15+ easy ways to decorate for fall

15+ easy ways to decorate for fall, cute home decor and craft ideas!

Happy Halloween!  We are enjoying class parties with the kids, watching them run around their costumes all day and gearing up for trick-or-treating tonight.  What a fun holiday for the littles.  What’s next?  FALL!  Yay for pretty decor, we love pumpkins and since it’s so warm here, we keep them indoors so why not go […]

30+ DIY/craft pumpkin ideas

30+ DIY/craft pumpkin ideas | lollyjane.com

We love all things pumpkin!  We’ve got lots of craft ideas like this fun pumpkin toss game and desserts like these yummy pumpkin brownies.  But you know our heart lies in painting and crafting so we thought we’d round up 30+ DIY/craft pumpkin ideas in one spot.  Everything from painted pumpkins to building pumpkins, you’re […]

Marbled Pumpkin Cheesecake

Marbled Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe | Soooo good and full of flavor! Perfect fall or Thanksgiving dessert!

This Marbled Pumpkin Cheesecake is so smooth and creamy. The flavor is out of this world!  Baked cheesecake is a dessert that requires some planning. It needs to have plenty of time to bake  and cool down. I would recommend baking it the day before you plan to eat it. ! It might take a […]

wood spindle pumpkins

Wood Spindle Pumpkins, easy and fun craft! | lollyjane.com

It’s the 10th of the month and if you’ve been following along for awhile, you’ll know that every tenth we share a fun theme’d project/recipe with 9 other bloggers.  This month’s theme is PUMPKINS!!  We’ve got ten amazing pumpkin recipes and crafts for your viewing pleasure.  After you check out our cute wood spindle pumpkins, be […]

Easy Halloween porch decor

Easy Halloween porch decor | lollyjane.com

We’re enjoying our kid’s fall break vacation and crossing off bucket list items.  We’ve gone to open gym, the movies, the pumpkin patch and now putting out Halloween decor, the kids’ request.  We’ve partnered with Command Outdoor Products to fulfill the kiddos’ wish.  And since we were short on time due to many cousin playdates, […]

25+ free fall printables

25+ fall free printables | lollyjane.com

You know how much we love free printables.  And home decor.  Especially fall decor…because we are optimists and wish it would cool down here.  We dream of fresh pumpkins but settle for fakes because real ones mold so fast here :(  You’ll love any these free fall printables in your home.  Print + share on […]

fall antler art | free printable

FREE Antler print, perfect for fall! via LollyJane.com

Last year antler art was all. the. rage. From signs to faux heads to real heads to glittered, painted and decorated antlers, they were HOT! And, we are so happy that antler art is surely becoming a trend to stay. We created a simple antler printable, fall style. We lovely love love printables because it […]

The best Pumpkin Brownies

The best Pumpkin Brownies | lollyjane.com

So happy to have cute Carrie from My Recipe Confessions back today!  Her Pumpkin Brownies look absolutely amazing!!  So thick & rich, yes please!!  Thanks for being here, Carrie!  Take it away, girl.  Pumpkins and the fall season go together like macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, or bread and butter. There are so […]

20+ autumn ideas and recipes

20+ great fall/autumn ideas and recipes!

We’re always so inspired by what YOU’re up to!  As our Creative Collection party is hoppin, we gathered 20+ great fall/autumn ideas and recipes!  We have some new peeps coming to our house for our latest adventure, being “masters” to BBFrosch (anyone need chalk paint??) and we’re holding the workshops in Kelli’s craft room.  We’re […]

15+ fall ideas and recipes

15+ cute fall ideas and recipes | lollyjane.com

Do you know how much we love the ideas of fall?  The smell in the air of fresh leaves, pumpkins and apples, carnivals and parades.  In Arizona…it’s still 109* so we are JEALOUS of you all who are cooling off and enjoying sweaters at night and crisp air.  I know you’ll be jealous of us […]

Easy fall wreath

Easy fall wreath with painted pumpkins + acorns and cute felt flowers #fall #wreath

What’s that, you say? Thanksgiving is next week? Well better late than never with this easy fall wreath! ;) I looooove Nest of Posie’s pumpkins & posies fall wreath and decided to try my hand at my own. I’m so glad I did because it is so stinkin’ cute! Living in a teeny town doesn’t […]

F is for Fall Mantels

17 Fall Mantel ideas! #fall #decor

It’s finally fall….we’ve been doing so many Christmas guest posts that my kids are so confused as to what holiday is next!!  I’m still putting my fall mantel and was looking for inspiration and came across some pretty fall mantels that I had to share.  I love rustic mantels, white mantels, shabby mantels, vintage mantels, […]

Turkey PEEPS treats

Cute chocolate dipped turkey PEEPS treats #thanksgiving

Remember our cheeps, (chocolate covered PEEPS?) When we were asked to create a PEEPS® holiday recipe we knew we wanted give dipping our fav marshmallow chicks a try, Thanksgiving style! They turned out pretty stinkin’ cute! I think I am going to make a few more and put them on the kids dinner table with a […]

11 free fall fonts

11 FREE fall/autumn Thanksgiving fonts

Awwww, November! This is my second year living in an actual FALL climate, not just a cooled down version of summer like in hot Phoenix, and I loooove it! The crisp air, the changing of leaves and excuses to make yummy apple & pumpkin anything makes me fall for fall! ;) But this season wouldn’t […]

Candy corn popcorn mix

Easy candy corn popcorn mix!

Candy Corn + popcorn + mason jars = the perfect fall treat! And hello yummy! Plus, it’s super inexpensive and makes a HUGE batch so it’s great for class parties, neighborhoods get togethers and etc. To whip up your candy corn popcorn mix, you’ll need: 1 bag of popcorn 3 cubes vanilla coating 1 cup […]

Easy to make Pumpkin Toss game

Easy pumpkin toss game for fall or Halloween parties. 3D poster + paint!

I’m the official “Room Parent” for my third grade son’s class.  I was a little nervous to take on that role because that means I organize all the class parties.  I’ve done them in the past but not all of them so I was worried about changing things up.  But then I realized that the […]

Faux aged canning ring pumpkin

Pretty faux-aged canning ring pumpkin

Fall is officially upon us… although we have our Halloween decor displayed right now, we’re getting prepared ready for the take down of said decor… #lifeofablogger LOL! The original idea for this cute canning ring pumpkin was created by the talented Kristin of Yellow Bliss Road. I just love her pumpkin and wish I could […]

33 decorative painted pumpkin ideas!

33 amazing painted pumpkin ideas, no carving required!

I love fall!  Oh wait, I wish I had a good fall! I wish the trees turned colors and my kids could run through the piles of leaves and I could snap pictures of them as they got stuck in their hair.  But it’s still over a hundred degrees here and as I decorate for […]

because unpainted pumpkins are boring

Easy honeycomb & chevron painted pumpkin tutorial!

Tenth of the month already! I swear we just started this blog hop, but this is month four…I’m so not ready for the holidays to hit!  This month’s theme is HONEYCOMB.  We love this pattern!! Kell shared her mailbox makeover using the same pattern a few weeks back and is still getting compliments from the […]

Pumpkin spice cinnamon chip trifle

Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Chip Trifle

Oooh la la!  My most faaaaaaaaavorite part about fall is seeing all the canned pumpkin on the end caps at grocery stores.  Is that weird?!  Maybe, but I almost always snag one can when I see them.  Walking through Walmart this time, I spied pumpkin spice pudding!  Hello, jello!  I tossed it in the cart, […]