Awesome pinners to follow on Pinterest!

Awesome Pinners to follow!!

Pinterest is taking over the world, lol!!  Right?? Sometimes it’s confusing who to follow??  We promise these are some of the most AWESOME  pinners to follow on Pinterest!  These gals are always pinning the newest, freshest content: quick recipe ideas, fast dinners, the latest holiday craft, teacher gift ideas, etc.  The best of the best in […]

What’s inside makes you beautiful | free print

Your personality makes you BEAUTIFUL!

I am Brave and Beautiful – a beauty movement that is sweeping the globe. Colbie Caillat started it with her recent song and video called TRY. My blogging friend Megan of Brassy Apple wanted to push this movement along and invited women from all over to share what they looked like without make up and […]

Masculine home office ideas

Masculine home office space

Have you seen that episode of FRIENDS where organized/clean freak Monica tries to hide the locked hall closet from Chandler and when he finally pries it open there is a hot mess of clutter and slight hoarding revealed? Well friends (see what I did there? Haha!) just like our favorite Gellar sibling, it turns out that Kelli, […]

15 fun summer ideas

15 fun summer ideas via @lollyjaneblog

We’ve made our summer bucket list and are checking things off left and right!  So far we’ve seen Maleficent, hit up 3 different swimming parks and enjoyed  a weekend staycation with friends across town.  Our link party with YOUR ideas is in full swing and we’ve rounded up even more great ideas to check off our […]

14 Spring Crafts + Recipes

14 spring crafts and recipes, so cute and yummy! @lollyjaneblog

We love browsing our Sunday Soiree link party, so many inspiring decor ideas, yummy treats and adorable crafts to soak in!!  This week was no different, we’ve rounded up 14 spring crafts and recipes that you shared with us.  Love them all!  Be sure to come back on Sunday for our group link party to […]

WM Phoenix Open & Fry’s Food Store Giveaway

Put some class in that cute golf outfit!  Get darling ideas for classy womens golf attire |

Fooooooooooooooooooooore!   I got to take an afternoon off of being a Mommy and was able to enjoy a nice, relaxing day with my hubby at the Phoenix Open (thanks for babysitting, twinner ;).  It was in Scottsdale where hubby works so it was especially fun to be in his city where he chatted with lots […]

Cute Downton Abbey ideas

Cute Downton Abbey ideas via

We talked about the Black Friday World Market sale and if you’ve been following us on facebook, twitter, or instagram, you’ll also have seen us posting about the upcoming Tea Party with Cost Plus World Market.  Today we’re sharing all the details about the event with you plus some cute Downton Abbey ideas!!  It is a Downton Abbey Tea Party – to […]

25 more cute Family Christmas picture ideas

25 CUTE Family Christmas Picture Ideas! |via

Tis the season for holiday cards! Do you enjoy sending them or receiving them? We are big fans of both! This year we both ordered our cards from Minted and lemme tell ya, the selection is seriously amazing with over 500 gorgeous holiday card options. Minted has truly original cards from a community of thousands […]

F is for Fall Mantels

17 Fall Mantel ideas! #fall #decor

It’s finally fall….we’ve been doing so many Christmas guest posts that my kids are so confused as to what holiday is next!!  I’m still putting my fall mantel and was looking for inspiration and came across some pretty fall mantels that I had to share.  I love rustic mantels, white mantels, shabby mantels, vintage mantels, […]

33 decorative painted pumpkin ideas!

33 amazing painted pumpkin ideas, no carving required!

I love fall!  Oh wait, I wish I had a good fall! I wish the trees turned colors and my kids could run through the piles of leaves and I could snap pictures of them as they got stuck in their hair.  But it’s still over a hundred degrees here and as I decorate for […]

25 Number Home Decor Ideas

25 cute number home decor ideas to bring personalization into your home!

I love numbers. Not as much as my oldest sister Sandee who will look at your address or license plate and figure out how the stars aligned just right then exclaim: “Your birthday date plus your mother in law’s dog’s birth date minus my driver’s license anniversary date divided by your anniversary date then add […]

Crush of the weekend: flower power!

Easy ways to bring floral home decor into your home!

The twin and I are at odds. I love floral, she doesn’t.  I’ve always had a love for “shabby chic”and junk decor…think, Rachel Ashwell.  My first bedroom set as newlyweds was a blue and white floral beauty splurge from Target and I loved that set till’ it frayed.  So I’ve rounded up 19 floral home […]

Crush of the weekend: painted stripes

19 of the cutest painted stripes projects out there!

Happy weekend, y’all! We are starting a new series for those of you who DIY on the weekend like we do and thought you may want some inspiration! This week we’re sharing our favorite 19 painted stripes projects and lemme tell ya, there are some stinkin’ cute and creative people out there! From furniture to […]

Anthropologie-inspired Atom art bowls

DIY Anthro-inspired atom bowls using DecoArt enamels

I’m not sure if we’ve officially announced that we are part of the DecoArt blogging team but the new DecoArt blog is the cutest and we’re simply thrilled to be a part of it (: This month the team is sharing projects using DecoArt’s awesome line of fun glass products… from glass stain to glass […]

arr-WOAH home decor | 19+ ideas

Super cute arrow home decor tutorials! #DIY

I’m always late to the trend.  It took me a year to fall in love with chevron, months later to appreciate staining furniture and several promises from my dad that Diet Coke with a splash of Dr Pepper would change my life.  He was right, I grab a fresh fountain 44oz. daily per his recommendation. […]

15+ mint home decor ideas

17 DIY mint home decor ideas via

We love home decor.  When people ask what kind of bloggers we are, we say “DIY/Craft/Home Improvement” which is sort of confusing, I guess, lol!  DIY stands for Do-It-Yourself, for those who aren’t sure.  We love sprucing up our space, everything from painting walls to refinishing furniture to making crafts for seasonal decor.  We’re kind […]

20+ cherry dessert recipes

21 VERY yummy cherry recipes! Your mouth will thank you!

It’s cherry season!! That used to pack more of a punch when hubby & I lived in Utah and had bags of freshly picked cherries from miles of acreage at our disposal.  Now we buy them from the grocery store and reminisce about how tasty Utah’s cherries are.  It doesn’t matter if they’re fresh from […]

Life is good sign |tutorial

Easy life is good sign! #diy #handpaintedsign

Do you have ADD?! I swear I do sometimes, lol!! I’m super spontaneous and it drives my husby batty!  I decided I didn’t like the arrangement of my furniture in my family room.  Wait, back it up, we built out kids a fort (if you follow us on Instagram, you’ll have seen this already) and […]

master bedroom inspiration

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board #colorinspiration #masterbedroom

I am so excited to makeover my master bedroom. Did you know it’s too common that homeowners decorate their master bedroom last when moving into a new home? This rings true for me, unfortunately. I have completed my girls’ bedrooms (tween girl room, toddler girl room), the guest bath, dining room, family room and recently, […]

Creative Home | contributor announcement (:

Lolly Jane meets Creative Home

Happy Thursday, friends! Thursday is my most faaaavorite day of the week… it’s like Christmas Eve, okay so that’s an exaggeration BUT, it’s the day before the weekend starts! Whoo hoo! Time to chill out, relax and catch up on blogging, pinterest-ing and browsing your fav sites. We wanted to share one of our newest […]