Poppyseed grapefruit loaf

Poppyseed Grapefruit Loaf. Holy delicious breakfast- mmm! @rhondasteed

I love grapefruit. I love to have one every morning with some peanut butter toast. It’s the perfect way to start the day! I ended up with a whole case of grapefruit a few months ago and since my hubby isn’t really a fan I had a whole lot of grapefruit to eat! I ended […]

healthy and fun kid snacks

20+ healthy and fun kid snacks via @lollyjaneblog

Oh summertime, how I so LOVE you!!  I love no schedules, no homework, no getting up early, no violin lessons, scouts, tutoring and did I say especially no science projects or book reports!?  You know what else I love?  Snacking.  Oh wait, no I don’t…my little kiddos do!  They’d snack all day long if I […]

easy Tuscan pasta salad

Easy Tuscan pasta salad recipe! @lollyjaneblog

Happy to have our monthly contributors Carrie from My Recipe Confessions back today!    Growing up, Memorial Day was always one of my favorite holidays. We always started out our day by placing flowers on the graves of our loved ones. Then we went to the city park and had a big picnic with all of our extended family. […]

Father’s Day bear snack jars

Adorable Father's Day bear snack jars. Easy to make! Perfect for Dad! via @lollyjaneblog {www.lollyjane.com}

We are so happy for our friend Vanessa (from See Vanessa Craft) who just published a book!  What an accomplishment!  She hosted a fun book kick off tour with a mason jar theme since her book is called Party in a Jar. It’s chock full of kid-friendly projects for holidays, parties and special occasions.  All of […]

S’more truffles

S'more Truffles via sweetasacookie.com

These S’more Truffles are the perfect summer treat. I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite summer treats is a big gooey S’more. The crunch from the graham crackers against the melting chocolate and the gooey marshmallow… OMG! They’re perfect! I decided I wanted to remake my favorite treat in a new way. If […]

Orange bundt cake

Orange Bundt Cake by lmld.org (Looks SO good!)

Hi friends, I am so happy to be a contributor over her on the fabulous Lolly Jane blog. Since this is my first post I’ll introduce myself and my blog a little before I share this delicious and easy Orange Bundt Cake recipe with you. My name is Aimee, and I am the daughter half […]

Leftover Easter ham chowder

Delicious way to use your leftover Easter ham! Yummy chowder!  (www.rhondasteed.com)

As one of the new monthly contributors, I’m pretty excited to be sharing some recipes here at Lolly Jane! My first recipe is an easy soup PERFECT for the days after Easter dinner and using up your leftovers! Certain foods get equated with certain holidays. In my mind, Easter means ham. Not those boneless precooked ones, but […]

Pink grapefruit sandwich cookies

Pink Grapefruit Sandwich Cookies. Tastes just like grapefruit... in cookie form! Yum! @lollyjaneblog #cookies

Are you ready for the most flavorful sugar cookie you’ve ever had?  These pink grapefruit sandwich cookies are seriously amazing! They have so much natural flavor that you can almost taste the fresh juice.  So so yummy! Our dad is a farmer and has the hookup for some amazing fresh fruit.  He often brings home […]

Strawberry roll recipe

Strawberry Roll recipe. YUM!

We’re excited to welcome one of our monthly contributors Carrie from My Recipe Confessions! (:  Now that the weather is starting to warm up and everybody has a new spring in their step, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my family’s favorite cake. Spring or summer is not complete without eating […]

Whopper robin egg cookies


Hi everyone! In case you don’t already know I’m Karissa from the blog Sweet as a Cookie. I’m one of the new monthly contributors here on the Lolly Jane blog. Every month I will be coming here to share a recipe with all of you. I would just like to thank Kristi and Kelli for this wonderful […]

Introducing our foodie contributors!

Banana Bread Waffles by Just Rhonda

You know we love a good recipe AND to feature yummy foods + treats (among the other cuteness like crafts, DIY projects and such) so we’ve brought 4 talented bloggers on board our team to share their culinary creations with you once a month. Please welcome us in joining Sweet as a Cookie, Just Rhonda, My Recipe Confessions and Like […]

Spring rice crispy treats + Easter pin party!

YUMMY Easter/spring rice crispy treats! Great kid helper recipe (:

For family night this week, my toddler’s assignment was dessert because she wanted to make something with the marshmallows she found in the pantry. I’ve been wanting to make some yummy spring rice crispy treats so it was great timing to test the recipe out!  One problem, we were out of butter.  I started to […]

Sprinkles birthday cookies

Sprinkles Birthday Cookies. Cute and perfect for any birthday occasion!

We don’t need an excuse to make cookies. In fact, we’ve heard it said that there is always an occasion to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies and we definitely agree! When Amber asked us to help celebrate Crazy Little Projects big birthday bash we decided to alter our tried & true chocolate chip cookies recipe to make […]

thin mint dessert recipes

19 MUST TRY Thin Mint dessert recipes!  |via LollyJane.com

Ever since we made homemade girl scout thin mint cookies back in 2011, we’ve been seeing a thin mint dessert craze everywhere we look.  Especially on Pinterest!  We thought we’d do us and everyone else a favor by gathering the yummiest, most delicious looking goodies in one spot.  So if you have leftover thin mints […]

White chocolate thin mint popcorn

Yummy white chocolate thin mint popcorn!

Anyone else have a hard time passing up those cute Brownies selling girl scout cookies in front of your local grocery store? We can’t help but snag at least one box of thin mints every. single. time. Mmm! As tasty as they are solo, we tried them in popcorn and the combo is divine! We simply […]

Red Velvet M&M Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Red Velvet M&M bits inside... and cream cheese frosting! YUM!

Alright y’all, I think we are officially out of recipes with our experimental bag of seasonal red velvet M&M’s! LOL! Here’s the last of our trio recipes, our Red Velvet M&M Cupcakes… topped off with cream cheese frosting! Yum! We made these the same day as our Red Velvet M&M Cake Mix Cookies since the […]

Red velvet M&M cake mix cookies

Chewy Red Velvet M&M Cake Mix Cookies. So good!

So we found this bag of Red Velvet M&M’s while grocery shopping earlier this month and we are now kind of obsessed… after making our Red Velvet M&M cookies we had some leftovers and created another moist and chewy (and super EASY!) cookie, Red velvet M&M cake mix cookies: I’m sure you’ve had the easiest […]

Red Velvet M&M Cookies

RED VELVET M&M COOKIES!!  Have you heard of Red Velvet M&M's??  These cookies are made with them and are SO yummy!!

Have you seen the new Red Velvet M&M flavors??  They are SO.SO.GOOD!!  We love them!!  Kristi discovered them and brought a bag home…it was gobbled up immediately. We had our families be the taste testers who gave it two thumbs up! And because they’re 2 shades of red with a pretty white M&M, we thought […]

Big Game Day White Cheese Dip with Giveaway!

Freakin' good Big Game Day white cheese dip appetizer

Anyone else watching the NFL playoffs today?  We are so stinkin’ excited for Big Game day! Although we don’t religiously watch the big game all the way through, we LOVE the commercials… and game day FOOD!  Mostly the appetizers, oh the appetizers!  Today we are excited to share a recipe we’ve been working on and […]

Valentine popcorn mix recipe + free tags

Valentine Popcorn Mix Recipe PLUS free "Have a POPPIN Valentine's Day" tag!! Great gift idea!! (lollyjane.com)

We’ve shared some Valentine’s decor ideas, Valentine’s Day crafts and even Valentine fonts this month so it’s about time for an easy recipe that’s pretty darn tasty! Our kids went absolutely crazy for our candy corn popcorn mix so we added a bit of pink to it this time around, thanks to a cute Valentine candy mix discovered […]