Man cave makeover

Industrial man cave home office. Love the modern ceiling fan and that desk! Awesome space!

If you give a blogger a ceiling fan… she will hang it, right? Hmm, kind of. Said blogger will decide that the space-that-must-not-be-named (aka: that one room every family has in their house that the door stays shut at all times…remember ours?) will need a makeover to match said ceiling fan because it’s all modern and chrome-y looking […]

tips on how to paint concrete flooring

Yellow/White striped concrete floors, so pretty! | Come check out some great tips on

So y’all remember when we were invited to share our craft room in a magazine? Of course that crazy herringbone bookcase caught their attention.  Well Kristi got a little ambitious and told them we’d have new flooring before their photographer came by to snap some pics.  Uhm, hello… what??  We knew wood floors were out of our […]

15+ DIY outdoor garden ideas

DIY outdoor garden ideas, so cute and clever!!

What’s one of the most common arguments spouses have?  I’ll tell you one thing I’m constantly on top of my hubby about is our lawn.  We live on 1 1/2 acres.  Of grass.  A lot of grass.  Which is a ton to keep up with.  I get it…I was raised in the house next door […]

DIY decorative vent cover

DIY Decorative Vent Cover tutorial, make these pretty covers to customize your space on the cheap!

Is your air vent in a prime decorating spot? The one in our craft room is and we were having a hard time decorating around it without it being an eye sore. Our solution? Upcycle an old cabinet drawer front into a rustic decorative vent cover! It was a fast project that doesn’t require any […]

master bedroom inspiration

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board #colorinspiration #masterbedroom

I am so excited to makeover my master bedroom. Did you know it’s too common that homeowners decorate their master bedroom last when moving into a new home? This rings true for me, unfortunately. I have completed my girls’ bedrooms (tween girl room, toddler girl room), the guest bath, dining room, family room and recently, […]

Herringbone bookcase | Craft room makeover


So I’ve lived in my house for about 2 years now.  And I’m just getting around to my craft room.  Blog fail, much??  It’s been serving it’s purpose to me daily by housing my craft supplies so no harm done, but now it’ll serve that same purpose and will be appealing to the eyes.  Finally. […]

Chalkboard Frame Wall Decor

Chalkboard Frame Wall Decor Ombre Accent Wall lollyjane (2)

As promised from my ombre accent wall post, here is how I decorated that baby!  I didn’t want to put anything too busy on it because I didn’t want to take away from the ombre effect.  What do you think? Here is the full view if you walk into my house from the living room.  You […]

DIY Affordable Custom Bathroom Molding


I’m currently working on my guest bathroom but thought I would share this fun trick with you all.  This is a quick DIY for Affordable Custom Bathroom Molding. I really wanted to show you the full before of this bathroom but can’t find the year old pic, darnnit!!  Here are some when I re-did the […]

Living Room Makeover

Lolly Jane Living Room Makeover for under $100 #FreshAccents

I ♥ our family room.  Besides our dining room, this is the only gathering room in the house. It’s our living room/family room/game room/scripture room/story room/teaching room, etc.  It’s a very important room in our family, which is why it’s important that it’s warm and inviting. I took on the challenge to re-do this space for less […]

Dining Room Table Re-do

two tone stain dining room table walnut stain blue glazed paint

I was going through old pictures and found the “before’s” of that crazy stencil dining room.  So I thought I’d share those, along with my dining room table re-do.  It went from a table seating 4 total to a table, chairs + bench that will sit 6-8 people (depending on how many little people I […]

diy large beadboard molding mirror


After my stencil wall was completed, I knew I needed to beef up my mirror.  Solution for a bigger mirror?…a larger frame behind the original.  Best part: FREE!   You might be surprised what supplies I used to create this DIY Large Beadboard Molding Mirror: Let’s back it up real quick…my generous twinner, Kristi, gave […]

Dining Room Reveal by Cutting Edge Stencils


Another big week here on Lolly Jane, starting with a major before/after.  Last time I shared my house with you, the room of choice was my daughter’s inexpensive bedroom makeover.  This week I’m sharing my dining room reveal… My completed dining room!   SO glad to have this room checked off my list.  I think I’ll […]

Toddler Bedroom Makeover Reveal

little girl bedroom makeover

I’m done with the bedroom, hurrah!  Here is my Toddler Bedroom Makeover Reveal!  I’m happy to say I met my Friday deadline…I started Tuesday at noon and finished Thursday at 4pm.  Best part?  Total cost was less than $30!  Love that. My favorite accessory in this very small space is the printable I created for […]

board + batten tut

board-and-batten 2

Thought I’d show ya my board and batten entryway since the holidays are sneaking up on us & we’d like to start displaying goodies on that entryway shelf.  [Whew!..major run-on sentence!] Hope you benefit from our board + batten tut! ____________________ Board + Batten: It surprises me some people still aren’t familiar with board & batten […]

White Board Command Station

white board command station DIY

The hubs and I are always trying to coordinate our schedules with our 4 kids’ events.  After missing appointments or not knowing where the other spouse was, we decided to get more organized.  Hubs really wanted a white board, “like a huge one, babe, at least 4 feet wide and like, 6 feet tall!” and […]

Cubby system revamp

DIY Ikea hack into bookcase!

In sheer desperation to organize my overflowing playroom, I called Kristi over via text message “SOS!” and she came over to help… but got distracted with the kids dressup box! Luckily she rocks as she help me with this awesome DIY Ikea hack into bookcase!  Oh, Aunt Kristi!     After a trip to Circle […]

Kristi’s space {family room}

Simple living room with board and batten wall treatment!

My husband & I recently moved from our 1000 sq. ft. house into a slightly bigger home of 1300 sq. ft. {That 3rd bedroom is a lifesaver!}  Since we’re renting, we’re not doing much but before we moved in, we did transform the space a bit.  Loving this Simple living room with board and batten wall […]

Turquoise Farmhouse Door

turquoise farmdoor lollyjane (3)

I just moved into a thirty year old house that’s chock full of character.  It’s worn and well loved inside and although some things are just gross (lol!) I do love it!  It’s actually the house Kristi and I was born in!  Our parents quickly outgrew it with the twin and I being kids #6 and […]