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We’ve recently become acquainted with this gorgeous blogger, Rasha (pronounced Russia ;) Her style is so unique, we think you’ll  her!

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Hi all!  Before I dig deep in my today’s post, I would like to briefly introduce myself. My name is Rasha from My Champagne Taste

I am relatively new in blogland but my passion is ancient. I want to thank Lolly Jane and all their readers for allowing me to share my ideas.

   The debate of traditional over modern, old over new, original over innovative, etc … has been dwelling in the mind of every blogger and designer for the fact. The solution: Mix ‘em. By having traditional meets modern I was able to transform my house into both an eye catcher and a heart catcher as well. Every time I walk by the old-new items that I redecorated I recreate the stories of those who owned before me and add to them stories of my own.    

Today I will share three of the projects that I’ve completed and that fit in my theme.

Like this Traditional Settee:

Transformed into a Modern Purple Settee by painting it black and using a very unusual fabric.

Or this vintage chair:

Transformed into an electric modern Aqua Chair by painting it a trendy color and using this vibrant fabric.

And finally this French Provincial Vintage Dresser: 

Transformed into this glamorous, amazing Silver Leaf Dresser, by applying silver leaf sheets to have this modern expensive mirrored like look.
So do you like my style? If so, I hope I can see you at my home.

xoxo, Rasha

ps: I have a Cutting Edge Stencil GIVEAWAY going on now,

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  1. 1

    I {love} to craft!

    That dresser is AMAZING! What a cool technique! Pinned it! Thanks!

  2. 2


    super cute "afters" and i love that yellow pillow! gotta see if theres a tute for it :-)

    ps ttly love that iphone phone thing! LOL

    jenn @crafting gals

  3. 3

    Monickas craft spot

    Very unique style! And that black chandy is too-die-for! ! Stopping by to say HELLO!

  4. 4


    WOW! I love them all! I'm totally digging the chair and the turquoise wall…I wonder if my husband would kill me if I attacked our master bedroom with turquoise paint…I'm so tired of gray! :)

  5. 5


    Beautiful! LOVE the settee! And I love the name of your blog to- perfect fit. Nice work!

  6. 6


    Big thanks to each and every one of you girls..your words just made my day…you are the reason why I love blogging

  7. 7

    wow that’s great, What a cool technique! Pinned it! Thanks!