26 Hand Print Gift Ideas

Adorable handmade hand print gifts for Mom, Dad, grandparent or teacher! @lollyjaneblog

What do you give someone who has everything?  Our parents have 34 (and growing) grand kids so they’ve been given every gift under the moon!  The ones that usually make the cut are gift cards and handmade gifts…specifially, hand print gift ideas.  You know why?  Because it’s easy to throw away a picture of stick […]

DIY mason jar succulent pots

DIY Mason Jar Succulents. Love how easy and cheap these are to make! via @lollyjaneblog

Can you believe we’ve never DIY’d with succulents before? We are brand new to the succulent craze but spied the cutest potted ones put together by Home Depot at the recent SNAP conference and we were motivated to pot our own so, we gave it a go! Without further adieu, here’s our painted mason jars succulent pots, …including free […]

Modern color block coasters

Modern color block coasters... fun and inexpensive!

As Mother’s Day is approaching, we’ve been thinking about handmade gift ideas.  Awhile back as a guest post, we shared these pretty, modern color block cork coasters.  If you follow our blog at all, you’ll know that modern decor is a bit out of the norm to us, as we typically lean toward distressed and farmhouse style. […]

25 Mothers Day ideas you can print or make

25 Mothers Day ideas you can print or make! (via lollyane.com)

Every year we scratch our head at what to give our mom! We’ve browsed the net to find 25 Mothers Day ideas you can print or make to help you decide on a gift for your own mom! ;) Printable Coupons | Skip To My Lou Spa in a Jar | Classy Clutter DIY Beauty […]

Mothers Day apron + cookbook giveaway!

These aprons are gorgeous! via TheGatheringOfFriends.com

Hey you guys… and I mean guys! If you saw our handmade Mothers Day keychains post earlier today and think, “Cute, but I can’t do a handmade gift this year!” then this is the giveaway for you! We’ve partnered with The Gathering of Friends to give away one gorgeous apron + one cookbook of your choice! […]

Simple Mother’s Day clay keychains

Make a simple Mother's Day clay keychain! Stamp the childrens initials. Easy and SO cute! via lollyjane.com

This post is sponsored by Sculpey Premo Clay. This project is for all you dads and kids out there, (mothers, avert your eyes… unless you’re making this for your own mom! lol) We thought it would be fun to share two styles of the same gift, one the child can help with and one the dad/husband can make. […]

Mother’s Day DIY ideas

DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Since a lot of you are probably like us and are either “naptime-crafters”, “stay-up-all-night-crafters” or the worst kind…”procrastinator-crafters”, this post should suit you beautifully ;) Introducing some DIY Mother’s Day ideas from our past posts. Hopefully one of these describes that special lady in your life: the Sentimental mom: If she prefers crafty, this just may make her […]

Mother’s Day handprint board

mothers day handprint board

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, time to gather ideas.  I love this board I made for myself using my kid’s handprints.  They helped me so technically its from them, right??  I love this Mother’s Day handprint board, mostly because it’s handmade (:   DIY: Step #1:  Paint board.   Step #2: Using different paint colors, […]