There’s been a lot of excitement with the 2018 LipSense colors! We’ve had some new releases like Sweetheart Pink and Be Mine around Valentine’s Day. Recently, the Prism collection was introduced, such vibrant colors! Senegence started the year with a limited 36 LipSense colors but we’re stocked with 52 colors! Such a great variety of colors with more to come. 

Loving these LipSense colors 2018 | Top LipSense colors for 2018, such pretty lipstick colors.. Love this sweatproof and waterproof lipstick! See why LipSense is the most popular lipcolor of 2018!

Some of the most popular 2018 LipSense colors are Plum, Fire Opal, Purple Reign, Goddess, Dark Pink and Bella, to name a few. We’re all wondering if Glam Doll will come back; it was a well-loved lip color that is still highly sought after.

Top 2018 LipSense colors | So many smudgeproof lipcolors to choose from! Waterproof lipstick, sweatproof lipcolor. Long lasting popular matte lipcolor, our fav! Love these 2018 LipSense colors!

The available list of 2018 LipSense colors (as of March 2018) are Apple Cider, Aussie Rose, B.Ruby, Beige Champagne, Bella, Blackberry, Blu-Red, Bombshell, Bravo, Cappuccino, Caramel Apple, Caramel Latte, Cocoa, Dark Pink, Dawn Rising, Fire Opal, Fire-n-Ice, First Love, Fleur de Lisa, Fly Girl, Goddess, Hazelnut, Heartbreaker, Honey Rose, Kiss for a Cause, Kiss Me Katie, Lexie Beary, Luv It, Mauve Ice, Mulled Wine, Napa, Nude, Nutmeg, Persimmon, Pink Champagne, Plum, Plum Pretty, Plumeria, Pomegranate, Praline Rose, Precious Topaz, Purple Reign, Razzberry, RoseBerry, Samon, Sassy Z, Sheer Berry, Strawberry Shortcake, Summer Sunset, T.E.A.M. Wicked, Violet Volt and Violette. The annual Senegence Seminar is in April so that means new releases will arrive soon, wahoo!

Our most popular 2018 LipSense colors are in stock and ready to wear! From Apple Cider LipSense to the limited edition Prism colors, we have it all in stock. Grab our popular 2018 LipSense colors while they last and put our smudgeproof lip color to the test!

Keep up with us in our Lolly Faves group for the latest and greatest. We’ll be announcing the things live as they happen. GLOSS UPDATE: 2018 LipSense gloss colors are the same as the 2017 LipSense gloss colors: there are still 11 glosses to choose from, 9 of them being tinted. Glossy is the base to be applied after the color. You can then layer matte gloss on top to take away the sheen. One small change is that Matte LipSense sample packs are now available, wahoo! Let us know if you’d like one in your next order.

2018 LipSense gloss colors are the same as the 2107 LipSense gloss colors. There are 11 total: The only change is Matte LipSense sample packs are now available, wahoo! 

Psssst: In our secret stash is Coral-Lina and She’s Apples—we’d love to share with you!!

Loving this new limited edition LipSense color: Coral-Lina LipSense lipcolor! Such a pretty coral lipcolor! Love this bright lipcolor, so fun! Distributor #212205 | @lollysense #corallinalipsense

Loving this new limited edition color: She's Apple LipSense lipcolor! Such a pretty coral lipcolor! Love this bright lipcolor, so fun! Distributor #212205 | @lollysense

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2018 LipSense Color Chart | Love all these no smudge lipcolors! A huge variety of the hottest lipstick colors, stays on all day! Love this waterproof lipstick! The latest LipSense colors of 2018!


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