SNAP Re-cap #snapconf

Wow! What a whirlwind of a long weekend at the SNAP blog conference!  If I could summarize it in two words, I would choose: 
exhilarating + exhausting

The location was held where I would buy my summer home if I were loaded, Utah!  Thanksgiving Point was so beautiful with the tulip festival going on.

The sponsor swag bags were AMAZING too!! So much to share with Kristi since she was so close to her due date and couldn’t come.

[SNAP name badge, business card punch + holder (thanks Xyron!), all the swag goods I dumped out for Kris when I got home]

Perfect location: walking distance of hotel, good food, awesome company..and they even had fountain drinks!
..what more does one need??

There were tons of classes related to improving your blog, lots of great speakers. (Class recaps HERE)

I loved listening to many of them, including Ana White who is a building guru!  Shelley’s speech was more of a performance really, she had the audience laughing and crying.  The closing speaker of the whole shebang was Dr Matt Townsend…hilarious and motivating.

The popular Queen Bee Market (owner is the darling Mique/30 Days Handmade) was in full swing…the perfect place to grab homemade goodies as thank you gifts for my awesome sisters who babysat for my 4 lovelies while I was gone!

I learned a ton of valuable information and more so, connected with truly wonderful gals.  

It was incredible to put a name to a face of my favorite blogs and also to meet people I’ve developed email relationships with over the past couple of years.  

1. Kristy, Jamielyn, Kristyn, Katie, me 2. Landee, me, Shelly 3. Tausha, me 4. Snap Team

I felt like everyone at SNAP was on the same page with the same intentions…a place where people understood what blogging is all about.

1: me, Kristyn 2: Jamie, me, Janae 3: Desiree, Natalie, Jen, me 4: Andrea, me 5: me, Jen, Jamie, Jodie, Kristyn 5: Landee, me 6: Kristen, me 7: Jen, Katie, me, Mandy 8: me, Meg

As far as pictures go, I have dozens to choose from between my camera + cell phone.  If you follow us on Twitter, you can see many more as I was Instagram’ing them all live!

AZ bloggers that we see often:
Top L to R: Joanna, Kristy, Jamielyn, Katie, me, Sara
Bottom L to R: Amy, Sara, Kristyn
I love AZ blog friends:
Thanks for the pic, Heidi!

And lots of new friends (thx Kristy for the pics ;)
Top: Shauna
Middle: Mandi, me fun!

Throw in Kristen + Jodie for even more awesomeness!

More fab girls!
1: Kristy, Jodie, Heather, me, Kristen, Jamielyn, Kristyn, Jen, Jamie 2: Shelly, me 3: me 4: Kristy 5: me, Kim 6: Shelly, Landee, me 7: Shauna, Courtney 8: me, Whitney, Kristy 9: me, Marissa
Yellow Club ;) Jen, Katie, me, Mandy

Adore my roommates…am bummed we never got a pic of the 4 of us together!  Kristy & I bought 4 pair of matching polka dot pj’s for all of us and decorated our door.  Ash and Rach are so adorable in person, love those girls. The only pic I have of them was when they were standing with Amy, oopsie!
I must say we had the cutest hotel door in the whole place ;)
Update: (I stole this pic from Kristy) 
My roomies! Kristy, Rach, Ash, me

A major THANK YOU to Tauni + team for putting this conference together.  This was a first for Lolly Jane and I hope they do it yearly!  I would definitely recommend going to a blog conf if you’re on the fence about it.  If you’re a veteran blogger or just starting out, you feel like you’re all on the same level and will learn so much…I loved it!!

Also, a big thank you to Jen for picking us up and Char for taking us home.  You busy gals are so sweet to sacrifice your time.

My final thank you to Miss Lil Luna Kristyn.  
She’s one of my best friends IRL and is a great support to me.  
She encouraged me to go even when I was too scared to go without my blog partner/twin, Kristi.  She’s a great friend and I’m glad to know her!  

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  • paige - It was soooo nice to meet you:) Glad you had a safe trip home~PaigeReplyCancel

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