Herringbone bookcase | Craft room makeover

So I’ve lived in my house for about 2 years now.  And I’m just getting around to my craft room.  Blog fail, much??  It’s been serving it’s purpose to me daily by housing my craft supplies so no harm done, but now it’ll serve that same purpose and will be appealing to the eyes.  Finally.  I love how the built in bookcase turned out.  I’m a huge fan of all things vintage.  If you were to take  a screenshot of our Pinterest boards, you would see all white and light colored tones mixed with old and new, lots of mason jars and lots of character.  But I love color too!!  Nothing too bold like lime green but I simply adore mustard yellow and all shades of aqua and turquoise.  This herringbone bookcase is so totally ME.  It’s got custom rustic crates, my grandmother’s suitcases, old crates I’ve been collecting at sales, my mom’s 30 year old mason jars and a few modern pieces of decor that I’ve found here and there over the past 11 years of married life.

Paint a bookcase a herringbone stencil, use mason jars, crates and suitcases for storage!

Love the fun accessories!  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen so many #craftroommakeover hash tags over the past couple of months.  It probably seems like I’ve drug my feet taking so long to complete this bookcase but collecting the storage items was the time consuming part.  I definitely wanted a vintage vibe with legit vintage pieces.  Many of them are older than me, mission accomplished.


A little close up, made that burlap and doily bunting, tutorial on the link.  Click for the crate tutorial too!


The right side close up.  I use most of these knick knacks for staging in my other pictures.  And they’re just pretty to look at and inspire me when I’m in this room that’s all my own!  The HOME frame is from Ikea, it was a gift from Steph/Somewhat Simple elephant exchange, the yellow bird and white cake stand are from HomeGoods, the urns are from Ross, the green bird is from a grocery store floral department, the set of owls are from Kirklands, the vintage owl with yellow eyes was $1 at Goodwill, the soda crate was a gift from my older sis Sandee from World Market and the little brown owl on top of my paper cutter and scale is from Down East Home!

Herringbone stenciled bookcase, fill with vintage goods for storage #organization #craftroom

Isn’t this a great background??  I love the clean lines of the herringbone.  I recycled the paint from my great grandmother’s 100 year old buffet turned tv stand makeover.  This mini suitcase matches my bigger green suitcase exactly, that was a pure coincidence.  While garage saleing with my bestie, Marni, I spied this case and had to have it.  Only I was short the $5 tag so Marn bought it for me. Thanks, girl!  Notice the “Big A– Book of Crafts” book is washi tape’d over??  My kids knew it was a cuss word so I had to hide it, lol!

 Love using vintage suitcases as storage in a craft room!

Mmmm…love me some mason jars + bakers twine!  Great ribbon storage and the bakers twine is a fun touch.  I actually dug these jars out of my attic where my mom had stored them when I was a baby!  They needed a thorough cleaning!  I bought the lids at Walmart, maybe I’ll paint them someday?  Love that they have history and they’re pretty to look at.

Use mason jars as ribbon storage in a craft room. Tied bakers twine is a fun touch!

The other mason jars house the rest of my random crafts, glitter bottles, washi tape, buttons, glue sticks, etc.  And these small truly vintage crates are perfect for my everyday acrylic paints and bakers twine hoard!Vintage crates are the same size as small acrylic bottles, use them for #organization in the #craftroom

My bigger crates house the rest of my acrylic paint stash, yes, it’s full.  No, I’m not disputing I have an addiction.  They also house my paper cutters, adhesives, wood supplies, etc.

Vintage crate for the craft room, perfect size to hold bakers twine! #organization #craftroom

For scissor and squeegee storage, I used inexpensive jars from Ikea.  I tied a simple white twine bow around the lid just for fun.  I love this little owl.  I’ve contemplated spray painting him but love the distinct vintage vibe, I’m guessing he was manufactured in the 60’s-70’s which is the era my grandmother kept her decor from till the day she passed.  Hence all my vintage goods upcycled from her humble home.

So cute! Glass jars from Ikea for scissor and craft supply storage paired with a vintage owl! #craftroom #organization

Okay, wow, check out this before and during stage…


Okay we need to get a better look at that before image…don’t pin it, lol!!

Messy before pic of my vintage inspired craft room. Nightmare, lol!

Orange arrow: mason jars needed lids but they were already organized, thankyouverymuch. Got the idea from this cute craft hutch!

Aqua arrow: Crates are from JoAnn’s. They’re normally $11.99 BUT you can use your 40% off coupon and get them cheap!  I collected mine over a period of months to make it more affordable.  Stain with Minwax’s DARK WALNUT, paint on numbers with vinyl stencils using Americana’s BUTTER paint, lightly sand and you have instant aged crates.

Green arrow: All those unattractive, easily dented Ikea paper boxes were recycled. Not upcycled, just chucked into the recycle bin! Their contents are now housed in all the crates.

Coral arrow: These suitcases have sentimental value to me AND they’re amazing storage.  My grandma passed away the day after Christmas last year, I inherited these suitcases and keep them closed as much as possible, whenever I open it up I can smell her house, love it.

Yellow arrow: Vinyl rolls!!  Kristi and I have been selling vinyl lettering and signs for nearly 7 years now.  We closed shop and although we hold local craft nights, we no longer sell custom lettering.  I decided to get rid of my stash and only keep one roll on hand for stencils only.  {We’ve shown our stencil technique we’ve been using for years several times, here is one example of our stencil method in case you missed it.}  If you want to get on our craft night notification list, email me lollyjane@gmail.com and I’ll make sure you’re added! They’re always so fun! Our next one is March 14th!

What a crazy before and after, right?? I didn’t realize how trashy the before was??  LOL!!  Painting the stencil was the easy part!  I’m comfortable with CES’ stencils after using them on the following projects:

lolly-jane-stencil-projectsKelli’s dining room | Kristi’s curtains | Kelli’s bathroom

Here‘s a video on how easy it is to stencil.  I won’t lie, it’s time consuming.  This bookcase took me one day, I was determined to get it done all at once so I wouldn’t have to clean up more than once.  I started midday and ended around midnight, taking breaks for real life.  But I promise you, if I can do this, you can too!  They supply all your needs and have lots of informational videos, directions, etc.

I love this “during photo. What a difference the stencil makes on the back of the bookcase!  It really gives it a fun pop of color.  Since I have stuff in front of it, the herringbone is peeking through and I simply love it!  This during photo has one very important item in it: a Diet Coke/Dr Pepper mixture from my fav corner store, Circle K!  I’m a die hard and am on a first name, cell phone exchanging base with the employees, and no I’m not even kidding.  Can’t paint without my soda!  (Again, the soda crate??-I’m a feign, had to incorporate that!)


Nice and clean herringbone lines in this picture of the bookcase after the stencil was painted but before the accessories were put back in.


Here are some of our favorite Cutting Edge Stencil products:

cutting edge stencil sample rooms

Chevron All OverFishscale Craft Stencil | Charlotte All Over

GIVEAWAY OVER. Congrats #625 Sarah Greer!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be sure to check out Cutting Edge Stencil‘s Facebook and You Tube pages and their blog for all their latest and greatest!

psst: Looking for more cute home decor? Visit our Word Whipped giveaway (now closed), we spoil y’all (;

UPDATE: Check out our burlap doily bunting tutorial, vintage crate DIY tutorial and a herringbone roundup too!

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    I like the Tuscan trellis stencil. I think it would look great on a rug!

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    Courtney D

    Chevron of course!

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    I love the Herringbone all over stencil!

  5. 5

    I love it.. every single detail. I have just been staring and admiring. Great job. xo jen

  6. 6

    That is too perfect. So fresh and fun and perfect to have everything at your fingertips. LOVE.

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    Beth R

    Zagora Allover is one of my faves…but there are about 10 others I’d LOVE to get, too!!!

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    I love the chevron or one of the damask stencils!

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    I just can’t choose a favorite! I love them all! The fishscale is pure awesomeness!

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    It looks so cute! Great job. Love it’s bright colors!

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    Erin S

    Wow! What a great makeover! I was looking at their website and the Birch Forest Stencil looks really neat – would be great in a boy nursery.

  12. 12


    excited about the chevron all over stencil.

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    I love your craft room storage space. I love your space altogether to be honest. I have a tiny sewing space and it is so confining.

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    Also, I would want the Chevron stencil. Chevrons have been growing on me here lately.

  15. 15

    I am totally head over feet in love! You did an AMAZING job! It is beautiful and totally drool worthy and SO organized! I just can’t seem to keep my craft space organized like this! But what a dream and inspiration your storage is! Thank you SO much for the beautiful break from my day!!!
    Jaime :)

  16. 16


    I love the Charlotte All Over…but I love so many, really.

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    I love the herringbone!

  18. 18

    I adore the herringbone. This space looks amazing!

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    Nadia Daneels

    Ooooh, i just love the fishscale stencil! http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/fishscale-craft-stencil.html

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    They are all great! I think I will go for chevron

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    Julie B.

    The Chevron all over :)

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    I think the pebbles allover stencil would make a fantastic painted backsplash, and I also like the Tuscan Trellis allover stencil for a powder room.

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    I love it! The herring bone yellow looks fabulous! Love all of the eclectic storage ideas too – did you make the number crates? Amazing job! :)

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    Ashley Cary

    My favorite is the Fishscale Craft Stencil!

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! What a happy and beautiful space to feel inspired and crafty in! I would love to win the fish scale stencil!

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    SO cute Kelli! I love those suitcases, they are perfect. I would TOTALLY be inspired working in this space.

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    Stephanie Brough

    chevron please!

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    The Chevron stencil is definitely my fav! But the Herringbone is a close second! :)

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    I like the chevron!

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    this is lovely! I’m especially fond of the way you’ve got your paints stored! Now if I could just get my son to vacate his room I could have a craft room ;o) Just kidding!

    • 33


      Hahaha! This WAS a playroom and my kids downgraded to a smaller space (; LOL

  33. 34


    Acck! I was so busy drooling over your bookcase I forgot to mention the stencil…Chevrons all the way, love them!

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    I LOVE the herringbone the most!

  35. 36

    Chevron baby!! Drooling over this space! I did not see the info on the 1-8 craft boxes… what are those? I’m not certain those are the vintage ones you refer too…. NEED THOSE stat!!! :)

    anyway you can email me where you found them ? TY

  36. 37

    carrie cantu

    Thanks for the opportunity! I love the herring bone : )

  37. 38


    Awesome! Love all the details you’ve incorporated in the craft bookcase. A great place to get inspired!

  38. 39

    Love the herringbone =)

  39. 40

    Sadie K.

    i like the morroccan stencil.

  40. 41


    My favorite is the chevron.

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    I like the Lilly Scroll all over stencil the best!

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    Love the chevron! So many ideas come to mind when I see that one!!

  43. 44

    Julianne Johnson

    I love chevrons and trellis!

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    Taya Chiniquy

    I love the Herringbone.

  45. 46

    Loving that herringbone you got there!

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    Fawn B

    I’m totally torn between the fish scales and the chevron as I really love both!

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    Colette Tervort

    Love the chevron

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    I love the herringbone pattern the best

    • 50

      Marguerite Guinn

      The Charlotte all over! I do love the herringbone, too!

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    I LOVE the chevron…but I think my husband will flip for the fish scale…so we’d probably get that one. :) I need to learn compromise sometimes, right? :)

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    Sarah E.

    It looks AMAZING! I LOVE the herringbone! I also love the fuji! So many great options!

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    Karen Powell

    The Chevron for sure!

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    l love the fishscale stencil

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    I love Cutting Edge Stencils. I won one in October and stenciled my whole wall in my office. It looks incredible!! Love it!!

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    Chevron all over

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    I love the fishtail craft stencil, I think I would use it in my boys’ bathroom!

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    I like the wisteria tree stencil.

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    Tracie Brown

    casablanca morrocan

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    Becky Johnson

    I am so in love with all the chevron right now! Would love the chevron stencil!!!

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    Allison K

    It’s such a toss-up between chevron, herringbone, and polka-dot! I love so many of their stencils!,

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    I like the chevron you used!

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    Great stencils! I think the Zagora all over stencil is just what my half bath needs.

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    Mandi A

    There are several that I would love to have but my favorite is the Ikat zig zag.

  63. 65

    I love the chevron. I too am doing my craft room over, but it will be yellow and gray. I love your colors!

  64. 66

    Absolutely stunning! You did such an amazing job, Kelli! I love the yellow stenciling and the vintage crates. :)

  65. 67

    I like the hourglass. My house needs some new looks.

  66. 68

    Okay, Lollyjane girls.. I am OOOOBER, DOOOOBER jealous of this ADORABLY YUMMY!! room :) Don’t be surprised if you here me knocking on the door, so I can come in and drool all over your carpet :) I am SADLY without a craft room since we sold our house and are now renting… But my fingers and brain are now itching to do something after seeing this.. :) Awesome giveaway, by the way.

  67. 69


    Not to be a total copycat, but man, I’m loving the herringbone!!

  68. 70


    I love the herringbone you used! I think I’d use it on my dinning room table

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    A birds and cage stencil entitled “Freedom”!

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    I love the tribal stencil!

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    Jennifer C

    I love the chevron all over!

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    Lure the bookcase. Love the herringbone stencil

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    Jessica Anderson

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    This is BEYOND lovely! So so beautiful. I love everything you did and everything you’re using to store stuff. So pretty!

  75. 77

    Oh what a fun and organized space you have now!! I am green (or should I say mustard yellow) with envy!

  76. 78


    I love the fishscale pattern!

  77. 79

    Adrianne Miller


  78. 80

    I absolutely love the bookcases! It almost seems like it all seems much lighter than when the background was white. So cheerful!

    As for this super awesome giveaway, I love the all over chevron and herringbone.

  79. 81

    I’m beyond in lurrrvvve with this project….it turned out great… the vibe is just right in my book (a wonderful mix of vintage and bright happy today with some great mason jars thrown in – of course!) how could it be better. I’d love to be able to do something similar by winning this giveaway – my fav would be…mmmmm….either the chevron or fuji!

  80. 82


    I like the chevron & the herringbone.

  81. 83

    Seriously darling Kel… I CAN call you that, right? Since you always call me Andr! LOL! SO I AM IN LOVE!!!! I want a cute crafty space!!!!! Oh and I like the herringbone and fishscale!
    Love YA!

  82. 84

    Gorgeous, Kelli!! Its a fabulous before and after. I love all of your vintage goodies!

    I love, love, love the new Charlotte stencil!

  83. 85

    I’m totally loving the Rabat Allover Stencil and the Hourglass Allover Stencil… decisions, decisions.

    I love how your book shelf came together.

  84. 86

    Kate Alvarado

    I love the Nagoya allover stencil!

  85. 87

    Carol Gutowski

    I just love them all. Guess it depended on what room I was going to do. Love the site and love your blogs.. TY

  86. 88

    Love this now come to my house and help me with my craft room!!! NOW!! LOL!

  87. 89


    Such fun designs!!! I can’t wait to start on a stenciling project!

  88. 90


    Which stencil is my favorite? Do I have to choose? Every time I see another great project, I fall in love with another stencil! My current fave is the huge chrysanthemum, but I love most of the nature-inspired ones like branches and florals.

  89. 91

    I love the chevron, and I already know what I want to do with it. Super cute bookshelves. I’m a bit jealous of how fabulous it looks and that it’s not in my house.

  90. 92

    Annaliza R

    I love the Marrakech Trellis Allover Stencil.

  91. 93

    I love the herringbone, but I’m always a fan of moroccan vibe and the casablanca stencils.

  92. 94

    Amy S

    I love the fishscale craft stencil!

  93. 95

    Alex Williams

    I love the herringbone!

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    I LOVE the Anna Damask stencil. I might have a slight obsession with damask and drool at the idea of a full wall.

  95. 97

    Sandi Allen

    I like the charlotte all over.

  96. 98


    Thank you for sharing your the pictures of your craft room shelving makeover. I am in the process of moving into my husband’s home office shelving unit that has been sitting in our basement for several years housing a TV, homeschool books, lego creations, etc. I feel like I have been all over our house trying to find a suitable place to not only store scrapbook/crafting supplies but also to create a nice welcoming place to scrapbk and craft. This is my 5th move w/i my house, but this seems to offer the best arrangement I could ask for. My shelving is located on a large wall at the bottom of our finished basement stairs. With a little shifting of furniture, I am hopeful to take over the floor space at the bottom of the stairs in front of the shelving to place my work table, sewing machine table, etc. Your shelving unit is very similar to the oak unit I am taking over. I am still in the process of relocating books and moving supplies onto the shelves. I like the wooden crates you used and will look for those at JoAnn’s & Michaels. This morning I ordered two sets of 2×3 wooden blackboards w/ clips from Pick Your Plum and hope to use those on canvas or wood crates that will store my paper colors and embellishments. I know this will be a work in progress but excited moving forward to hours of creating in a comfy, organized space. Thanks for sharing!

  97. 99

    Tamela Hayton

    It is so hard to choose which of their stencils is my favorite! I am really in love with the Chevron one.

  98. 100

    I heart this shelf! I’m working on putting together my daughters’ room in our new house, and you’ve totally inspired me! My favorite stencil has to be the chevron.

  99. 101

    Angela W

    Chevron All Over

  100. 102


    Do I have to pick just ONE favorite? I love Gabrielle Damask, but I’m really digging Charlotte all over. I also noticed their stripe stencils. I like those, too! If I had a fancy front room, I would pick the classic stencils. Maybe when i finally get my piano room, ;).

  101. 103


    Can’t decide between the herringbone and the chevron. Love them both!

  102. 104

    Love this one! The herringbone stencil!

  103. 105

    Ingrid Taylor

    Chevron is by far my fave! Wish I had the time to actually finish a project soon!

  104. 106


    Love the Marrakech Trellis Allover Stencil!

  105. 107

    kathy boake -trout

    love the look , would love to try this

  106. 108


    I hope I win! I want to recreate this fabulous bookcase!!

  107. 109

    Meredith S.

    my favorite stencil is the new chevron. It looks so much easier than making chevrons with frog tape.

  108. 110


    I’m in the process of scraping wallpaper so I can stencil some of Cutting Edge’s awesome stencils. I love their Moroccan stencils. I haven’t been able to pick a favorite yet but it might be Casablanca!

  109. 111

    I like the Tuscan Trellis Allover stencil – it would be perfect on a bookcase or a rug!
    Your bookcase makeover looks fantastic – I love the colors and the crates – great work!!

  110. 112

    Sandy H.

    coral arrow!

  111. 113


    I’m defiantly loving the Herringbone….already now where to put it!!!

  112. 114


    oooo I love the Chevron All Over but I also like the Charlotte Allover Stencil Pattern I think it would make a great backdrop in my studio!

  113. 115

    Amber E.

    I like the new Moroccan Tiles Wall Pattern stencil. I need that for my master bath!

  114. 116

    kelly tillotson

    id love to use the chevron stencil in my kids room! thanks!

  115. 117

    Kirsten Smith

    I love the TUSCAN TRELLIS ALLOVER STENCIL, it would go great in the nursery I’m slowly getting put together. Also, I’m totally going to get crates from Joann’s. Very nice!

  116. 118

    Carrie Higgins

    Paisley allover all the way!

  117. 119

    Too many to choose from! But I do love the zinnia or dandelion ones for my girl’s bedroom. :)

  118. 120


    love the chevron! How can you not?!

  119. 121


    I LOVE the herringbone stencil!

  120. 122

    I’m digging the houndstooth stencil- so much fun!

  121. 123


    I just recently placed my first order with cutting edge stencils. One of the ones I’m excited to get is the paisley. So many lovely options.

  122. 124

    Whitney Moberg

    I love the Zamira allover stencil! Thanks for the giveaway!

  123. 125


    Your craft room looks awesome–very inspiring!

  124. 126

    Alyssa Jeffers

    I love that chevron stencil…of course:)

    And I had my eye on one of their flower stencils since a few months ago, but haven’t bit the bullet yet and purchased…maybe I’ll win this and I won’t have to spend the money! Wishful thinking never hurt anyone, right?!

  125. 127


    I love this!! I think my favorite stencil is MOROCCAN TILES WALL PATTERN. It’s awesome! I’d love to put it on a rug.

  126. 128


    Just purchased a Cutting Edge stencil, the small Rabat, to stencil in a kitchen backsplash. I cannot decide if I like the Chevron or the Herringbone better – I have a short interior hallway with lots of doors that I am painting all white and going down the sides with stripes and stenciling!

  127. 129


    I love these bookshelves. Great Idea

  128. 130

    Love the chevron!

  129. 131

    Jennee H

    I LOVE the craft wall! Great job!

  130. 132

    Sarah C

    LOVING the Casablanca Allover Stencil!

  131. 133


    I live the look of the Charlotte All Over stencil. I’d like to use that eventually when we move into our house.

  132. 134

    Anne Givens

    Too hard to pick just one favorite :) I am a sucker for paisley, though. The paisley all over is my fave.

  133. 135


    Oh my! So hard to choose just one. Herringbone,
    scallops or the new lace.

  134. 136


    My favourite stencil is the all-over polka dot! I plan to use it in my baby’s room (expecting our first this year)!

  135. 137


    I love the herringbone stencil….or the chevron….or well all of them really!
    What a fantastic giveaway and your bookcases are simply amazing!!

  136. 138

    Alia Grace

    I love the Tuscan Trellis stencil… have wanted to stencil curtains for my kitchen since the moment I saw it!

  137. 139

    Ashlee Aldrich

    I like the chevron all over

  138. 140

    angela cope

    i love the herringbone stencil!!

  139. 141

    I have used Cutting Edge stencils before and have been itching to do another one! I LOVE what you did with your bookshelf/storage area. It’s AWESOME!

    • 142

      Oops, I got a little excited. My favorite stencil is their new IKAT zig zag stencil pattern.

  140. 143


    I’m loving the fish scale one at the moment

  141. 144


    Holy cow, this looks amazing.

  142. 145

    Sarah Greer

    garden birds!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  143. 146


    Love the Chevron all over and would love to do this in my computer desk cupboards.

  144. 147

    Natalie Hansen

    I would love the all over Chevron. I am looking to paint an accent wall in my boys room with it!!

  145. 148

    Liz Tuggle

    Chevron All Over is my fav

  146. 149


    I love the big ferns! I want to spoof up my powder room.

  147. 150


    It is So hard to choose, I love at least 10 other stencils, but lately i’ve been eyeing the Large Tree and Birds stencil.

  148. 151

    The herringbone is my absolute favorite. I LOVE the bookcase. LOVE IT.

  149. 152

    Lisa Wenckus

    I love the harlequin trellis!!

  150. 153


    I Love the Charolette All Over stencil!!! This would be so Lovely on my Living room Wall & Curtain!

  151. 154

    colleen elder

    i love the herringbone all over stencil. it is so beautiful

  152. 155

    I love, love, love the hourglass stencil. I have so many projects planned using stencils.

  153. 156

    I like the Cascade Allover Stencil and the Chevron Allover Stencil and the Herringbone Allover Stencil. Love your bookcases!! They look so great!

  154. 157

    Randi Gallop

    I LOVE the herringbone stencil!!

  155. 158


    Love the tree with the birds…the hen with the chicks is my second!

  156. 159

    Colleen U.

    I have been drooling over the Rabat Allover stencil for a very long time! I would LOVE to win this giveaway to finally get it! :)

  157. 160

    I really like the chevron all over look. You’ve done a great job with this make over.

  158. 161

    All three are lovely but Charlotte is my favorite.

  159. 162


    I love the Ikat Zig Zag.

  160. 163


    I love them all! I’d have a hard time choosing!

  161. 164


    The Herringbone stencil!

  162. 165


    My favourite stencil is the chevron pattern

  163. 166


    This is awesome! I like the chevron and the Nagoya the best!

  164. 167

    Eden Wagner

    I can’t say I have just one favorite but my favorite style is the damask stencils

  165. 168

    Erica W

    I would love to try the all over chevron stencil

  166. 169


    Sweet…love the total bookcase, but my favs are the crates and suitcases!!!! They’re just perfect used for storage!

  167. 170

    I’m going with the Charlotte All Over, but it’s hard to narrow down. And great minds must think alike, because I bought some of those crates from Joann’s to make a little bookshelf for my daughter!

  168. 171

    I’ve been seeing your amazing bookcase all over the place! What an awesome transformation! Can you come paint one for me? :) I love your style! The fishscale stencil is awesome!

  169. 172

    Amy J

    I love anything herringbone or chevron. Great job on the bookcase!

  170. 173


    I love the chevron stencil, it’s such a timeless stencil, I remember is from the 70’s but it’s always been around, even if it’s on a high resurgence right now I think it will always be popular.

  171. 174


    I just did an accent wall in my family room with the fuji stencil and LOVE IT!!!! But I have to admit I also love the chevron.

  172. 175

    Emma C

    Love the Chevron all Over!

  173. 176


    Oh goodness! I NEED to win this stencil…I just decided this week that I want to do an accent wall…the Cascade Allover Stencil is my favorite!

  174. 177

    Love this! And love both the Herringbone and the Chevron stencils!

  175. 178


    My fav would be the chevron! Love what you did with the herringbone though!!

  176. 179


    I love the chevron stencil. Your bookshelf looks fab!

  177. 180

    So pretty and so organized. LOVE IT!! My favorites are the three owls. I think I need to make a trip to Kirklands. Thanks so much for the eye candy and great inspiration! Have a fantastic day!

  178. 181

    I love their Marrakech Trellis stencil :)

  179. 182

    I love Cutting Edge Stencils! I’ve just started using them. Love this project. I have my eye on the pear tree stencil, which I would love to do on reclaimed wood or an old door. But there are probably 20 or so that I’d like to order!

  180. 183

    Aimee J

    oh my goodness!!! Seriously!!! I bow to your craftiness and good desigenuity know how (yes, that’s a new word, feel free to use it) Sooo going on my pinterest. Right.Now!

  181. 184

    Charlotte All Over is my favorite.

  182. 185

    I love this so much! It looks amazing and I love the colour you used! Have a lovely week! Angie xo

  183. 186

    I love the way this turned out! I’m currently loving the Moroccan Tiles Wall Pattern :)

  184. 187

    love this! so fun and colorful-definitely perfect for a creative space!

  185. 188

    Love the herring bone design!! Its a bit different take on the chevron, but love it!! Would love to have the tools to make this easier!

  186. 189

    Sheila Moore

    I love your “new” craft room…I am hoping to do one in the near future. I hate having everything spread all over the house. You always need what’s upstairs or vice versa. Oh and BTW I love the chevron stencil.

  187. 190

    oh my gosh. you are so awesome! every project is something i can’t wait to try in my house!!! i love the ce stencils and either want the morroccan or the herringbone

  188. 191

    I like the Fishscale stencil.

  189. 192

    Victor Zeledon

    Casablanca all over!!

  190. 193

    Love the color and design!

  191. 194

    LOVE your craft space. So many great ideas and beautiful design!
    Anne @ circusberry.wordpress.com

  192. 195

    What a fabulous area you’ve designed… I love it!

  193. 196


    chevron would be perfect for shelves in my teenage daughter’s room!!

  194. 197


  195. 198


    I love the Zagora allover! I have a similiar bookshelf that I need to do something similiar to, but I am a bit scared of stencils.

  196. 199

    Abby M

    My favorite is the Paisely all over stencil.

  197. 200

    Chewy tart

    My favorite so far is the birch I did a stellar wall in my daycare center with it, im about to try a 2nd method with it on a desperate wall. I also have the dandelion stencil that I made wall art with. Love these stencils

  198. 201

    Heather Stockton

    I actually really love the Herringbone stencil!!

  199. 202


    I love the damask patterns! The chevron is so cute though! Thanks!

  200. 203


    Love the herringbone!

  201. 204

    I just love the Casablanca stencil!!! And I’d do bookcases as my first project.

  202. 205

    Monica Brown

    I’m just loving all of the chevrons! :)

  203. 206

    I LOVE everything on their site, but the Fleur Allover stencil is my fav.

  204. 207

    Denise W

    I would love to win a Cutting Edge Stencil!
    Thank you LollyJane


  205. 208

    Oh My… I love that craft room storage, so awesome!


    • 209

      Whoops, forgot to say that I love that stencil that you used!


  206. 210

    Cascade allover pattern. But I love them ALL!

  207. 211

    Lindsey L.

    Your shelves are beautiful! I love the stencils and crates at the bottom. All the stencils are so neat. I’m still in love with chevron, though, so I’d have to go for that one…or maybe the fishtail…it would be way fun, too.

  208. 212

    I love the charlotte all over stencil. Would look great in my dining room!

  209. 213


    This is the cutest craft shelf ever! So many great ideas!

  210. 214


    I think I am going to have to paint my bookshelves white now!!

  211. 215

    Julie C.

    Love what you did!! Aren’t you proud?!? I think the herringbone is CLASSIC!

  212. 216


    i love the way the stenciling looks and the entire makeover. Love the Charlotte all over…

  213. 217

    Amy Lloyd

    They’re all gorgeous but think my fav is Charlotte. Love your craft room makeover, you did a great job of celebrating family treasures and still keeling a clean, fresh look.

  214. 218

    Nicole Yaeger

    I like the Chevron one! I’d love to do a wall in my daughters room with it!

  215. 219

    Sharlene Piscitelli

    I like the Casanova stencil and the Anna Damask.

  216. 220


    I would love the dandy lion stencil.

  217. 221

    Well it is hard to just pick one stencil as a favorite! I have so many project ideas I could do with many of these stencils…..but if I had to pick just one I would go with the Chevron All Over right now!
    I love you bookcase make over…..I think I may have to try this for a shelf unit in my new shop!

  218. 222


    I love the whole makeover, from the doily garland at top to the awesome crates on the bottom. I’m pinning!!

  219. 223

    Amanda M.

    Love, love, love the damask ones… such a hard decision!

  220. 224

    This is a fantastic project! Would you consider linking this up at my Pinworthy Projects Party? I hope to see you there!

  221. 225

    I’m loving the Herringbone Stencil!!! I love me some herringbone!!

  222. 226

    Hi! This is my first visit- I love your craft shelves! One of my favorite details is the cute bunting you hung on the top, but everything is really cute! I love that fish scale stencil- fun and different!

  223. 227

    I feel so inspired! I am thinking about using the Vintage Paisley stencil which is my favorite!!

  224. 228

    So adorable!! I love this whole idea. Especially the crates used for organizing twine and paint!!

  225. 229

    Melissa S

    I just absolutely love this craft room makeover!! It gives me so much inspiration for my room! :)

  226. 230

    This bookcase is fabulous! I want to try to add touches to the bookcases in my office but I have been nervous to take the plunge.

  227. 231

    Melissa S

    My favorite stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils is their TUSCAN TRELLIS ALLOVER STENCIL!

  228. 232

    Would love to get a stencil. I am 1000% obsessed with your book case. So amazing.

  229. 233


    My favorite stencil is Herringbone Allover Stencil!!! Would look great on my liquor cabinet.

  230. 234

    Haley Baas

    I love the chevron stencil! It would look great on some pillows!

  231. 235


    the chevron stencil

  232. 236



  233. 237


    Love them all, but the chevron is my fave.

  234. 238

    This is gorgeous! I’d love you to share it at my link party – http://www.findingsilverpennies.com/2013/02/silver-pennies-sundays-link-party_24.html

  235. 239

    I was pinning your awesome storage idea & got super excited once I saw there was a giveaway for it! There are way too many stencils to choose an actual favorite, but anything chevron is fine by me. I’m going to say the chevron allover because I’ve been wanting to design my room with that pattern for months! Plus now we have a playhouse for my niece to work on. :) Crossing my fingers for this giveaway & hoping I win. Thanks for the opportunity. xox.

  236. 240


    Love the chevron! And the fish scale. Two favorites??

  237. 241


    Am I too late? I just stumbled across your lovely blog. I love the herringbone!

    • 242


      So sorry, Jen! But use you can use coupon code LJ10 for a discount on any CES stencil (:

  238. 243

    Absolutely LOVE,LOVE these!!! Would love for you to share at the party! xo bridgett


  239. 244

    Hi there – I am your neighbor at the Pinterest party. This bookcase turned out really cute…and I love the crates too! Now following you via Pinterest and Facebook. I hope you come over and check out my blog too!


  240. 245

    I love the “real” before ;) Your after is mid blowingly gorgeous though. WOW! What a place to craft, design and dream in you have created. It is absolutely fan-tastic!!!!! Enjoy it :)

  241. 246

    The shelves are so bright and pretty. It looks like a party! (How lucky to have your own craft space.) Wonderful vintage touches, too.

  242. 247

    I am getting ready to feature this on my site and I just noticed you have the framed “HOME” print I made for our gift exchange on display! HA! I love it!!!! :)

  243. 248

    I love that you incorporated your families plans into your design. So sweet!

  244. 249

    This is incredible…totally and utterly beautiful in EVERY way! Awesome job!


  245. 250

    Looks lovely. Major props!

  246. 251

    Looking at the before and after pics, I am amazed at the transformation but I would have to say that your before pictures are way more beautiful than the crafts section of my home. I try to make it look pretty but it never comes close to the vision in my head.
    Anyway, I love your work and I am looking forward to your future projects.

  247. 252

    What a beautiful bookcase, you’ve done a lovely job! I’ve got this linked to my bookshelves post too today, for inspiration!

  248. 253

    This is so cute! I just love the stencil and all the details!!! Love it, love it!

  249. 254

    I’m not sure how I’ve not seen your blog before. You are living with all my dream colors and patterns. This craft space is spectacular. I love every single part about it. So adorable, so colorful, so organized! Perfect in every way! Thanks for sharing this HUGE inspiration!

  250. 255

    Okay so I know you have had about six gazillion comments on this already but I have to tell you that I think it is just about the cutest thing I have ever EVER seen. LOVE it!

  251. 256

    WOWZA!!! I love this! Totally inspired :)

  252. 257


    Where did you get the floral curtains in the craft room? Those are amazing.

  253. 259

    Stacye Hixson

    They have so many beautiful stencils it is really hard to decide, but after seeing the herringbone design on your bookcases I think I am in love.

  254. 260


    I love all their stencils! I am really looking forward to doing some stencilling in my home!!

  255. 261


    I like the Chevron All Over stencil.


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