Valentine ombre specimen art

In case you missed our Valentine ombre specimen art tutorial at cute iCandy Handmade, take a peek:

To make your own, you’ll need just a few things… paint samples in Valentine hues, a  hole punch, a white piece of cardstock, a few craft tools you probably already have on hand and an 8×10 picture frame.

1 Gather paint samples at your fav home improvement store {free! score!} in coordinating colors
2♥ Cut the samples up for easier punching
3♥ Lay your freshly punched hearts in rows to keep colors organized
4♥ Lay your hearts in rows of 8 by hue*
*Most ombre art is light to dark but we liked the way the paint sample was dark to light so we went with that instead… be creative!
5Fold each heart in half and add a dab of hot glue to hold in place
6♥ Admire your work!  This project took a whole nap time (1.5-2 hours) with the punching & folding but went quickly with my pal Hulu ;)
Warning: Don’t attempt before naptime if you want your hearts to be piled together or help painting from your 19 month old! Hee hee!

Easy as pie, right?

We  that you pin our projects but we would also LVE to know you were here- say hello & don’t be shy ;)  XOXO
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