Furniture makeover… in just 3 easy steps!

Us Arizonan’s have been SO spoiled with our gorgeous 70-80 degree temps, aka: prime painting weather, and I was too happy to get started revamping a couch table I snagged on Craigslist for $70… AND completed in just 3 easy steps! Here’s a peek at the drab before (this now-sofa table had me at those […]

5 tips for decorating with rugs

5 Tips to Decorate with Rugs

For the first time in 3 years (4 moves later!) we have wood floors again. I loooove wood floors, especially with having two boys! The only drawback to them is they aren’t comfortable to lay on for our family weekend movie marathons. When we were asked to review a rug from Natural Area Rugs, I jumped […]

DIY pallet art with frame

Pretty DIY pallet art with frame

My husband is a carpenter. He has built some pretty pieces of furniture for our house, (um, we won’t mention the details on his very first coffee table that was soon after donated to Goodwill. LOL!) He has come a long way in our 10 years of marriage and is currently building our dream house, […]

Wicker comeback: Love it or Hate it?

Easy DIY how to paint wicker furniture.

Have you fallen for the wicker trend??  We’ve seen on Pinterest that wicker is making a comeback (aka Mandi is making it come back) but we aren’t sure yet if we love it or hate it.  We scored this $20 bench at a yard sale and immediately hated the top.  Because I live in a […]

DIY upcycled coat rack

DIY vintage upcycled coat rack with wire hooks via

As you know, we tore down our 100 year old house… wah! It was an adorable little home, well loved and very lived in.  I cried many tears over my decision but have accepted the reality and am now excited to custom build my dream home with our 2 boys in mind, making it super kid and […]

Renovate or new build? Oh, the dilemma!

This old house |

You guys! If you are my twin sister named Kelli, I feel REALLY sorry for you because this means you’ve listened to the ups and downs (and downs and ups) of what I’ve named The Big Dilemma: whether to renovate our 100 year old house or to replace it and build new. Sounds like an […]

Furniture makeover: kitchen barstools


So if you caught Kelli and I on our big (cheesy) news debut recently, you will have read that we’re “cheapskates!”  Kelli MEANT to say frugal but when you’re on live TV, you (and by you, I mean WE) tend to kind of fuddle with your words so yep, we labeled ourselves as cheapskates. Which […]

Furniture makeover: children’s table & chair set

Lolly Jane table and chair set DIY (1)

I love love love me a good garage sale!  Our older sis Sandee is the Q U E E N of garage sales… she is the type to not only find a designer piece of furniture/clothing/home decor/etc. at an already low price, but will talk the owner down to pennies and walk away with something the rest […]

Picture gallery wall Picture Gallery Wall

I just love love love our readers!  THANK YOU so much for your sweet input on my SOS post yesterday asking for tips on what to fill my delivery hospital bag with.  I loved reading your replies and am just about packed up.  Muah!  So excited to share my latest picture gallery wall with you […]

Stenciled curtains

DIY Stenciled curtains with handmade clay finials and curtain rod by Lolly Jane

Aaaah, can I stress how much I dislike renting?  Sure, it’s nice not to worry about the landscape {we are so not that type of blog!} and do take advantage of the landlord fixing this & that vs. the hubbs having to do it but oh, I am kind of embarrassed about the post earlier […]

DIY Curtain Rod with Clay Finials

DIY Clay Finials Curtain Rod by Lolly Jane

Happy Monday! We are excited to share our DIY curtain rod & clay finials with you today: This was not a quick project but it turned out pretty well!Let’s start from the beginning, though, shall we? :) After removing shabby blinds from every.single.window in the home we recently moved into and now having zilch for window […]

Thermal football curtains DIY

Football curtains football drapes by Lolly Jane

Thank you SO much for your sweet comments, advice and very appreciated input on the dilemma with my upcoming labor & delivery.  We are so grateful to have such absolutely amazing readers and just ♥ you gals! _____________________________________ So you remember my little guy’s football themed nursery?  He will soon be transitioning to a toddler bed {whaa! time […]

Distressed crib using candle wax


Best Christmas present to date? A handmade crib from my sweet father-in-law :) Inspired from The Land of Nod’s chocolate Meadowbrook crib, he modified the design a smidge and added his personal touch, European style. {He was born & raised in Holland and the crib has a Dutch feel to it… which is appropriate since […]

Christmas Mantel

CHRISTmas mantel by Lolly Jane

We want to share Kristi’s CHRISTmas Mantel with you all since we love this season.  When we think of creating Christmas, we can’t help but think of the reason for the season… this year, for Kristi, it’s all about CHRISTmas:I love love love Christmas- the familiar music, yummy desserts, gift giving, green & red decor, […]