Weekly Menu Board | Tutorial

I have been wanting to get a bit more organized in the kitchen with my weekly menu planning and receiving a box full of fab tools from EKSuccess helped me get my rear into gear!

Opening each of the EKSuccess Tools decked out in pretty packaging was almost as much fun as playing with them!

I liked how each tool shows completed projects of what it’s used for right ON the packaging AND I really, really liked how I could scan the QR code from my smart phone to watch a video with creative uses; this made is super easy for me to become familiar with the tool before using it.  Completely brill!

Bonus: These tools can be found at Walmart.  Holla!  Walmart is my closest “craft store” so I am happy about that ;)

To make your own weekly menu board, I used a canvas, clothespins, scrapbook paper and a handful of the  EKSuccess Tools, including the  3×15 Ruler, Retractable Knife, 1″ Circle Punch, Adhesive DotsDotto Adhesive Glue, Glitter and Scissors.

I painted the canvas in a flat acrylic paint, so I could use it as a chalkboard if needed,  then shaped the rectangle canvas into an oval so it would fit inside my oval frame using the knife & scissors:

From there I covered standard clothespins using the scalpel, ruler & adhesive glue with cute scrapbook paper:

I printed out the days of the week, using the first letter of each day only, punched them out:

I sprinkled glitter on the letters to add a little sparkle and bling!  I then added an adhesive dot on the back of each letter and put them on each clothespin:

I printed off my menu items, simple meals my little family eats as I am no chef, and cut them out using the ruler & scissors:

The detailed stuff is now done!  I simply strung a piece of bakers twine across the top of the canvas to hang the clothespins from and pinned my menu items from the clothespins:

Viola!  I now have a weekly menu board to keep me just a little more organized in the kitchen.  Since the canvas is also a chalkboard I can write my grocery items on it, too.

Here’s a peek at the simple pocket I created to store the menu items we won’t be using this week:

I had such fun using the EKSuccess Tools to create this project.  For more project ideas visit the Spotted Canary or stop by the EKSuccess Tools facebookSo how do YOU stay organized with your weekly menus?  We would love to know!

This post is a paid campaign with EKSuccess Tools and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are our own but we really do love EKSuccess Tools.

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  1. 1

    Love this Kristi! This is by far way cuter than my printed off calendar. Great job!

    • 2


      Not even! LOL!

  2. 3

    with something this cute, i might actually get excited to meal plan for the week. :)

    • 4


      Ha ha! Thanks Jamie- I hear ya sister! ;) XO

  3. 5


    That frame is so cute. Have seen ideas with them before, but no idea where to get one. Where did you find yours?

    • 6


      Ikea $30!-only comes in black as a mirror but we popped it out and spray painted it to match! :)

    • 7


      I got one at ikea!!

  4. 8


    First of all that is such a clever and cute way to display the menu. But my question is where did you find that frame!?!? I love it!

    • 9


      So glad I used this frame now from the response, lol! Gotta love Ikea!

  5. 10

    This is maybe the cutest menu board I’ve ever seen. Truly!! I want one NOW! :)


    • 11


      Thanks, Em!!

  6. 12

    such a cute idea, I love that you’ll have your past meals there to remind you when you’re planning future weeks. All your goodies look so so fun!

  7. 13


    Kristi!!! this is amazing. I just bought this frame a little bit ago and scratching my head as to what to do. I am dying to know what colour you spray painted your frame!?! I am looking for that exact colour! Your fabulous. I love your blog!!

  8. 14


    I love everything about this!!!! Especially the little flag tags. Yep, probably going to copy you :)

  9. 15

    super fancey–love it! Is that the IKEA frame? I just bought that today…

    • 16


      Yes it is! $30 but worth it! ;)

  10. 17

    Now aren’t you clever! Love it!!!

  11. 18

    Totally cute idea! I need to do something where I can remember all the meals I can make. Deciding what to make and then making sure I have the ingredients is a pain. Your system would help me!

  12. 19

    Totally cute idea! I need to do something where I can remember all the meals I can make. Deciding what to make and then making sure I have the ingredients is a pain. Your system would help me!

  13. 20

    I’m so glad that I found you on Make the Scene Monday! What a clever idea. It looks great. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome work:)


  14. 21

    oh.my.GOODNESS….I love it – what happy components you’ve put together into such a useful end product. well done!!

  15. 22

    Such beautiful job! I love it! I came here from Frugal Friday.

  16. 23

    such a cute idea! :)

  17. 24


    This is beautiful!! Can I ask what color and brand of spray paint you used?

    • 25


      Thank you! Krylon blue ocean breeze (spray paint) or Craft Smart ocean breeze (acrylic paint)

  18. 26

    Super cute girl! Love it!


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