Mother’s Day DIY ideas

DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Since a lot of you are probably like us and are either “naptime-crafters”, “stay-up-all-night-crafters” or the worst kind…”procrastinator-crafters”, this post should suit you beautifully ;) Introducing some DIY Mother’s Day ideas from our past posts. Hopefully one of these describes that special lady in your life: the Sentimental mom: If she prefers crafty, this just may make her […]

Mother’s Day handprint board

mothers day handprint board

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, time to gather ideas.  I love this board I made for myself using my kid’s handprints.  They helped me so technically its from them, right??  I love this Mother’s Day handprint board, mostly because it’s handmade (: DIY: Step #1:  Paint board. Step #2: Using different paint colors, have your […]