2013 Primary Binder Covers

2013 Primary Binder Cover | LollyJane

Holy moly!  Our 2013 YW binder covers have been downloaded/pinned over 2k times!  Thank you for using them!  By request, here is our version of the 2013 Primary binder cover with the theme, “I Am A Child Of God”. These are similar to our 2013 YW binder covers: Simply right-click the pictures below to save and print […]

Hospital checklist for delivery | Perrigo Nutritionals giveaway

Hospital packing list | Lolly Jane

A few months ago (holy cow, almost 8 months ago!) I asked you gals what you would bring to the hospital when delivering a baby.  I took notes on your suggestions and well, after 3 1/2 hours of pushing, had a baby!  I then modified my list on what I actually used and now have […]

Bittersweet Winter | eBook review + free printable

Bittersweet Winter | Lolly Jane

__________________________________________________ Hey you guys!  We are excited to share the cutest project eBook by Bittersweet Walnut Grove, Bittersweet Winter, and thought you would enjoy this sweet winter edition crammed with all sorts of creativity and yummy treats. Bittersweet Winter is a heart-warming and easy to follow seasonal project book for connecting us to the season […]

Easy Christmas tree treat | Free gift tags

IMG_3072 copy

Okay you guys, I have a confession: Sometimes I prefer a Little Debbie snack cake vs. a hand baked treat.  It’s true!  I know Kelli will splurge with me when offered soooo I thought maybe there are some of you who also enjoy these yummy waxy treats tree’ts? ;) No?  How about a free gift tag […]

autumn wood sign | free printable


You know our love old upcycling.  And our love of cupboard doors.  Today’s fun post was inspired by one of our favorite blog, Ella Claire.  Her sign is perfectly distressed and just adorable.  We thought we’d take a cue from cute Kristin and create a pretty autumn wood sign…and a free printable too! All you […]

2013 Young Womens Binder Covers


Kelli and I both work with the youth in our church‘s Young Womens program and were excited when we heard an announcement for the 2013 mutual theme: “Stand ye in holy places, and be not moved, until the day of the Lord come; for behold, it cometh quickly, saith the Lord” -D&C 87:8 Note: Cute temple […]

4th of July state flag art [Free printable]

Patriotic 4th of July printable

We are just weeks away from Independence Day and I wanted to spruce up my mantle with a fresh {free} 4th of July state flag printable: I saw this cute pillow at WallyWorld with the names of the states in place of standard stripes and thought it was too cute.  I asked Kristi to whip […]

Teacher Gift Tags


Depending on where you live, school is coming to a close.  My kids still have another week, but my sister’s kids’ ends today so she came over at 10pm (not a procrastinator at all) to whip up these last minute Teacher Gift Tags!  Good thing Kristi is a printable pro and had pre-designed these tags […]

Interchangeable holiday frame

DIY Interchangeable Holiday Frame by Lolly Jane

Something Kelli & I share is our ♥ for decorating for each holiday.  While Kelli’s main staging space is her darling foyer, mine is the fireplace mantel.  Since I swap decor here so often, I thought an interchangeable holiday frame would make it much easier on this busy momma:      Can’t you see little spiders in […]

General YW Broadcast {free printables}

LDS Cinderella quote in red by LollyJane.com

Did you catch the spring 2012 General YW Broadcast talk by our church leader Thomas S. Monson this weekend?  Everything that exits that mans mouth is pure inspiration, we think!    Here are a few printables we whipped up after listening to him speak… Can’t you see this print on your young daughters mirror as a reminder […]

Valentine’s Day chocolate dipped Oreos + Free Tag Printables

Chocolate dipped Valentine oreo cookies by Lolly Jane

Remember the chocolate dipped St. Patrick’s Day oreo’s I made last year?  Well, I made another batch in pinks & reds for my Valentine today and thought I’d share these Valentine’s Day chocolate dipped oreos + Free Tag Printables!  They’re really easy to make!  All you need is white chocolate, Oreos and a variety of cute pink and […]

New Beginnings program

Arise & Shine Forth program by Lolly jane YW LDS New Beginnings

I was recently called to serve in my church‘s Young Women presidency, which means I get to work with the female youth, ages 12-18… lots of babysitters to choose from, right? ;)  Each January we introduce the new year’s theme/goals and welcome the girls that are entering into YW.  Since this year’s theme is Arise […]

You are my Sunshine free printable

You are my Sunshine free printable!!

We’ve been promising you our You Are My Sunshine free printable since my toddler bedroom makeover and it’s finally time to deliver!  I just love this sweet song and have sung it to all my babies.  I can’ t believe my oldest is out of her crib and is on her way to full fledged […]

Forget Not {free printable}

Forget Not in pink #freeprintable

This weekend Kelli & I enjoyed the yearly broadcast of the General RS Meeting via BYUTV eating brinner {breakfast for dinner… does anyone else do that?  Mmmmm…. highly recommended!} while the men tended the children and had an outdoor pool party/barbecue.  It was a wonderful meeting and we were so uplifted!   We specifically enjoyed […]

Pumpkin bundt cake w/ free printable

pumpkin bundt cake by lolly jane

The kiddies are back in school and although the weather here is still horrid warm, it’s September: time for fall, Halloween & the holidays….. which in blogging terms means lots of crafts & baked goods!  We’re so excited to share our pumpkin bundt cake w/ free printable with you! We spied this oh-so-cute pumpkin recipe {HERE} […]

Spring pennant and FREE subway art

LollyJane pennant

I was putting freshly clipped roses from my garden into a mason jar this morning and realized all my windows were open with the sunshiny warmth peeking through… yep, it’s officially SpRiNgTiMe!  I ♥ every bit of it.  After a quick run to my local fabric store, I whipped this Spring pennant and free subway art to match my […]

Lucky {giveaway}


Oh, the fun of St. Patrick‘s Day but oh, the the lack of decor. It is tough for you trying to find any green decor with spoiled Easter taking over the retail stores, too?  Thought so! Luckily, Kelli came up with this simple decor and printed it right onto a shabby piece of cabinet:  Easy peasy but super […]

Je t’aime (I ♥ you) print


Happy L♥VE day! We know it’s risky putting a romantic décor post on the actual holiday…  however, this cute French-inspired print can be left up year round ;) Je t’aime means “I love you” and what a sweet reminder to have around the house. PS: That pretty blonde happens to be my sil Kristin, who […]

keep calm and kiss on Valentines Day printable

keep calm and kiss on valentines day printable

I love Valentine’s Day!  When we were little girls, we would wake to a small heart shaped box of chocolates.  There was an assortment of different kinds and we thought it was the best treat in the world.  No sharing, 5 whole chocolates to eat at our leisure.  You see, our sweet Dad would leave […]

Valentines Day Pop Bottle Gift Set |Crush on you

Valentines Day Pop Bottle Gift Set CRUSH Pop

I was racking my brain for a fun Valentine gift for my girlfriends that didn’t cost a whole lot.  One girlfriend gave me Christmas candy in a glass bottle with a cute note that said she had a crush on me… cute idea!  (Love ya, Melis!) We are definitely loving these Valentines Day Pop Bottle Gift Set CRUSH […]