Our cute cousin got hitched this weekend and we love giving handmade gifts instead of something they’ll return from the registry.  Are we right or what?! This cousin has an apple theme in her house and loves yellow.  We thought it’d be cute to combo the two and give her a functional yet adorable gift: a cupboard door chalkboard with a twist!
Make a chalkboard bulletin board by attaching wire with screws to the top! #chalkboard #bulletinboard
First things first, paint the inside of the cupboard door with chalkboard paint.  We picked ours up at Home Depot.  3 coats and a day to cure and you’re good to go!  We painted the outsidea  cheery yellow to match the bride-to-be’s main house color.
We added a fun green apple with our vinyl cutter to make it fun!
And thought this quote would be fitting for a wedding: Love doesn’t grow on trees like apples, it’s something you have to make.
Next step is creating the bulletin board portion.
We screwed a 1/2″ screw on either side of the top of the board then wrapped wire around the screws for the clothespins to hang from.  Optional: You could tie ribbon as another option.
We scrawled a simple message in chalk, added some matching painted clothespins and you’re in business!
Make a chalkboard bulletin board by attaching wire with screws to the top! #chalkboard #bulletinboard
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How to chalkboard any surface in any color #chalkboard #diy
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Very easy chalkboard calendar tutorial with FREE numbers to print!! 
This DIY vinyl chalkboard frame is a breeze to whip up!
DIY Chalkboard Vinyl Framed Sign, no chalkboard paint or vinyl cutter needed! Just stick on and write in chalk!


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