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We did some more Grandwill shooooopping! (If you don’t click over, a recap is we helped clean out our grandparent’s house in DC and inherited many of their old goods, get it? GRANDwill instead of Goodwill!?) What do you think below belonged to my grandparents?  If you say CORKS, you’re right! If you also said the gold mirrored tray, you’re also right!  Just like my herringbone bookcases, I love being able to incorporate my heritage into my home.  Old and new, a little bit of memories among my personal decor…love it.

Easy vase filler, corks! #diy #vasefiller

I snagged this tinted blue glass vase at Marshall’s for $9.99, score!  I’m revealing my master bedroom later this month (if you’re on Insta, you’ll have seen my many #masterbedroommakeover hash tags!) and wanted to incorporate some greenery.  Only I stink at putting together greenery sooo…I went to Rod Works to grab these pretty fake flowers and asked one of the employees her thoughts.  She suggested I fill it with glass marbles or glass beads.  That got me thinking about what I had on hand to fill it with and I remembered I’d been saving old corks from the grandparent cleanout. |Check out the cupboard door tray tutorial too!

Easy vase filler, corks! #diy #vasefiller

So I dumped them all in and loved the result.  I can just imagine my cute grandparents cracking open a bottle for their nightly glass, holding hands and watching the evening news.  And it makes me miss my childhood when we’d go visit them in DC and they’d take us fishing at their cottage in Maryland.  And it makes me miss my Nana who passed away a year and a half ago.  I think of my independent Grandpa who worked for the Pentagon in a super secret job, who now lives next door to me with my mom, dependent on his daughter and grandkids, missing his sweet wife.

Easy vase filler, corks! #diy #vasefiller

But it brings back good memories and those are the ones I’ll think of when I look at this pretty vase in my bedroom.  Oh, just use pliers to snip off the extra length depending on your vase size.

Easy vase filler, corks! #diy #vasefiller

And there you go, easy cork vase filler, memories not included (;

Easy vase filler, corks! #diy #vasefiller

Check out all our quick tutorials and home decor ideas too!  So excited to share the rest of my bedroom with you all, soon!


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  • Jenny @ Simcoe Street - I love the corks! So much texture

    Have a great weekend!

    • lollyjane - Hi Jenny! Thanks so much, they’re fun since they tone it down and tie in the furniture and my linen bench across from it!ReplyCancel

  • Jordan Biasetti - Hey Kelli!

    I really love that vase! Did it come with the jute wrap or did your super crafty mind think of that? I’m definitely going to create a few of my own!ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - Hey cute Jordan! It came that way…big score huh?? I love me some inexpensive decor!ReplyCancel

  • Tara - Awww, very cute! I especially love the comment about your grandfather. It made me smile because my Pepe’ (french for Grandpa) worked in a “super-secret government job” too as an engineer with Lockheed Martin and we only now get to hear about some of the things he worked on. He’s been gone for almost 5 years now and I miss his quiet, calm demeaner. I love that you were able to use your grandparents’ corks in your project!ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - That is so sweet, he sounds like my grandpa. I’m glad to have him so close after all these years apart. Thanks for the meaningful comment XOReplyCancel

  • Crystal - Too cute!! I love the cork idea. I’ve been saving them, but haven’t figured out what to use them for. Love this idea!! Thanks!!ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - Thanks, Crystal! I wouldn’t have known what to use them for either if I hadn’t chatted with that clever employee…I always welcome tips!ReplyCancel

  • Michele @ The Scrap Shoppe - Looks fabulous, Kelli! I love that you Grandwill shopped! :)ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - Well I am a cheapskate and love sentimental decor so it works (;ReplyCancel

  • Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above - This came out so cute.
    Debi and CharlyReplyCancel

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