scallop wooden trim tutorial | closet makeover

Pretty scallop trim closet tutorial | Adorable little girls bedroom ideas.

My 5 year old’s room has been on t0-do list for years.  And that is when I started it..years ago! Poor girl!  She’s had gray blank walls in her room for far too long. So happy that BLACK+DECKER is hosting a “Your Big Finish” challenge – to finally complete a project that has been neglected in […]

Rockin’ Moroccan stenciled bedroom

Pretty gray/white/mint bedroom makeover |

We busted our rears to finish this Moroccan stencil bedroom makeover in just 5 days the first week of June…and then didn’t post the pics for three months. Oops.  I guess we needed to wait until real life slowed down and we got into the groove of our kids getting back into their school schedules.  This […]

Man cave makeover

Industrial man cave home office. Love the modern ceiling fan and that desk! Awesome space!

If you give a blogger a ceiling fan… she will hang it, right? Hmm, kind of. Said blogger will decide that the space-that-must-not-be-named (aka: that one room every family has in their house that the door stays shut at all times…remember ours?) will need a makeover to match said ceiling fan because it’s all modern and chrome-y looking […]

Masculine home office ideas

Masculine home office space

Have you seen that episode of FRIENDS where organized/clean freak Monica tries to hide the locked hall closet from Chandler and when he finally pries it open there is a hot mess of clutter and slight hoarding revealed? Well friends (see what I did there? Haha!) just like our favorite Gellar sibling, it turns out that Kelli, […]

tips on how to paint concrete flooring

Yellow/White striped concrete floors, so pretty! | Come check out some great tips on

So y’all remember when we were invited to share our craft room in a magazine? Of course that crazy herringbone bookcase caught their attention.  Well Kristi got a little ambitious and told them we’d have new flooring before their photographer came by to snap some pics.  Uhm, hello… what??  We knew wood floors were out of our […]

Two-tone coffee table with new rug


So you all know that I LOVE color, especially this time of year. I have a cheery yellow stenciled dining room, a bright turquoise craft room and matching bright turquoise living room, which I recently revealed. If you follow us on instagram you will have seen my distressed pale blue coffee table took a turn […]

Coastal Master Bedroom |Reveal


My coastal master bedroom makeover is complete, and I’m so in love! My husband is even more in love with me more after I was able to pull off this design on a budget, and I have to admit it was fun working on it with him! Click on over to have a look back […]

Herringbone bookcase | Craft room makeover


So I’ve lived in my house for about 2 years now.  And I’m just getting around to my craft room.  Blog fail, much??  It’s been serving it’s purpose to me daily by housing my craft supplies so no harm done, but now it’ll serve that same purpose and will be appealing to the eyes.  Finally. […]

coral tween girl bedroom

coral polka dot tween room lollyjane

I’ve been designing my 9 year old daughter’s bedroom in my head since we moved in last year.  I knew I wanted it to be fun and eclectic yet mature enough for a 9 1/2 year old going on 12!  What we ended up with was a coral tween girl bedroom that I’m in love with! […]

affordable bathroom re-do

affordable diy bathroom redo

  I’ve been working on this affordable turquoise stencil bathroom re-do for months and am thrilled to be D-O-N-E!!  I love that it’s checked off my list and I’ve since completed my next room: my daughter’s coral polka dot tween room, whoot!  Hey!!-if you’re not keeping up with us on Instagram or Facebook, you’re missing […]

DIY Affordable Custom Bathroom Molding


I’m currently working on my guest bathroom but thought I would share this fun trick with you all.  This is a quick DIY for Affordable Custom Bathroom Molding. I really wanted to show you the full before of this bathroom but can’t find the year old pic, darnnit!!  Here are some when I re-did the […]

Toddler Bedroom Makeover Reveal

little girl bedroom makeover

I’m done with the bedroom, hurrah!  Here is my Toddler Bedroom Makeover Reveal!  I’m happy to say I met my Friday deadline…I started Tuesday at noon and finished Thursday at 4pm.  Best part?  Total cost was less than $30!  Love that. My favorite accessory in this very small space is the printable I created for […]

Toddler Bedroom Makeover Part 2

yellow sidetable makeover DIY (1)

I made a lot of progress today….and bonus: NO injuries, wahoo!! ;) Here is my Toddler Bedroom Makeover part 2! Day 1/yesterday’s progress: clean up her crap!  My little messy girl loves to pull her clothes out of her drawers during nap time.  I got them all organized and donated the excess.  *Exhale* Wow, that felt […]

Toddler Bedroom Makeover Part 1

toddler bedroom makeover (1)

Do you ever start a project without planning it…like you’re in the middle of doing something else totally unrelated and suddenly find yourself hanging beadboard wallpaper in your 2 year old’s bedroom?  Introducing the start of my Toddler Bedroom Makeover Part 1! Then run out of wallpaper so start painting with a leftover can of oops […]