the best pumpkin bread recipes | roundup

The BEST of all those pumpkin bread recipes! Over 50+ YUMMY recipes! |via

Fall is among us and what is more fall-ish than freshly baked pumpkin bread? From chocolate chip to glazed to a maple or crumb topping, we've rounded up 50 of the best and most delicious pumpkin breads to get you into the fall spirit. Enjoy! Cranberry Pumpkin Bread |Positively Splendid Pumpkin Bread |Alexandra Cooks   Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Bread |Lolly Jane Pumpkin Bread with Brown Butter Glaze |Honey + Jam Best Ever Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread |Sarah Jane Studios Pumpkin Bread with Cinnamon Pepita Struesel |Bakingdom Orange Pumpkin Bread with Cream Cheese Frosting |Mountain Mama Cooks Maple Pecan Streusel Pumpkin Bread |Hot … continue reading

strawberry cucumber salad

Delicious strawberry cucumber summer salad

Welcome back Stephanie from Life Created! She is sharing a great end-of-summer strawberry cucumber salad (or appetizer) and we're thrilled to have her back!  If you have 10 minutes, you can make this yummy salad of strawberries and cucumber as a side dish or snack. Kids will love the sweet taste, and adults will love the ease of mixing just 4 ingredients.  You can serve this salad with pita chips, crackers or even fold into lettuce leaves for some tasty lettuce wraps. This salad is tasty, so be sure to make a little … continue reading

mannequin head jewerly organization

Pretty mannequin head jewelry organization |

What do you make when you've been challenged to use a pretty foam head in the non-holiday months?  A ghost, too easy.  A clown, too Halloween.  Well, you know our love of deer heads and decopauge so we created a pretty foam mannequin head jewelry organization.  A little on the outside-of-the-box idea but my tween LOVES it in her room!  She uses it for head band storage and her favorite necklaces.  And the best part?  That same tween was the one who decoupaged the whole head for us all on her own, without us even knowing.  AWESOME.  Gotta love a kid who's picked up her mama's crafty bug (; Supplies Needed: wood plaque (7" x 9" … continue reading

Man cave makeover

Industrial man cave home office. Love the modern ceiling fan and that desk! Awesome space!

If you give a blogger a ceiling fan... she will hang it, right? Hmm, kind of. Said blogger will decide that the space-that-must-not-be-named (aka: that one room every family has in their house that the door stays shut at all times...remember ours?) will need a makeover to match said ceiling fan because it's all modern and chrome-y looking and posh... and the space it needs to go in, is not. Like, not even a little bit. Said room is actually a porch-turned-laundry-room-turned-office and still had 2 exits, an nonworking sink, a frosted window that lead to the master shower (what?!) and was complete with a porch light. Yep, a porch light (without the cover, even!) Take a look! … continue reading

creative collection group link

Pretty geometric headboard!

Happy weekend!! Welcome to the creative collection group link party!!  Where you share what you've been working on on one blog and it's seen on 7!  Whoop!!  This week on Lolly Jane, we shared some fun things!  Kristi made the cutest monster shaker eggs with her little boys, aren't those adorable?? Cute Rhonda from Just Rhonda made this tasty Butterscotch Almond Poke Cake, mmm... Since Kell's kids back in school at a charter, we shared some cute ideas on how to make school uniforms CUTE!   Here are you features!  So cute! Coral Geometric Headboard | The Weathered Door Gold Duct Tape Necklace | Delineate Your … continue reading

how to make school uniforms cute

How to make school uniforms cute! #oshkoshfirstday

My kids attend a charter school and wear school uniforms. I don't know WHO is in charge of the color pallet but they're only allowed to wear khaki, red, navy or denim bottoms. Hello Americana! I am all for sporting red, white and blue... just not year round! lol Enter Osh Kosh, who carries all of the must-have trends and styles for Back-to-School clothing with an outstanding value on quality products! Casual to dress, head to toe and yes, even school uniforms! Osh Kosh carries polos and shorts with built fashion collections built around the them! Because they carry the latest in accessories, belts, headbands, bows, shoes, leggings, sunglasses and more, it was easy to find … continue reading

butterscotch almond poke cake

Pumpkin Pound Cake | via

We're happy to welcome Rhonda from Just Rhonda back to introduce you to her Butterscotch Almond Poke Cake. YUM!  I like dessert and I seem to make it a lot. My kids often ask what's for dessert when we are still figuring out supper, lol. I like to think it's kind of a sweet way to enjoy childhood! I came up with this dessert after finding a yummy looking ice cream topping in the grocery store. If you don't have a jar of the butterscotch ice cream topping, you could always make it from scratch. You could even substitute a cake mix for the cake, but I think it tastes yummiest with this perfect crumb cake from my grandma. ;)    Have fun in the … continue reading

Monster shaker eggs

DIY Monster Shaker Eggs. Just fill with beans or rice and decorate, perfect for toddler play! via

Love that school is back is sesh and only have 1 little one at home now during the day. This is a fun kid/toddler craft that I whipped up in no time yet entertained my little guy for a bit. We simply spruced up some old Easter eggs with items in our craft stash, filled them with beans and rice and viola! Monster shaker eggs were made!   For this easy peasy DIY you'll need plastic Easter eggs, a handful of pinto beans, rice, a few googly eyes, some poms, pipe cleaner, crepe paper streamer and a little bit of this or that, (whatever is in YOUR craft stash.) First things firsts, fill those eggs then seal them tight! Once the glue is set, glue the googly eyes on … continue reading

Creative collection group link party

pretty mint desk

Hey y'all!  Welcome to the Creative Collection group link party!   (We can say y'all because we're in Kentucky this weekend, lol!) While we're hanging with one of our most favorite brands in the world (Hi DecoArt!) take a peek at what we've been working on: Ruler vase 50+ Zucchini bread recipes Cherry vanilla green smoothie Easy jar storage for bathroom Spaghetti squash from Carrie at Once again we are totally IMPRESSED with all your fabulous projects and recipes linked up at last weeks Creative Collection Link Party! Thanks so much for linking up with us each week. Jen // Craft-o-maniac: Facebook || Twitter || … continue reading

Cherry vanilla green smoothie

YUMMY Cherry Vanilla Green Smoothie! via

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Frozen Foods Institute and the Frozen Food Roundtable for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. School is back in session and our mornings are simply BUSY... from gathering up my little hens, making sure they've completed their homework, packed in their backpacks, locating said backpacks THEN trying to feed them before the scramble to load up in the car to drop them off can be well, kind of nuts, actualy!  LOL. Squeezing in quick breakfast meals that are also nutritious AND taste good is a must around here so when there's no time to make our sausage, egg & hash brown breakfast cups, I raid my … continue reading

Spaghetti squash with creamy pesto sauce

YUMMY spaghetti squash with creamy pesto sauce! |

While Carrie is vacationing in Yellowstone, we'll be making her yummy spaghetti squash with creamy pesto sauce.. and, it's gluten free! (Enjoy your vaca, Carrie!) Be sure to keep up with her at My Recipe Confessions! My sister called me and asked me if I had any recipes for spaghetti squash that didn't require a red sauce. At the time I didn't... but, I never back down from a food challenge!  I told her to give me some time and I would come up with one for her. This, my friends, is the recipe I came up with! Don't let the gluten-free label scare you... this sauce is so tasty that you would never know it was gluten free! ;) Until next … continue reading

Masculine home office ideas

Masculine home office space

Have you seen that episode of FRIENDS where organized/clean freak Monica tries to hide the locked hall closet from Chandler and when he finally pries it open there is a hot mess of clutter and slight hoarding revealed? Well friends (see what I did there? Haha!) just like our favorite Gellar sibling, it turns out that Kelli, too, has a secret closet in the form of a "man cave", (aka: her hubby's home office. Let's just blame this all on him, shall we? LOL) With the help of our friends at Del Mar Fans, we are seriously excited to tackle that space and turn it into a masculine home office come true! The whole room will be focused around the most gorgeous … continue reading

DIY ruler vase

Make a quick ruler vase for that special teacher in your life | full DIY on

Happy hop day!  We took a month off during the summer from our 10 bloggers hop and missed it so much!  Lots of inspiration in one place, can't beat that! This month's theme is RULERS, very fitting since school is back in sesh here in hot AZ!  We whipped up this DIY ruler vase and when I say whipped up, I literally mean it took less than five minutes.  No joke.  All you need are rulers and hot glue. Can't beat that!!   Our quick tutorial is just below our fabulous friend's ruler ideas.  Be sure to check them all out, lots of inspiring ideas that RULE! (; We're so funny... 1. Classroom Sign & Printable |Capturing Joy with … continue reading

the best zucchini bread recipes |roundup

The BEST of all those zucchini bread recipes! Over 50+ YUMMY recipes!

Zucchini is in full season right now, so happy our sister in law across the street hooks us up regularly.  Thanks, Trace!  We love to boil them with butter, salt and pepper for an easy side dish on a weekly basis.  But we love sweets, a lot.  We wanted to make some zucchini bread and it turns out there are literally hundreds recipes floating around.  So we've gathered basic zucchini bread to glazed to coconut to carrot and beyond!  We finally had to stop when we collected over 50...that's basically a year of zucchini bread recipes if you bake weekly like we do, lol!!  We're excited to try the frosted ones first then move onto chocolate (; Zucchini … continue reading

pretty bathroom storage

Love this cute shelf in the bathroom. Click on this post for awesome storage ideas!

This post brought to you by Listerine. All opinions are 100% mine. If you're anything like us, you prefer to camouflage your necessities into your every day decor.  Case in point: our mason jar storage in Kelli's craft room.  We NEED hot glue sticks and washi tape and paperclips and buttons but we don't necessarily want them sitting out in the open.  So we tidied them up by organizing them into jars and spaced them on a shelf.  Pretty AND functional.  So when we were shopping at Target, we spied this pretty mouthwash bottle and knew it'd blend naturally into our bathroom decor.  Take a look!    Notice how the stylish chevron label on Listerine's … continue reading

Creative collection group link party


Happy weekend, y'all! School is back in session here in AZ and we are excited to have some actual free time and get our DIY on so stay tuned for some seriously fab tutorials, coming soon! In the meantime take a peek at what we were up to since the last party! Tips on how to paint concrete flooring: Embroidery hoop tic-tac-toe: Now let's take a looksie at what YOU were up to at the last Creative Collection get together! Jen // Craft-o-maniac: Facebook || Twitter || Pinterest || Instagram || Google+ Mallory & Savannah // Classy Clutter: Facebook || Twitter || Pinterest || Instagram ||Google+ Kristi & Kelli // Lolly Jane: Facebook || Twitter || Pinterest || Instagram … continue reading

tips on how to paint concrete flooring

Yellow/White striped concrete floors, so pretty! | Come check out some great tips on

So y'all remember when we were invited to share our craft room in a magazine? Of course that crazy herringbone bookcase caught their attention.  Well Kristi got a little ambitious and told them we'd have new flooring before their photographer came by to snap some pics.  Uhm, hello... what??  We knew wood floors were out of our budget soooooo, we ripped up the carpet and painted the concrete. It was definitely labor intensive and we finished the night before the photo shoot but we got it done and it looks great!  We're here to share some thing we learned along the way, if you ever feel like painting concrete floors, ha!  And if you follow us on Insta, you'll … continue reading

embroidery hoop tic-tac-toe

Make an easy Tic-Tac-Toe game from an embroidery hoops + buttons. Fun! via lollyjane.comMake an easy Tic-Tac-Toe game from an embroidery hoops + buttons. Fun! via

We are savoring the last of our summer vacation but are still creating boredom busters with our littles. We had a few embroidery hoops left over from our church youth girls camp last week and decided to stitch it up and create an embroidery hoop Tic-Tac-Toe game for them to help pass the time between playing with cousins and swimming. We snagged some white buttons for one player and colored buttons for the other, easy peasy! Inspired to create this tic-tac-toe board from Martha Stewart's portable game board for the beach, we put our own spin on it by stitching it rather than using fabric ink. We love hers because it's not only upcycled from a placemat, but it's … continue reading

Creative collection group link party

Reclaimed Wood Art Piece

Haaaaaappy Friday! We've had a busy blog week so we're taking the weekend off for some family camping time but wanted to share what we've been up to! DIY Cabinet to Rolling Garden Cart: Simple Pinwheel Bunting: 20+ DIY Home Decor Ideas (inspiration pulled from our last party!): Plus, we shared our talented contrib's tasty recipes! Raspberry Whipped Cream by the lovely Steph of Life Created: How to make indoor s'mores from cute Aimee of Like Mother Like Daughter: Jen // Craft-o-maniac: Facebook || Twitter || Pinterest || Instagram || Google+ Mallory & Savannah // Classy … continue reading

How to make indoor s’mores

How to make indoor s'mores. No campfire needed, awesome! YUM! //

Delicious s'mores recipes are in full season around the country and we are happy to welcome Aimee back to share her own sans a campfire. A year-round s'mored recipe? Sign us up! ;) Hello again, Lolly Jane readers. It's Aimee from Like Mother Like Daughter and I have an awesome treat to share with you today! I love building up a hot roaring fire and roasting marshmallows over it, but sometimes there are different reasons why we don't want to have a fire. Sometimes even in the evenings its too hot. Sometimes we don't have the time, or don't want to deal with the hassle. Whatever it is, we should still be able to enjoy s'mores all the time. Am I right? Well I decided to test it … continue reading