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Talking to a friend today, she gave me the best compliment.  She said, “You live life.  I want to be like that someday.” I started to think about what she said and began to count my blessings.  Interestingly enough, I was kinda sorta worried about only posting 1 tutorial this week, I felt as though we were slacking and letting our readers down.  But in real life, we have had one suuuuuper busy week!! If you follow me (Kelli: @lollyjanekelli) and Kristi (@kristelis) on Instagram, you’ll know exactly just how busy we’ve been!  Going back to my sweet friend’s compliment, I realize Kris and I really are “living the dream” and honestly, I realize how little blogging matters comparably.  I want to challenge anyone reading this to live life!


Do you remember this post?  The twin and I talked about how blogging, the good the bad and the ugly.  We talked about how we’re going to blog for us and when creativity strikes and not because we’re under obligation or feel pressured to.  But sometimes it’s easy to compare to what you see on IG, Pinterest, FB etc when your blog friends are busy busy busy and going going going and updating updating updating.  And it’s times like that when comments from friends (above) kick in and I think, I don’t want to prioritize my time to update my blog.  I’d rather do what I did this week and accomplish things that are eternally important and at the end of the week say “Self, you did good this week!”

So here’s a reflection of what we did over the week, non-blog related.  We lived life!  From Friday-Saturday I accompanied 40 youth from my church on an overnight retreat for a snow trip!  I stayed up til 2:30am talking to my cute 12-13 years olds, laughing and telling ghost stories.  How I love those girls!!

live life

On Monday, Kristi came into town (she lives 3 hours north of me) with her two babies to get ready for our news segment!

live life #lollyjaneonlivetv

And it was  LIVE, aaaah! BUT it went really well and we’re grateful for the experience.

Later that night, we attended DownEast Home‘s NEW location!! (1/2 a mile from Kelli’s house, wahoo!!) It was a great night gabbing with friends and shopping some mega cute goods.  We’re grateful to have met these amazing, talented women through local blogging events,some of them are our dearest friends in real life that we call/text daily.

|Kelli, Becca, Kristi, Mel *Missing the group picture!

The following day was my son’s 6th birthday.  I let him ditch school since it was a half day so I could spend time with him, knowing I’d be tied up with my church calling that evening.  We had a good time shopping and going to lunch, sure love this little guy of mine.

live life

While I was hanging out with said 6 year old, Kristi made the long drive home with her boys.  Only to find out that her Young Women’s president had an emergency and Kris was officially in charge of New Beginnings that night!!  Of course she pulled it off  (;   I also had New Beginnings that night, but luckily for me everything went as planned.  |Blog post coming soon!

live life

As if the week wasn’t busy enough, I had 30 women over at my house Thursday night for CRAFT NIGHT!!  Everyone loved all our Vday decor so we decided a craft night was in order (;  It was a blast and at least my house was cleaned, lol!  My new partner Marni (since Kris moved) decided we’re now going to start mobile craft nights and have already book our first party for next weekend.  Kristi and I have been hosting them for 6 years now so it’s a fun little part time diddy!

My point in sharing our week with you is:  If you ever wonder why Lolly Jane isn’t posting daily, we’re living life (;


And we hope you’re doing the same!  XOXO

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  • Lauren @ The Thinking Closet - Hey! I’m a new follower, but just wanted to pipe in to say that I really believe in living life and not just posting for the sake of posting. One of my favorite quotes is by Jonathan Swift: “Live every day of your life.” It’s a wonderful charge, and for bloggers, one we need to remind ourselves – – especially if we get glued behind a screen most of the day (which I’m guilty of). Thanks for getting me thinking about this, and I commend you for sharing your true feelings on this. I’m for one and with ya!ReplyCancel

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