beaded garden stakes

Today’s talented guest has a must-see blog and she’s sharing her beaded garden stakes today! 
She has the BEST glazing technique ever:
[glaze tute here]
Check out a little of what she’s transformed:

She’s more amazing than we can say…you’ll have to see all of her cute before/afters yourself AND she’s not a snob, she shares her paint colors (:


.   .   .
What’s up, Lolly Jane readers?  I’m Kristi from
and it’s my pleasure to be guest posting over here today.
I’d like to share with you, a really simple (AND cheap) way to add a little bling to you flower beds.  For just a few bucks each, you can make your own beaded garden stakes.  
 Here’s what you need:
  • green coated garden stake
  • drawer knob
  • glass beads
  • pliers, saw or wire cutter

I use the tubs of Mass O Glass beads (I get them at Michaels) because there’s a good mixture and most of them have holes that are big enough for the garden stake. If you use these, you might want to buy two tubs because there are some beads in there with small holes. I suppose you could strip the green coating from the garden stake to make it thinner.
The garden stake should have a little bump up next to the circular end.  The circular end becomes the bottom of the stake and  that little bump will hold the beads on the stake.  You can use pliers to straighten the circular end or you can use a saw or wire cutters to cut it off.  The latter is much easier.
Once you have a straight “bottom”, s
lide your beads on and top with the drawer pull.  
 That’s it!  Easy, right?  Come say hello at The Speckled Dog.
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  1. 1

    Kayci Bug

    Ooh I will go say hello…she has super cute style! =} Kayci

  2. 2

    Beverly @

    Love the garden stakes Kristi!! What a fun colorful garden decoration!!

  3. 3


    Thanks, Bev!!

  4. 4


    Lovin this- will brighten up my garden! Great tutorial! Thanks!


  5. 5

    I {love} to craft!

    cool tute- super cute!

  6. 6


    I really like the colors used. Nice post!

    :-) Jennifer

  7. 7

    Simply AJ

    Super cute and fun idea! Thanks so much for sharing this project. AJ

  8. 8

    DallyGirl @ Lifeat2810

    These are great – great project to do with kids for the summer too!

  9. 9


    Those are fun. Great idea.

    Happy SITS day.


  10. 10


    Very cute! I love how decorative garden stakes can just brighten up any garden. Maybe I wont grow flowers, just have a yard full of these, lol.