Mr. Lolly Jane is my superhero…

I suppose I should clarify, since Kelli and I are a blogging duo, that I’m talking about my spouse.

Be warned that this post is random and there is no tutorial, roundup or craft. Sometimes, though, it’s refreshing to put it all out there for readers and like bloggers to see that there is a husband who is also part of this site, supporting our family while also building our dream home while I stay at home with our kids, manage the finances, play housewife, clean, organize, cook meals and decorate/craft/blog. Mine is supportive, kind and sort of amazing. In our home, we call him Superman. (;

When we first moved to my husbands small hometown last year, we were asked about our house plans by a friend. We responded that we were planning to build and he replied, “If you can build a house together, your marriage can survive pretty much anything.” Fast forward 15 months to present day, where we backed out on the 30-acre parcel we had originally planned to build on, decided to renovate a 100-year old house instead only to recently rebuild it from scratch, (I just cannot type the words “tear down” after almost 6 months of trying to restore that old house!) Anyway, we are pouring the basement floor tomorrow and so far, I have come to the conclusion that our friend is right, except for now I think my husband is Superman… and I am totally serious!

Lolly Jane[Photo taken July 2013 of our basement freshly dug next to the new garage]

My husband is a lineman by profession (no, not NFL!) and works Monday-Thursday. He heads to our property immediately after his job to work on the house, which he has decided to build himself, a dream of his. (Yes, you heard that right. Solo. No contractor.) He works until nightfall and joins us for a late dinner, playtime, bedtime stories then bed. We barely see him Friday and Saturday, unless we pop over on the quad to say hi, bring him meals or drop in if we’re driving that way. When we’re there, he stops what he’s doing to chat and play with our young sons, giving them rides on his backhoe, letting them help shovel or just enjoy their cute company. And, he still manages to do his “honey do’s” around the house. Because we’re Christian, we reserve the Sabbath (Sunday) as a day of rest (and my husband sleeps a LOT on those days to catch up for his go-go-go work week!) and we get to spend alllll day with him, going to church then coming home to just chillax. Sundays have become our favorite days and the kids just eat him up. My husband never complains. Ever. He spends his limited free time reading home building code books, studying his tractor manual and browsing online for the necessary information to pass the next building inspection correctly as he is a perfectionist. He still makes him for his church calling, requiring one hour on Sunday and 2 hours each Wednesday night, which he happily fulfills. I don’t know how he does it all when he doesn’t have super powers but we notice it and sure appreciate him!

Okay so the deal is that Kelli is in Minnesota right now visiting our older brother and also her best girlfriend who live there while I “man the blog” over the weekend… and not doing a great job! Ha! My little family is consumed with getting our house built (hello, did I mention that am lucky enough to get a craft room in our new house? Woooohoo!) so this is what my mind is on tonight instead of finishing our roundup post that will go live tomorrow instead of now. Oops! LOL! Here’s a little sneak peek of the rendering of our craftsman style house:

I would love to hear any building advice or success stories you’ve had in building/renovating a house! If not, thank you for reading this anyway. Now back to your regularly scheduled program…… (;


Lolly Jane
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  • Mrs Mike - My dad has been building/renovating my entire life (I’m married with four pre-teen to teen kids). He took my mom out dinner one night and the restaurant had a beautiful sunken dining room. Mom mentioned wouldn’t it be nice if we had a family room like that? 3 mos later dad was ripping out a little used indoor atrium and built a beautiful sunken family room with a skylight. This took about a year to do since he also did it all himself on nights and weekends after work. Mom was thrilled. I was 5 and have photo’s of me sitting up in the skylight while he was working before my mom found out and put the kabosh on it. Fast forward a few years later, mom wished she had a better functioning kitchen. Dad gutted the entire kitchen (we lived on microwave food for a year!) and built her the gourmet kitchen of her dreams. They retired on 3 acres of land and a mobile home that was inherited. Mom was concerned that the mobile home wasn’t energy efficient so in his 60’s, dad built her an energy efficient home to replace the mobile home. Now in his 70’s, they’re talking about expanding it a little because they want it to have good resale value after they pass away, and are concerned a 2 bedroom home won’t sell as well.

    My dad is my hero too. He can do ANYTHING. We enjoyed living through the renovations and the projects. He would teach us not only how do things (plumbing, electrical, framing) but life lessons too. What a wonderful family experience you all will have, and I’m sure a lovely home when he’s done :)ReplyCancel

  • Jen@eighteen25 - I think I’ve mentioned to you before that I think building a house can be one of the best times and one of the worst times on a marriage. :) My only word of advice is to make decisions before they need to be made. (when possible) You won’t be painting for a long while, but it’s never to early to have those colors picked out. Then there is no stress and pressure to just pick a color because the painter is at the house waiting for you to get back. haha. (yes that did happen) It’s going to be so fun and rewarding… I’m excited for you.ReplyCancel

  • Liz - You sound like a very lucky woman. Good luck with your beautiful new home. We’ve never built a home but have had to do some renovations in our home due to a washer flood while we were at work. It’s all those little decisions that get tiring but since he loves building and you love crafting, I bet you’ll do just fine.ReplyCancel

  • Crystal - Such a sweet post!! My husband and I have renovated almost every inch of our house….on our own. We know that we can do anything together having gone thru so many renovations and he does let me help a lot!! But it is great to see what we have done ourselves and we love it!! Can’t wait to see your home when it is finished!!ReplyCancel

  • Jillene - Kristy! I loved this post! Your husband sounds much like my guy who is the hardest worker I know and yet so kind and loved by everyone. How exciting to be building your dream home! I am more about the inside than the building process so I would just say plan to be organized when you move in. It will make your life go much smoother. So be thinking about all those storage ideas and things that will help to create organized spaces!! :):)ReplyCancel

  • Shanell - Oh, we miss you guys around this part! So grateful to know you and have such a wonderful example in your marriage and friendship. Great post Kristi!ReplyCancel

  • deonna - I have no advice about building but I just loved this post. I recently did a project and by the time it was over, he had basically done 90% of the work. I told him that I had to come up with the idea and that’s gotta count for something. I also like how you take Sundays to rest and that you share your Christianity with others. Beautiful post and beautiful blog!ReplyCancel

  • Liz @LizzieJane Baby - I love this random post! Building a house can be exciting and stressful. What a great guy you have to go through the ups and downs of life with. Good luck with everything!ReplyCancel

  • Anja - Wow, he really is a superman! Building a house all by himself – that’s really admirable!ReplyCancel

  • capturing Joy with Kristen Duke - that basement picture is an amazing site….how very exciting!!! so excited to watch the process!! Sunday is my favorite day;)ReplyCancel

  • Kat - Wow! What an amazing project! I hope it goes quickly, so you can spend time with him again :)ReplyCancel

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