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I love junk! And my neighbor’s know it.  One of those cool neighbors had a big donation pile sitting in front of her house and offered me first dibs.  That’s where I found this beautiful wood coffee table top.  Just the top.  I didn’t hesitate, that sucker was heavy so I had my hubby come put it in my van within minutes. Score!  Would you have seen the potential?? 

I love it!  To make it functional, it simply needed coffee table legs.  I had a $50 Visa gift card burning a hole in my pocket and these fun legs were $40 from Lowe’s, whoot!  The process was a little trickier than I thought at first but only because the longer table legs don’t come with a built in screw that the shorter table legs have.  I got 4 top plates for .50/each which I was excited about, they’re normally $2.99/each.  The dowels are 2/$1.18 so you’re looking at less than $5 for hardware.

I made the mistake of buying 2 sided dowel screws the first time and had to make a second trip to Lowe’s.  If you buy a top plate, the standard size is 3/4″ so make sure your dowel screws are the same size.  The first time I had bought 1/2″ dowel screws so it wouldn’t have worked had I bought the one-sided screws in the first place.  Oops!  If you do it the right way, you simply pre-drill into the table leg, screw in the dowel screw (a drill works brilliantly for this, it’ll make it nice and tight and save your fingers from getting tired) and you’re ready to screw in into the top plate.

I painted my table legs white, the beat them up with a screwdriver.  I poked small holes in them and gouged them randomly so they would look more aged.  Then I stained them with Dark Walnut Minwax to age them slightly.

After screwing them into coffee table top, you have a functioning coffee table!

I love the hardware, isn’t it fun? And for less than $50, I have the perfect centerpiece for my living room.  And great storage to boot!

Don’t be afraid to tackle other people’s junk!

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  1. 1

    Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}

    That’s some sweet trash!!!! It turned out super cute. LOVE IT!

    • 2


      Right, Jennie?! Love my neighbor’s taste. Hahah! Muah!

  2. 3

    It looks great! I love your blue.

    • 4


      Thank you so much Christy! Love the color, too! Thanks for popping in! XO

  3. 5

    I love it! It looks great. Way to see the potential. Do your neighbors want it back now? :)

    • 6


      Haha, Liz! I asked her and she said she does love it but doesn’t have room for it (like I’d give it back anyway, lol!!)

  4. 7

    That turned out great! I love it!!

    • 8


      Thanks, Cindy! (:

  5. 9

    LOVE! Seriously cute!

  6. 10

    This is fabulous! The before is so ugly but the after is so amazing…. You are so lucky that your hubby was willing to lend a heliping hand….

    All in all: a terrific table…!

  7. 11


    very cool! don’t you just love shopping in your neighbor’s trash?! :)

    • 12


      Ha ha… YES!!! lol (:

  8. 13


    Love the fact that it’s a DIY project with storage . . . I’m liking the color too!

    • 14


      Love that too- especially how I don’t have to move the tray to lift… easy peasy for the littles! Thanks for popping in! (:

  9. 15

    That looks amazing! I love what you did with it … what a score.

    • 16


      Thanks Randi!! (:

  10. 17


    I wish you were Kristi and got bored of your stuff a lot faster and passed this on to meeeeee!! Lol


  11. 18


    Post like this make me a hoarder! This came out great and storage as well awesome!

  12. 19

    Love it! It’s so perfectly one-of-a-kind too. Cute blog!!! xo, Kelly

  13. 20

    oh my gosh… just now seeing your twins! i’m an identical twin. twins ROCK!! how super fun. hugs to you ladies.

    • 21


      Yah! Twin power!! ;)

  14. 22

    Very cool- love the colors too!

    • 23


      Thanks, Gina. The color is the same as the wall, but they look slightly different which is fun!

  15. 24

    Wow! I’m so impressed! This is super cute and I love that it opens up for storage. Great work!

    • 25


      Thanks, Sara!! (: The storage is a HUGE bonus!!!

  16. 26

    What a great transformation! It looks gorgeous! The aqua paint is perfect – and it’s got storage too?

  17. 27

    That is a great find! I love what you did with it. That color is too cute!

  18. 28

    My kind of find! Love it so much. What a great shape and how beautiful you have made it!!

  19. 29

    no way! we have the same exact table. it originally came with metal legs and a metal shelf under the table top. this is what i did with ours.

  20. 30

    What a fun project. You did a great job and chose a wonderful color. Enjoy!

  21. 31

    Wow! That is absolutely amazing!! Love the color and great storage. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  22. 32

    Great post! The table looks great, and your explanation of the hardware was quite helful; I’ve always wanted to try something like this.

  23. 33

    Super cute! I love the color and your creativity!

  24. 34

    Kathryn Freeman-Jones

    Is this table for sale? I love it and I can’t tell you how perfect it would be in my living room at our river cottage. I don’t have your eye or talent, unfortunately.



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