Road Trip Survival Kit

We have 9 kids in our family, a big ol bunch!  We choose Secret Santas so we can still gift each other presents but it’s more affordable.  My awesome brother and his wife (well let’s be honest, my brother had nothing to do with this, hah!) had me and my hubs this year.  She sent me a text one day saying “Surprise! We’re your Secret Santa! Hope you have a nice trip to Utah, we’ll miss you!” along with this generous Road Trip Survival Kit:

Okay really, this sucker is packed full of amazingness!  I just made that word up, you know.  Anywho-it’s got toys, games, dry erase markers, treats, and so on!

This extra $5 will be great bribery for the kids too…who doesn’t love ice cream!?

Magazine for mama, activity books for kiddos!

DVD’s for the long drive!  The v e r y long drive!

Road Trip Survival Kit

Don’t forget the cute ribbon around a much needed garbage bag.

Road Trip Survival Kit

My amazing sister in law, Jen, thought of everything!  Love it!!  It’s PERFECT for our family and will be a LIFESAVER when we’re driving all day and night today!  THANKS, JEN!! xoxox

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board Road Trip! Travel Tips for more ideas on how to entertain those littles during a drive.  We personally LOVE road tripping versus flying.  AZ to UT is close enough that it’s not a killer drive.  Before we got our Touring, we didn’t have a DVD player so we talked the whole time and I hope my kids remember these trips as fond memories.  Safe travels!

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  • McKenzie Guymon - What a darling idea! I want to road trip with you!ReplyCancel

  • cheri - This is such a cute survival tote of goodies! I love the ideas in here, and the special grab bag for the kids is an awesome idea. The only thing I wouldn’t use is the movies, because I like to let the kids use my iPad for entertainment as well. They can watch movies on the iPad and they can watch TV with the DISH Remote Access app. With the Sling Adapter hooked up to my DISH receiver, one of my co-workers from DISH told me I could stream live TV from my iPad. The kids can access all their favorite channels and watch TV on the road. This option is such a lifesaver and the kids love it!ReplyCancel

  • Debbie - Great road trip survival kit. I especially like the grab bag for the no arguing time zone.ReplyCancel

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