loose flaps, fold in every other corner towards the center. Glue and/or tape for support if needed. (Ignore my chipped nail polish)…
DIY Patriotic Printable Pinwheels 

5. [You can skip steps 5 and 6 if you don’t care for this to spin and just anchor down the corners with glue/tape]

Take your push pin and insert it in the middle of the pinwheel, catching all your folded corners. *Tip: it helps to pre-poke the holes on the corners and in the middle so threading the pin is easier*

6. Bend the back of the pin so it’s a 90 degree angle, and insert it into the eraser of a pencil:

If you don’t want your pinwheel to spin, just tape it to a straw or wooden skewer. Viola! The finished products!

DIY Printable Patriotic Pinwheels via For more fun and free printables from Peasy Prints, check out Diana’s blog and Instagram pages. Plus, more holiday and special event inspired prints on the Peasy Prints Etsy shop like her “Mi Casa Es Su Casa” print,

Wood Monogram Print,

or her Adventure Baby Shower Invite. Cute!!!


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