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I have a pretty cute pantry door, yes I call doors “cute”.  It’s a full glass door with a pretty oil rubbed bronze door knob, you know, pretty standard and simple.  BUT…I’m not the most organized mom in town.  What? You’re shocked? I know, so was my hubby…too late now, muah ha hah! (;  When Wallpapers for Windows asked if we’d like to review their window clings, I accepted the challenge.  At first I thought I would make over my turquoise farmhouse door (since my busy kiddos have since rubbed off some of the frosted window, argh!)  When the window wallpaper arrived, I instead decided on this pantry door idea…

Want to see the before?? Okay, twist my arm!  Oh hello fun printable art!  And peeking through the background the Be Kind sign and handprint art!  I did this door a favor by removing the previous black Pantry vinyl lettering.  Do you agree??

 The process was a cinch!  Just three steps! Wet the window with soapy water, center+place wallpaper into place, wet again and squeegee out the air bubbles.  Yes, it’s that easy!

Here’s the after…well, the first after!

And then I sorta missed the Pantry vinyl lettering…not the font or the dark color, but it was a fun little reminder what’s behind the now semi-private glass door!  (Oh you know, my somewhat organized pantry but not up to par with how cute I want it to be!)  So I whipped a little decal on my vinyl cutter, just the word in a simple font with an outline.  Then I made a template using the backside of the wallpaper I’d just used (reduce reuse recycle!), traced it onto the wallpaper window with a pen and cut a rectangle out using an X-Acto knife. 

And there it is! A fresh look for a simple pantry door.

Do you have a big pantry?  Is it super cute and organized??  Tell me no, misery loves company!  Actually the hubby organized ours, it just needs a total makeover..someday.

This was a fun product to work with.  Be sure to follow Wallpaper for Windows on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest and check out their how-to’s on You Tube!

*Giveaway now closed: congrats to #17 Whitney Moberg!*

Hey want to win a one?  M’kay! Just leave a comment telling me so!  For extra entries, tell me which of the above social networks you followed of Wallpaper for Windows.  And if you really wanna win, tell me which of the Lolly Jane networks you follow too (upper right hand corner)!

Happy window wallpapering! (;

For more ideas, check this out!

video tutorial - wallpaper for windows


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  1. 1


    I so very much would love to win one of these! I am now following wallpaper for windows on Facebook, twitter and pinterest and I follow you on Facebook :-) thanks for this opportunity to win!!!

  2. 2

    Looks amazing!! I love that you added the pantry sign back. That finished it off. :)

  3. 3


    I’d love to give this a try :)

  4. 4

    i sooo need the privacy film for our new half bath we added to our basement.

  5. 5

    just liked them on fb.

  6. 6

    just liked you on fb, too. thanks!

  7. 7


    You know I will follow u ladies to the end and back. Love the new pantry door. I want one.

  8. 8

    I would love to win some!!! Much needed for our front porch. I want rid of the blinds horribly.

  9. 9

    Liked them on facebook!

  10. 10

    Following them on pinterest!

  11. 11

    Patti Sampson

    I LOVE this idea. I am following WFW on fb, twitter & pinterest and I subscribe to your blog and follow you on fb. Thanks so much!

  12. 12

    Tanya Petersheim

    I would love to win something from Wallpaper for Windows…the pantry door is adorable!

  13. 13

    Tanya Petersheim

    I “liked” Wallpaper for Windows on Facebook.

  14. 14

    Tanya Petersheim

    I followed Wallpaper for Windows on Pinterest!

  15. 15

    Tanya Petersheim

    I follow you on facebook!

  16. 16

    Tanya Petersheim

    I follow you on Pinterest!

  17. 17

    Whitney Moberg

    I would love to win one! I follow Wallpaper for Windows on FB, Twitter, and Pinterest, and I follow Lolly Jane on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and email! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • 18


      You won, Whitney! Congrats! (:

  18. 19

    I LOVE how that turned out. I almost wish I had a glass door on the pantry just so I could do that :)

  19. 20


    Would love to win one of these! The door looks great.
    Followed on Pinterest and Twitter.

  20. 21

    This is so stinking adorable! It makes such a huge impact! Love the pantry sign too!

  21. 22


    Thanks for the giveaway, that is a cute door!

  22. 23


    Iam an email subscriber.

  23. 24


    I like you on facebook

  24. 25

    Wow…loves your new pantry door design with an eye-catching screen door. It is a perfect fit for any home.

  25. 26

    Theresa Sea

    Oooh, I have a terribly ugly pantry door that could use a great spruce-up like yours! :) Please pick me!

  26. 27

    What a great product and how smart are you that you cut part of it out… Love it!!

  27. 28

    Martha Lawson

    Love your pantry door! No, I’m not organized at all. Would love to be tho. I love your blog and I’d love to enter to win.

    email subscriber to both your blog and wall paper for windows

  28. 29


    Gorgeous! I definitely need to get my hands on some Wallpaper for Windows.

  29. 30

    Love it! Super cute! I wish I had a cute door to do that too!

  30. 31

    I LOVE the pattern you chose. What a great way to hide your pantry. Even though I’m totally picturing it to be 100% organized and in order. Really, I am. :)

  31. 32

    Love the idea – so much easier than cutting all the individual contact paper shapes like I (stupid and equipped with way too much time) did ;-)

    And no on the pantry…. I don’ know what it is with German houses. No walk in closets, no pantries? Where should we store all our stuff? Pffft.

  32. 33


    Do you happen to know the measurements that you ordered for this pantry door as far as the wall paper and the pantry in vinyl?

    • 34

      Hi Kristie,
      Ours measured about 65″x17″ (custom) to fit the window on the door. ;)