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I am so excited to makeover my master bedroom. Did you know it’s too common that homeowners decorate their master bedroom last when moving into a new home? This rings true for me, unfortunately. I have completed my girls’ bedrooms (tween girl room, toddler girl room), the guest bath, dining room, family room and recently, my craft room. My poor neglected master bedroom has sat ignored and unloved. And how sad is that? The couple of the house whose room should be a haven after putting in a day at work and with kids, and we don’t have a cozy place to call our own at night. Shame on me. I’m ready to change my ways and give our master bedroom some love! Here is my game plan to make my room beautiful and fit for the king and queen of the home! Hope you enjoy my master bedroom inspiration.

Master Bedroom inspiration #masterbedroom #inspiration

To create this look, I started with the basics, paint colors. Using the Chip It!™ color selection tool from Sherwin-Williams was a must to help me nail down the ideas swimming in my head. I perused the web and my pin boards for gorgeous, inspiring pictures. After I installed Chip It! in my bookmark toolbar by simply dragging it from Chip It!’s main page, I found the pictures that inspired me and simply clicked Chip It!. soft color pallete #softcolor #inspirationIt highlights the available picture and automatically creates a color palette using the image as its source. Truly amazing and had me itching to repaint every room in my house. The gorgeous colors started getting my mind reeling and left me wanting to repaint everything in sight! Using the tool is so easy, I’ve laid out the step-by-step using screen shots for my process. If you come across a site that doesn’t let you Chip It!, you can upload the image directly from a site’s link. Just enter the link in the second box:

How to use @Sherwin-Williams Chip it! tool via @lollyjaneblog #colorinspiration #paintcolor

 Choose your inspiration picture:

How to use @Sherwin-Williams Chip it! tool via @lollyjaneblog #colorinspiration #paintcolor 

If you don’t love all the colors that Sherwin-Williams picked the first time, you can click “Edit Colors” and mix and match additional coordinating color tones.

How to use @Sherwin-Williams Chip it! tool via @lollyjaneblog #colorinspiration #paintcolor 

When you’re happy with your color palette, click “Save Changes.” You can also “+Add Tag” which is fun.

How to use @Sherwin-Williams Chip it! tool via @lollyjaneblog #colorinspiration #paintcolor 

That’s how easy it is! Here are my chip boards. I had so much fun creating pretty palettes that I dedicated a pin board to them too!

Lolly Jane uses Chip It! by Sherwin-Williams #chipit #lollyjane 

Here is my master bedroom in its current state, in desperate need of a makeover:

Master bedroom makeover BEFORE pic, the after pic is amazing! #masterbeddroom #makeover

My plan of action:

  • Apply plank wall treatment, paint.
  • Repaint walls.
  • Install ceiling fan.
  • Install closet doors.
  • Put up gallery wall.
  • Accessorize bedding and nightstands.

I’m always looking for ways to upcycle and stay within a budget. My most popular motto: “The biggest and most inexpensive change you can make to a room is to paint it.” I firmly believe that and know as soon as I get my walls in check, the rest will fall into place. I can’t wait to show off the “after” pictures; I know it’ll be an amazing transformation!

How do you find color inspiration for your home projects? Tell us in the comments below, and you just might win a $100 Sherwin-Williams gift card from BlogHer!

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