Turn printables into home decor

We love printables… like, LOVE them! We have a whole gad of them for you (all free!) to choose from, actually ;) We’re often asked WHAT you we do with a printable after it’s created. The most obvious use is to frame it or hang/clip it for display. Well today we’ll be showing you how to turn that printable into something outside of the box! Kelli whipped up this “Do Small Things With Great Love” printable sign then easily turned it into home decor. Pretty neat!

Printable turned wood sign

Want to know how? It was a snap with Americana’s gel stain- this stuff is bomb, we tell ya! We’re huge sign makers and love to build our own furniture.  I’ve stained a lot of different pieces in my own home and wanted to see how this product worked compared to standard stain you’d find at your local hardware or home improvement store. This is a gel so it goes on thicker but covers in one coat, (bonus!) For this sign, I used scrap MDF from a leftover project and then simply stained the corners with a foam brush.

Love this easy DIY! Turn printables into home decor... includes FREE printable! via @lollyjaneblog

Here’s how the rest of the project went down!

  • Decoupage and brush on a thick coat inside the stain.
  • Crop your printable >>download FREE printable here<< to about 1″ shorter than your wood.
  • Lay it on the decoupage and line it up so it is straight. (Psst! I used my craft squeegee -or you can substitute a credit card- to push out any air bubbles.
  • Using a different brush, add a little “distressing” to the final look by dipping it into the gel and lightly dragging it across the edge of the paper and throughout the printable.
  • Seal it with Americana’s multi-purpose sealer to prevent yellowing from the glue.

Well whaddya know? It worked like a charm! :)

DIY printable sign

These would make cute housewarming or wedding presents wrapped up in a bow!  Think of all the possibilities with the millions of free printables floating around Pinterest (;

DIY distressed printable sign

DIY distressed printable sign

You can see more home decor signs like our stenciled US sign,

Pretty mint stencil United States sign, easy home decor tutorial. @lollyjaneblog

our God Bless America sign,

Love this patriotic "God Bless America" sign! Great colors for the 4th! @lollyjaneblog

our chevron summer mantel,

Chevron Summer Mantel- cute handpainted zig zag signs. An easy DIY via @LollyJaneBlog

or our Life Is Good sign:

Love this handpainted sign to remind us "Life Is Good!" via @lollyjaneblog

We love signs and painting home decor, can you tell? ;) Enjoy!

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Meet Kelli & Kristi, twin sisters and authors of Lolly Jane. We are two busy wives + mommas who are makers of all things pretty. From signs to home decor and holiday crafts or redoing furniture in between soccer practices, we do it all all while armed with an ice cold Diet Coke. Join us in our DIY adventures! XOXO
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  • Kimm at REINVENTED - LOVE LOVE LOVE! My little ole brain is swimming with gift ideas! I really like this as an alternative to framing. Thanks so much for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Rhonda - Yup that’s CUTE!!! I love all the signs (but my FAVORITE one is the life is Good one!! sooooo cute!)ReplyCancel

  • CArrie - Thank you so much for this tutorial. I’ve been wanting to make a sign for my kitchen and was thinking that vinyl was the only way. And after waiting months to get to my project to cut the vinyl, I found this and I think it’ll be done by this week! YA! Thanks.ReplyCancel

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