Crafty Bands review

I’m always looking for crafts for my daughter to work on.  She’s definitely a mini-me in the DIY way of life, she loves to create unique felt dolls out of scraps and I often find the hot glue gun left on from her excessive crafting!  When I was offered a chance to review Epiphany Crafts’ new Crafty Bands, I immediately said yes!  I knew my 9 year old daughter would love it! On a typical Saturday afternoon, Crafty Bands kept both my daughters and their friend busy all afternoon.  It was easy enough that I didn’t have to do it for them…I got to sit back, take pics and watch their creative brains at play!  My Crafty Bands review?  Three thumbs up! (;


Crafty Bands lets littles tap their imagination to create custom charm jewelry. Using the Shape Studio Tool, kiddos can mix and match colorful bracelets and accessorize with personalized charms created from photos, magazines and more.  We went online and printed the girls’ fav characters, monograms for their names, sports decor and peace signs.  I laugh that all the 4th grade girls are all into peace signs…do they even know what the means?? LOL! Hopefully so! The bands come in three colors: Bubble Gum Pink, Grape Purple and Ice Blue…trendy colors, just in time for Valentine’s day.  These would be fun for the little Valentine in your life, or even as an Easter basket stuffer!

Here’s how easy it is to create a Crafty Band:


  • Simply find a cool design or picture in a magazine or on the Internet


  • Slide the design into the innovative Shape Studio Tool
  • Place the Bubble Cap over the design
  • Close the lid and press
  • Remove the Bubble Cap and glue it into the Crafty Snap Setting
  • Close the Crafty Snap Setting through the band


And if you have a silly billy pre-tween, have fun with your cut outs and laugh like you’re the funniest person in the world (;


Here’s what Brian Fogg, co-found of Epiphany Crafts says: “Crafty Bands are affordable products that inspire creativity, encourage crafting, and promote social interaction for children―not to mention that charm bracelets are such a popular item with kids to wear and to trade. Crafty Bands are unique because they allow children to express their individuality by designing charms that best fit their personalities and interests. Crafty Bands are easy and safe to create, providing the catalyst for hours of open-ended activity either individually or with family, friends and school mates.”

So what’re you waiting for??  Snag your own Starter Kit priced at $29.95!.  It includes the Shape Studio Tool, four Crafty Bands, 20 Crafty Snaps, 20 Bubble Caps and adhesive. And the refill kits are only $6.99 which include four Crafty Bands and 20 Crafty Snaps.  Order online or by visiting or For more information, visit and their Facebook page.

Although the product was free, we were not compensated for this post.

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