Spring pennant and FREE subway art

LollyJane pennant

I was putting freshly clipped roses from my garden into a mason jar this morning and realized all my windows were open with the sunshiny warmth peeking through… yep, it’s officially SpRiNgTiMe!  I ♥ every bit of it.  After a quick run to my local fabric store, I whipped this Spring pennant and free subway art to match my […]

Lucky {giveaway}


Oh, the fun of St. Patrick‘s Day but oh, the the lack of decor. It is tough for you trying to find any green decor with spoiled Easter taking over the retail stores, too?  Thought so! Luckily, Kelli came up with this simple decor and printed it right onto a shabby piece of cabinet:  Easy peasy but super […]

Je t’aime (I ♥ you) print


Happy L♥VE day! We know it’s risky putting a romantic décor post on the actual holiday…  however, this cute French-inspired print can be left up year round ;) Je t’aime means “I love you” and what a sweet reminder to have around the house. PS: That pretty blonde happens to be my sil Kristin, who […]

keep calm and kiss on Valentines Day printable

keep calm and kiss on valentines day printable

I love Valentine’s Day!  When we were little girls, we would wake to a small heart shaped box of chocolates.  There was an assortment of different kinds and we thought it was the best treat in the world.  No sharing, 5 whole chocolates to eat at our leisure.  You see, our sweet Dad would leave […]

Valentines Day Pop Bottle Gift Set |Crush on you

Valentines Day Pop Bottle Gift Set CRUSH Pop

I was racking my brain for a fun Valentine gift for my girlfriends that didn’t cost a whole lot.  One girlfriend gave me Christmas candy in a glass bottle with a cute note that said she had a crush on me… cute idea!  (Love ya, Melis!) We are definitely loving these Valentines Day Pop Bottle Gift Set CRUSH […]

Christmas door hanger


Eek!  I got this idea from a friend and just  L ♥ V E  it!Wouldn’t this be a fun neighbor gift tied to a few rolls of $1 store Christmas wrapping paper? Such a clever way to tell your little ones that you are busy wrapping gifts… I’m sure this is the O N L […]

Free Christmas printable


Excited to share our Free Christmas printable with you all today, Merry Christmas! You’ll notice Kris & I were a lot more gung ho about the holidays leading up to Christmas vs. Christmas itself.  Oh yes, we were raised with all the glitz, glamour and fun of it, but our dear parents also emphasized on the “reason for the season.“  Now […]

Free Thanksgiving Printable

Free Thanksgiving Printable

I was doing laundry and thinking about a festive Thanksgiving spin off to the “Keep Calm and Carry On” theme that’s so popular in Blogland. “Give Thanks and EAT“I thought.  How about some Free Thanksgiving Printables for you all? Hey, that’s it! So, without further adieu: Option 1: Quote with dinnerwear Option 2: Quote with candlebra […]