Ah-mason birthday gift idea

Cute! "Ah-mason" birthday tags to tie onto mason jar for easy birthday gift. Fill with treats or goodies!

We’re excited to share today 101+ Birthday Gift Ideas for your Friends, including our “ah-mason” birthday gift idea + printables. We are joining forces with our pal Kristen Duke in her Birthday Celebration Week along with over 100 talented bloggers sharing lots and lots of inexpensive ideas and/or MORE free printables! Psst! All week long, Kristen is sharing […]

Turn printables into home decor

Make any printable into home decor! Easy and awesome tutorial via @lollyjaneblog

We love printables… like, LOVE them! We have a whole gad of them for you (all free!) to choose from, actually ;) We’re often asked WHAT you we do with a printable after it’s created. The most obvious use is to frame it or hang/clip it for display. Well today we’ll be showing you how to turn […]

Christmas sugar scrub + free printable tag

Yummy Christmas sugar scrub in a mason jar (peppermint + lemon scented.) #christmas

If you visit us often, you know we lovely love love a good mason jar project… distressed glass painted jars, jar ribbon storage in Kelli’s herringbone craft room, jar bathroom storage, kids dino-topped jar storage, distressed painted jars, painted jars, burlap wrapped jar vases… okay this is getting slightly embarrassing now! But um, we also […]

DIY 4th of July bunting

DIY 4th of July bunting using burlap & fabric. Easy and cute! #4thofJuly #bunting

Okay I can gush like crazy about how stinkin cute this DIY 4th of July bunting is because it wasn’t our idea!  Our lovely sister Sandee is the brains behind this cuteness and we adore it!  Aaaaaaaaaand, she even had leftover fabric and insisted we make our own so it was free free free, our fav […]

Foam firecracker slingshot

foam firecracker slingshot tutorial #4thofJuly

My sons fun grandma is visiting from out of state and brought them the cutest toys to shoot around that I’ve never seen before, a foam slingshot. My 3 year old especially loves it and when his cousins saw it, requested we make them some, too! We styled ours in a 4th of July theme […]

distressed glass painted mason jar

Distressed mason jar using glass paint #masonjar #decorart

Any fun plans for the weekend? Well, I was able to sneak in a quick project and was excited to see how it turned out! I’ve never used frosted glass paint before so when my hubby pulled an old mason jar from a pile of junk on our property (check out our old house post) […]

Valentine’s Day felt heart holder | tutorial

Bursting with love heart holder | Lolly Jane

We thought it would be fun to share some oldie-but-goodie projects since a lot of you weren’t around this neck of the blogging woods a few years ago when they first published.  Let’s call this new little series “craft from the past”, shall we? :) Anyhoodle, along with our other 3 crafty sisters we have […]

Easy Christmas tree treat | Free gift tags

IMG_3072 copy

Okay you guys, I have a confession: Sometimes I prefer a Little Debbie snack cake vs. a hand baked treat.  It’s true!  I know Kelli will splurge with me when offered soooo I thought maybe there are some of you who also enjoy these yummy waxy treats tree’ts? ;) No?  How about a free gift tag […]

Huggies Snug ‘n Dry | Product review


I am a mom of 2 crazy busy little boys… ages 2 1/2 year old and a 6 months.  My toddler is a madman and most always at full speed PLAY.  My baby (if you can still call him that!) started pushing up at 3 months and by the end of 4 months was crawling!  Now […]

autumn wood sign | free printable


You know our love old upcycling.  And our love of cupboard doors.  Today’s fun post was inspired by one of our favorite blog, Ella Claire.  Her sign is perfectly distressed and just adorable.  We thought we’d take a cue from cute Kristin and create a pretty autumn wood sign…and a free printable too! All you […]

DIY wood chevron frame [tutorial]

LollyJane Chevron frame

In case you missed our last [big news] post, and to help keep them flowing fairly regularly, we’ve recruited our sissy’s to guest for us whenever they’re being crafty. Btw, did you know we are 1 and 2 of 5 [yes, FIVE] sisters?  And that we have 4 brothers?  Yes siree!  We are the 6th […]

DIY universal birthday banner

Doesn’t your face just light up with excitement when you hear the words “birthday party” together?  Ours does! (:     With 5 kids between us (and one on the way) we know a thing or two about celebrating birthdays… and thought it would be easier to create a universal birthday banner vs. making one […]

Faux Granite Eggs

After painting my bathroom counter top to look like real granite, I thought I would try the same technique on plastic eggs.  I google’d and pin’d the heck out of “Faux Granite Eggs” and have yet to see one tutorial on them so success: a never-been-done project which is so stinkin’ rare these days, lol! […]

stick horse tutorial

stick horse tutorial

Hey everyone!  We are the 6 sisters over at {Junk in their Trunk} Yes, we have always been known for our junk so now we are acting on that and getting creative with our everyday junk in our trunks!  We are everyday women and moms who go through everyday experiences…some good, some bad, some fun, some embarrassing.  We […]

flower specimen art and flower garland

flower specimen art and flower garland lollyjane.com

This post is brought to you today courtesy of  LifeStyle Crafts  home of the popular Epic Six Letterpress.  We were lucky enough to review their new Possibilities line, which has the highest value with products containing up to 22 dies & sizes ranging from .2″ to 5.75″.  We created flower specimen art and flower garland to match! […]

Page pears

DIY Page pears by Lolly Jane

I saw some absolutely adorable book page pears on That’s So Cuegly and immediately after yanked my own pears I had {from Michael’s} displayed in an apothecary jar, whipped out my decoupage, snagged a few magazines I had lying around and got to work.  Easiest craft project and definitely beginner level which is my favorite kind of […]

Canister Knock-Off

Darling pieces.  Disturbing prices. Target is seriously selling these cute canisters for $14.99 + $16.99 + $19.99 = $51.97 not including tax.  Gag!   I paid $4 at Goodwill for my set 2 years ago.  These fun vinyl #’s gave them new life. I ♥ them for easy-access kitchen accessories when cooking.  I especially ♥ […]

2-for-1 holiday {trio}

Now that Halloween is {almost} over, we’re excited to decorate for Thanksgiving!…and since I’m a HUGE 2-for-1 fan…Christmas too! {Thanksgiving trio}  Argggh, I took a bazillion pics to show you all how I made these fun&festive blocks and they didn’t transfer over!! So I’ll have to tell you how to make them.  Good news though, […]

Broomstick re-do


I am a sucker for HaLLoWeeN, and all related spooky holiday decor…. well, minus the price tag! So there I was, browsing the dollar store and spotted this awesome broom. A little LiGhTbULb went off as I skipped to the Halloween section and found this glittery witch sign. A perfect pair ;) Matching holiday colored acrylic paint  +  broomstick […]

Sew a banner


The LOLLYPALOOZA frenzy continues on… let’s see how to Sew A Banner, shall we? So I just gotta mention… this is the ChEaPeSt project ever!  I found the felt for $.29/piece at Michael’s and the ribbon & thread were already in my sewing stockpile so this project cost me less than $3 buckaroo’s BUT makes a big splash in the nursery.  Suh-weet!  […]