Holy baby weight, batman! with Vitality Wins

Alright y’all, who the heck let me walk (er, waddle) around thinkin’ I was some hottie pregnant chick?  Hello!  Looking through pictures from last year totally threw me off of what I REALLY looked like at 9+ months pregnant… yikes!  What’s worse is the before & after… er, well the before I delivered sweet baby Dutch but the after when I got all huge ;)

Before: 10 weeks along-  1st pregnancy (2nd time momma!) and I was overly excited to snag a few maternity tops.  I had visions of not gaining any weight and having “a little basketball belly” so with visions of basketballs in my head, I went to the mall and tried on the maternity store belly band thing thinking, “Yep, totally going to rock the cute belly I can’t wait to get!” aaaaaaaaaaaaand then fast forward 30ish weeks after 8,412 ding dongs, Taco Bell and Diet Coke to my delivery day and actual freakin’ huge NON-BASKETBALL belly:

giant  preggo lady

Hello!  At 10 weeks………… I still wore single digit jeans, fit easily in sandals with straps and could slide my wedding ring on and off.  At 40 weeks……….. I added a chin, some wobbly “relief society arms”, the biggest boobs I’ve ever had but the chubbiest sausage toes known to man, (that  b a r e l y  squeezed into that poor pair of flip flops! Ha!) and a wedding ring that was now useless as it stopped fitting around month 7.  Ha!

At 16 weeks post-partum now I have lost the majority of the weight gained but am working to get the remaining 15# off.  Lemme tell ya, it’s way easier and more fun to gain weight than lose weight!  But, why not make it a game?

Introducing VitalityWins.com, a simple game of healthy eating and lifestyle resulting in a loss of weight and a gain of healthy habits.

Vitality Wins

The more healthy habits you do in the day, the more points you earn- this game awards you for the good you do each day.  It’s simple: positive points for good good and negative points for bad food.  And as the creator behind the game says, by week 4 you won’t want it to end because you’re losing weight and feeling good!

Vitality Wins

I know this is true because we competed against some of our fellow bloggers [Jennie, Tausha, Lori and Sachiko] during the EVO Conference earlier this year and guess who won?  Well, not me.  LOL!  Jennie did.  Buuuuuut, I did lose about 10 pounds playing Vitality Wins so that’s a bonus of losing… get it, losing?  ;)

I’m so funny, huh.  Hahaha… okay anyway you take a looksie here to sign up and  I’ll give you an update in a few months, on my little boys 1st birthday, of the final “after”.  For now I’ll see y’all a bit later today with a crafty craft!  XOXO


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  • Angelina - OMGoodness!!! This was just way to funny!!! With our last baby ( 2mths ago :) she is our 6th.. My feet swelled really bad but thankfully they went back to normal a few days later.. So I can understand the Sausage toes thing… : ) Either way pregnancy has a way of making us look good and I have to admit, I MISS being served everywhere I went.. Now if I go anywhere without the baby.. I am just a normal lady and nobody tells me, how cute I am.. I am thinking of stuffing a pillow in my shirt so I can get that good treatment back from the people in our great society :)

    • lollyjane - Thanks Angelina! Congrats on baby #6! I already miss a teeny 2-month old… enjoy each moment! And I may have to steal your pillow idea… I miss the generous hospitality, too!! Darn it! LOL xoxoxoReplyCancel

  • Dominique - “relief society arms” I nearly died from Diet Coke coming out of my nose. Thanks for the laugh.ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - Bwahahha! I love that you get that AND that you’re a fellow DC drinker!! <3 xoxoReplyCancel

  • Loretta - I still think you look beautiful! But I can totally relate! My mirrors must not have been working right towards the end of my pregnancy (thank goodness), because I thought I mostly looked the same. Now when I look back on those pictures, I can see a lot of extra weight in my face. Of course that happened to be the picture on my drivers license… :)

    This game sounds awesome! Every once in a while my sisters and I do some kind of challenge like this. I’ll have to check it out!ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - Hahah! Drivers license! Noted…will NOT do that (; LOL!!ReplyCancel

  • alicia king - fun, i wanna play!ReplyCancel

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