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Happy Thursday!  The end of Teacher Appreciation week is nearing to an end but if you still haven’t shown your child’s teacher some love, here’s a quick and easy Teacher AppreciationvFree Printable Tag that you pair with a ream of paper. Yes, you read that right! Let’s be honest, all teachers want is a gift card, soda and ream of paper (well, all we want is soda so we assume they do too, hah!)… and most likely a bit of chocolate to help get them through their day! (;

Teachers go through a LOT of paper and our cute sis Sandee suggested whipping up a printable that said, “Let me REAM-ind you what a great teacher you are!” so photoshop and I had a hot date last night and that’s just what we did:

Free printable teacher appreciation tag from LollyJane.com

You can tie on a gift card or something sweet to this practical gift. Or don’t… either way, the teacher in your life will surely appreciate it! To whip this together you just need bakers twine, some scraps of scrapbook paper…..

Supplies to make teacher appreciation gift tag (just tie to a ream of paper) via LollyJane.com

……and your free gift tag, (full resolution tags available at link.)

How easy was that?

Tie free printable to a ream of paper for the perfect teacher appreciation gift via LollyJane.com
If your child has a male teacher and want to nix the bakers twine and bow, try clipping on a clothespin instead:

Tie free printable to a ream of paper for the perfect teacher appreciation gift via LollyJane.com

Not as cutesy as you want? Check out 23 other teacher appreciation gift ideas, our other Teacher Appreciation posts as well as our Pinterest Teacher Appreciation board for even more ideas! (:

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