Pop Tab Bracelet {tutorial}

My neighborhood doesn’t recycle, annoying I know.  So I save my cans and give them to my sis who turns them in for change.  I pulled off the tabs and wondered what I could make out of them.  After surfin the net, I saw a couple ideas and created a pop tab bracelet.  
 Green and free!
Supplies and Directions: 
20-25 tabs depending on your wrist size. Twine, ribbon or string  to hold the tabs together. Scissors.
1: Measure 30″ of ribbon.
2: Loop ribbon through center of tab #1.
3: Hold tab #2 UNDER tab #1 with backsides facing each other {the smooth side will be against your wrist so you don’t scratch yourself when you’re wearing it.}
4: Thread cord from tab #1 UNDER tab #2, keeping the top ribbon in the top hole & the bottom ribbon in the bottom hole.

5: Bring the ribbons back through tab #1, keeping the top ribbon in the top hole still & the bottom ribbon in the bottom hole. 
6: Criss cross the ribbons, threading the top ribbon through the bottom hole in tab #3 and threading the bottom ribbon through the top hole in tab #3. 
Repeat this technique until you’re at your desired bracelet length.  When I used elastic I was able to just tie a knot to finish it off.  If you’re using ribbon you can tie it in a big bow at the end on the outside of the new bracelet.
I hope this makes sense and that I was detailed enough, it can be a bit confusing getting started!  
After your new eco-friendly bracelet is complete, change it out with rosettes, flowers, etc.
I saw belts, purses and even a dress made from pop tabs.  
So many options!

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  1. 1


    what a FUN idea!!! great kid project too ;)

  2. 2


    Linked this idea to my blog! We had made these cute bracelets for a girls camp craft but I was so busy I forgot to take pictures and I loved how simple your tutorial was to follow….LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!


  3. 3


    I bought a clutch purse with a hand strap and the whole thing is made out of tabs. Was thinking about trying to make one of those. This might help me. It is really cute to take out to a bar or carry in the summer time. I get all kinds of compliments on it.

  4. 4


    Saw this idea on Pinterest and just tried it out. I used elastic and couldn't get it knotted without it collapsing. All the tabs slid around! Tips?

  5. 5

    Lolly Jane

    Hi Traci!

    You're a no-reply blogger so I hope you get this reply…

    I wouldn't recommend elastic, try ribbon or string instead. It's a tricky project even when using ribbon/string but elastic will slip.

    Good luck!! (: