Easy Christmas tree treat | Free gift tags

Okay you guys, I have a confession: Sometimes I prefer a Little Debbie snack cake vs. a hand baked treat.  It’s true!  I know Kelli will splurge with me when offered soooo I thought maybe there are some of you who also enjoy these yummy waxy treats tree’ts? ;)

No?  How about a free gift tag then for a tree treat you’re planning to make this holiday season?  Yes!

I gotta say, it sure is nice to quickly rewrap them, tie on a cute tag and get out the door if you’re in a hurry!

LOL!  But, if you are baking a handmade treat in the shape of Christmas trees, these are the perfect tags to tie on.

Simply print the image below on 8.5×11 white card stock.

Tomorrow we’ll take a peek at some handmade goodness I would love to bake this holiday season that would also coordinate perfectly with these tags… you know, if you don’t prefer the store bought snack cakes ;)

See you then! XO

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  1. 1

    So cute! Thanks for sharing your printable. I pinned it. ;)

  2. 2

    What a cute little tag!

    I used to love all things Little Debbie, but now they just hurt my teeth, which is probably a good thing.

  3. 3

    Uh…hello brilliant! I think this is great because you’re still putting some thought into these by packaging them up extra cute! That’s gotta count for something, right?! Thanks for sharing, can’t wait for tomorrow!

  4. 4

    Hi girls! These tags are so cute. I tried to leave a comment on your about page but it wouldn’t let me. :P Thanks for linking up to my special About Me Pity Party last week. You know I love you Kelli! And someday I hope to meet you Kristi! Loved reading a little more about both of you. xoxo

  5. 5

    These are so adorable! I love the final packaging! Thanks for the printable girls!!

  6. 6

    Hi Kristi, these are just adorable, great work! Thank you for sharing at Keeping it Simple :)


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