Bacon mac ‘n cheese hot dogs

Bacon Mac 'N' Cheese Dogs |

This post brought to you by Bar-S Foods. All opinions are 100% our very own. True story: We have 7 siblings that all live within a 6-mile radius of each other, (did you know we’re currently next-door neighbors? Oh, and that there are 9 of us kids total?) With us all being married with children of our […]

Key lime pie cookies

Key Lime Pie Cookies |

Kristi and I have both been tossing fresh limes in our grocery carts lately because we’re on a serious dirty Diet Coke kick but now that we’re fully stocked in the lime department, we are so excited to bake Carrie’s key lime pie cookies! The fresh lime juice + zest in her cream cheese frosting sounds […]

Grilled steak and spinach quesadillas


Living in Arizona has some definite perks and one of them is that we are a border state to Mexico and have aaaahmazing Mexican markets here that carry yummy authentic, handmade tortillas. These, in our opinion, are way better than the regular ‘ol tortillas carried at chain grocers because they have a salted, grilled flavor and can […]

Grilled pork chops with pineapple mango salsa

Grilled Pork Chops with Pineapple-Mango Salsa (and brown sugar glaze.) YUM! |

Barbecue week continues and this next recipe is seriously mouth watering! The smell is amazing and the brown sugar glaze caramelizes while cooking so it tastes as good as it smells! You will love these grilled pork chops with pineapple mango salsa, promise.  Confession: We did not make the salsa from scratch! Gasp! I know. A) […]

Grilled pineapple with cinnamon sugar glaze

Grilled Pineapple with a Cinnamon Sugar Glaze. The perfect side dish for any BBQ- top with ice cream for a real treat! via

We love grilling (can you tell? We’ve shared 3 other grill recipes this week! Mmm!) but our family has always enjoyed dessert after the meal so we’ve been on the hunt for sweet foods to grill. This grilled pineapple with a cinnamon sugar glaze dish hit the spot and is sweet with just the right amount […]

Chipotle lime chicken skewers

Chipotle Lime Chicken Skewers, perfect for grillin' and chillin' summer nights! via

Summatime and the grillin’s easy! ;) We make a chicken dish at least 4x’s a week for our families and this delicious Chipotle Lime Chicken Skewers recipe is a way to break up the mundane menu and also gets the kids involved; they love to assemble the ingredients on the skewers and we love to grill. Win […]

Perfectly grilled corn on the cob

Perfectly grilled corn on the cob. Learn how to grill it with the husks on! via

Arizona, in our opinion, grows the very best corn in the country! We can stop by the corn fields, pick our own then boil, steam or grill it as soon as we get home. How do we know it’s the best? Because our cute dad is an agronomist (farmer) and he knows where the sweetest varieties are grown as […]

Grilled fruit pizza

BBQing? Why not throw on dessert? This Grilled Fruit Pizza is an easy & yummy way to end a summer meal!

Barbecuing is in full swing around this part of the country (mostly because it’s too darn hot to cook inside!) and we are excited to share 6 new recipes with you this week in honor of swapping out my hand-me-down grill for a brand new one. The hubster was thrilled to choose our new STOK® Quattro 4-burner […]

fresh garden dipping oil

Fresh garden Dipping Oil recipe. YUM!! |via

We are super stinkin excited to announce a new foodie contributor to the Lolly Jane team!  Stephanie from Life Created is an AH-MAY-ZING photographer!! We love her so much that we took a food photog class from her and learned a TON!  We threw it out there if she ever wanted to join, she was […]

mint cherry limeade

Mint Cherry Limeade, yum!! |via

We’re happy to have Aimee from Like Mother Like Daughter back today sharing her delicious mint cherry limeade!  We know you’ll love it! Did you all have a happy first day of summer? It’s not like its a holiday to celebrate, but summer sure is wonderful, isn’t it? Summer to me used to mean no […]

Double Chocolate Chunk cookies

Yummy DOUBLE chocolate chunk cookies!! |via

Hello again Lolly Jane Readers!! I’m glad to be back here sharing something I love…COOKIES!!   I love making cookies. In fact our cookie jar is pretty much always full. Most kids who live by us know that and even will check the cookie jar for cookies when they come over.  I hope you’ll just love […]

Southwestern club sandwich

Southwestern Club Sandwich with avocado spread via @myrecipeconfessions

We’re happy to welcome our sweet monthly contributor Carrie from My Recipe Confessions! With my kids out of school, our summer vacation is in full swing and our schedules are filling up fast! Between dance, baseball, swim lessons, and camping trips, there isn’t a whole lot of time for dinner preparation. Not to mention the fact […]

Red white & blue pudding pops

Red White and Blue Pudding Pops via @lmldfood. Perfect 4th of July or summer treat!

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day yesterday. I spent the day relaxing at home and enjoying time with my sleepy new baby and thinking of all those who have served our country and are currently serving. I am so grateful for all of them. Now that Memorial Day is passed our next holiday […]

Poppyseed grapefruit loaf

Poppyseed Grapefruit Loaf. Holy delicious breakfast- mmm! @rhondasteed

I love grapefruit. I love to have one every morning with some peanut butter toast. It’s the perfect way to start the day! I ended up with a whole case of grapefruit a few months ago and since my hubby isn’t really a fan I had a whole lot of grapefruit to eat! I ended […]

healthy and fun kid snacks

20+ healthy and fun kid snacks via @lollyjaneblog

Oh summertime, how I so LOVE you!!  I love no schedules, no homework, no getting up early, no violin lessons, scouts, tutoring and did I say especially no science projects or book reports!?  You know what else I love?  Snacking.  Oh wait, no I don’t…my little kiddos do!  They’d snack all day long if I […]

easy Tuscan pasta salad

Easy Tuscan pasta salad recipe! @lollyjaneblog

Happy to have our monthly contributors Carrie from My Recipe Confessions back today!    Growing up, Memorial Day was always one of my favorite holidays. We always started out our day by placing flowers on the graves of our loved ones. Then we went to the city park and had a big picnic with all of our extended family. […]

Father’s Day bear snack jars

Adorable Father's Day bear snack jars. Easy to make! Perfect for Dad! via @lollyjaneblog {}

We are so happy for our friend Vanessa (from See Vanessa Craft) who just published a book!  What an accomplishment!  She hosted a fun book kick off tour with a mason jar theme since her book is called Party in a Jar. It’s chock full of kid-friendly projects for holidays, parties and special occasions.  All of […]

S’more truffles

S'more Truffles via

These S’more Truffles are the perfect summer treat. I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite summer treats is a big gooey S’more. The crunch from the graham crackers against the melting chocolate and the gooey marshmallow… OMG! They’re perfect! I decided I wanted to remake my favorite treat in a new way. If […]

Orange bundt cake

Orange Bundt Cake by (Looks SO good!)

Hi friends, I am so happy to be a contributor over her on the fabulous Lolly Jane blog. Since this is my first post I’ll introduce myself and my blog a little before I share this delicious and easy Orange Bundt Cake recipe with you. My name is Aimee, and I am the daughter half […]

Leftover Easter ham chowder

Delicious way to use your leftover Easter ham! Yummy chowder!  (

As one of the new monthly contributors, I’m pretty excited to be sharing some recipes here at Lolly Jane! My first recipe is an easy soup PERFECT for the days after Easter dinner and using up your leftovers! Certain foods get equated with certain holidays. In my mind, Easter means ham. Not those boneless precooked ones, but […]