Easy Chicken Pasta

Easy chicken pasta recipe, yum! Quick and easy dinner idea!!

Rhonda is here to share an easy Chicken Pasta dinner, you'll love it! Some days I like to make a meal that takes a while. I think about it ahead of time and I'm on top of things. And some days are not like that at all. It's late and I need something quick. But I still want it to taste good. This meal came because of that situation. Add that I was at Costco and I was looking around for something that I could make but quickly. If I have to buy something pre made, I still want to be able to adapt it to make it taste more homemade. This meal is all about that.   Two things that make this meal quick (As in 10 minutes quick):   1. I got a pre made Alfredo sauce at … continue reading

30+ DIY/craft pumpkin ideas

30+ DIY/craft pumpkin ideas | lollyjane.com

We love all things pumpkin!  We've got lots of craft ideas like this fun pumpkin toss game and desserts like these yummy pumpkin brownies.  But you know our heart lies in painting and crafting so we thought we'd round up 30+ DIY/craft pumpkin ideas in one spot.  Everything from painted pumpkins to building pumpkins, you're sure to find some adorable fall or Halloween decor in this cute mix! Wood Spindle Pumpkins | Lolly Jane Faux Aged Canning Ring Pumpkins | Lolly Jane Patterned Pumpkins | Lolly Jane Stuffed Fabric Pumpkins | The Alison Show Striped Polka Dot Wood Pumpkins | Simply Kierste Thread Ball Pumpkins | Thoughts from Alice Reclaimed Wood … continue reading

Creative Collection group link party


We are in full blown Crazyville around here with Halloween costume prep, being on a local news segment, entertaining out of town guests, planning a church craft day and tending our littles BUT, we still snuck in some much needed craft time! These easy Styrofoam Spiders take minutes to make and our kiddos loved helping!  Our EEK Marquee Letters are geared for the more mature crafter but is still easy to create! We shared Carrie from My Recipe Confession's scrumptious Marble Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe that looks diiiiivine: Also up this week was Life Created's tasty Homemade Palmiers Cookies. YUM!  Okay okay we need to take a breather … continue reading

Palmiers recipe

Palmiers recipe from scratch | lollyjane.com

Stephanie from Life Created is here today sharing this yummy Palmier recipe.  They are beautiful cookies are perfect for holiday gifts, tea time, or brunch with your friends. This is a simple, delicious pastry cookie you can make at home with little mess and effort. For variation, you can add spices to make them fit your taste. Ingredients: 1 box Puff Pastry (found in the frozen desserts isle at your grocery store) 1/2 cup sugar 1/4 tsp cinnamon 1 tbs butter melted  Let your puff pastry thaw at room temperature for about 20 minutes, until you can unroll it without it cracking. Mix the cinnamon and sugar together and sprinkle on top of the puff pastry sheets. Using … continue reading

styrofoam spiders craft

Adorable and easy styrofoam spiders...fun Halloween craft for the kids!

We're happy to partner with non-profit Champion for Kids + Fiskars to encourage you to help kids across the country thrive creatively… starting in your own communities.  We are thrilled to support this effort by donating to our local charter school where my kids attend.  You see, to raise awareness, Champion for Kids wants to bring to attention the need for creative tools and crafting supplies so they've partnered with Fiskars (you may know their scissors with the bright orange handles).  So we've put together an easy craft idea for a kindergarten classroom at our local charter school.  We're sharing this cute styrofoam spiders craft tutorial with you today and … continue reading

Marbled Pumpkin Cheesecake

Marbled Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe | Soooo good and full of flavor! Perfect fall or Thanksgiving dessert!

This Marbled Pumpkin Cheesecake is so smooth and creamy. The flavor is out of this world!  Baked cheesecake is a dessert that requires some planning. It needs to have plenty of time to bake  and cool down. I would recommend baking it the day before you plan to eat it. ! It might take a little patience during the baking process, but I promise you, it is well worth all your effort! Here are a few tips and tricks for baking a cheesecake. When adding the eggs into the cheesecake batter, turn your mixer on low and gently mix the eggs in.  You don't want to incorporate a lot of air while mixing or the cheesecake will crack while baking. For a smooth satiny cheesecake, the … continue reading

Get Fit giveaway

Get Fit Giveaway!! | 2 Fit Bit bands + w $100 Zappos gift cards!!

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy cooler weather, get moving outdoors and burn calories to keep those holiday treats from weighing you down. Working out is always much more fun with a friend, so we're giving away a FitBit Flex Wireless Wristband and a $100 Zappos.com Gift Card for both YOU and a friend!    Get fit together with these awesome prizes worth $420!!!    Make sure to share this giveaway with a friend or tag them on our social media posts (Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook). If you and your friend BOTH enter, you each have DOUBLE the chance of winning. Now that's a WIN WIN!   Or, if you want to keep both prizes, that's up to you… these … continue reading

diy halloween marquee sign

DIY | EEK marquee Halloween sign, so cute!

Earlier this week we showed our easy Halloween porch decor.  We basically decided against everything DIY and instead opted for some adorable pre-packaged goodness.  And if you know us, that doesn't happen often!  We have our share of banners and decor but buying a cute set was totally worth our time.  And since you DO know us, you know we had to throw in one good DIY...our DIY Halloween marquee sign, isn't she adorable??  We call her a she because she is purple and my 5 year old daughter is obsessed with purple...in fact her soccer team is the purple people eaters so this can be our purple people eater sign (;  Where were we??....oh yes, the tutorial. … continue reading

Creative Collection group link party

Lovely green bed frame!

Long live fall break! We have been playing hard this week with our littles while they're off from school but still managed to squeeze a few DIY's in! Easy Halloween Porch Decor DIY Washi Tape Feathers Hand Painted Arrow Sign Be sure to click on our Monster Bagel Sandwich recipe for a chance to win a $25 from the fab folks at Eggland's Best!  Click here for an awesome list of seriously fab pinners who know their stuff! Now let's see what YOU'VE been up to! Rustic Fall Porch  |City Farmhouse Ampersand Pumpkin  |  Rain on a Tin Roof Roadside Re-do  |The Heathered Nest Pumpkin Whoopie Pie Cupcakes  |3 Boys … continue reading

wood spindle pumpkins

Wood Spindle Pumpkins, easy and fun craft! | lollyjane.com

It’s the 10th of the month and if you've been following along for awhile, you'll know that every tenth we share a fun theme'd project/recipe with 9 other bloggers.  This month's theme is PUMPKINS!!  We've got ten amazing pumpkin recipes and crafts for your viewing pleasure.  After you check out our cute wood spindle pumpkins, be sure to check out what everyone else is sharing as well! Loving all these fun pumpkin ideas, I know we're motivated to whip up some treats and bust out the paints now! 1. Mini Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins - Two Twenty One 2. Pumpkin Favor Bags – Eighteen 25 3. Printable Fall Tags & Pumpkin Cookies - Thirty Handmade Days 4. Dinner In … continue reading

Meet these Mormons

I'm a Mormon: I know it, I live it, I love it.

We've shared about our faith many times before.  We want you to know the blogger behind the blog.  We are Kristi & Kelli and we belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints aka "The Mormons". (Read about our name here.) We are excited to team up with over 65+ bloggers... to extend an invitation to see a film. A film entitled "Meet The Mormons". This film is not meant to be an "in your face" / you must join our church film. It is simply designed and produced to uplift and inspire you through six stories of those of our faith who have followed promptings to follow Christ more fully in their lives. We hope you take the opportunity to enjoy this film. We hope … continue reading

Easy Halloween porch decor

Easy Halloween porch decor | lollyjane.com

We're enjoying our kid's fall break vacation and crossing off bucket list items.  We've gone to open gym, the movies, the pumpkin patch and now putting out Halloween decor, the kids' request.  We've partnered with Command Outdoor Products to fulfill the kiddos' wish.  And since we were short on time due to many cousin playdates, we took a short cut and bought some of this decor.  All DIY-friendly but sometimes packaged goods are handy.  The EEK letters are one of our fav Halloween crafts to date and we've taken it up a notch to add it to this striped wood sign...tutorial coming later this weekend.  Loving our easy Halloween porch decor, we … continue reading

diy washi tape feathers

DIY | washi tape feathers, so cute + easy to make!

We love washi tape and quick crafts.  When we made this fun hand painted arrow sign, we wanted to attach feathers somehow to give it a more mixed media feel.  We wracked our brains and thought of yarn garland hangers with a leather feather, hand drawn paper feathers, scrapbook paper feathers, etc.  We just bought some new washi tape this weekend so we thought they'd be cute to incorporate.  So I did a quick google search and sure enough...someone already thought of it!!  Drat!! Hers are really cute but are solid tape so we mixed ours up with patterns...because if you are a loyal reader, you KNOW we loooooove us some color + pattern mixing! For supplies, … continue reading

Awesome pinners to follow on Pinterest!

Awesome Pinners to follow!!

Pinterest is taking over the world, lol!!  Right?? Sometimes it's confusing who to follow??  We promise these are some of the most AWESOME  pinners to follow on Pinterest!  These gals are always pinning the newest, freshest content: quick recipe ideas, fast dinners, the latest holiday craft, teacher gift ideas, etc.  The best of the best in one spot!!   Just click the bloggers name or the See On Pinterest button and that will take you to their Pinterest boards, then if you like what you see, be sure to click the Follow Allbutton. We'd love to share the great ideas we find on Pinterest with you!   Visit Landee See, Landee Do's profile … continue reading

monster bagel sandwiches

Monster Breakfast Bagel! Eggs inside are dyed bright colors + decorated like monsters- fun for a Halloween breakfast!

We are on fall break here in Arizona and with the littles home, thought it would be fun to make a monster of a breakfast for them! Introducing our monster breakfast bagel sandwiches: A little bit of salty + sweet mixed with a lot of fun! We were challenged by Eggland's Best to create a "kid-approved" egg recipe and with Halloween coming up, we knew this would be a hit because this time, we LET the kids play with their food! Yes, those ARE bright colored egg patties you see on our bagels! These fluffy eggs are packed with 4x's the Vitamin D, helping our littles bodies absorb calcium to protect their bones during football and soccer playtime. Bonus for the adults: each … continue reading

Creative Collection | group link party

Gorgeous farmhouse kitchen hutch!

Happy Friday!  Welcome to the Creative Collection group link party.   One blog, seven places to get exposure.  Awesome.  This week we shared YOUR ideas from last week's party and rounded up 25+ fall free printables, lots of pretty ideas!! as well as these fun 35+ ghost craft and treats, lots of fun ideas! We also took the I Am Brave & Beautiful challenge and shared our non-makeup faces...which we truly prefer anyway (;  Makeup-schmakeup!  Love this quote! We had to get a little crafty!  This foam ghost bunting was fun to whip up with the kiddos, they love the StyroCutter...a lot!   And these adorable monster breakfast bagels were so … continue reading

ghost crafts and treats

35+ Adorable Ghost Crafts and Treats | roundup via lollyjane.com

We are FREAKED out by spirits or any kind of Halloween movie with life-like ghosts.  Like, sleep-with-a-nightlight-on-scared! BUT, we love playful ghosts and non-creepy Halloween decor and goodies!  While perusing our Halloween holiday pin board which has hundreds of all things spooky, we realized how many other peeps like ghosts too!  They're too cute.  Hope you find some inspiration with these 35+ ghost crafts and treats! Foam Ghost Bunting | Lolly Jane BOO Ghost Fringe Letters | Lolly Jane Ghosts in a Jar | Landeelu Ghost Meringues | Smart School House Yarn Ghost Garland | Two Shades of Pink via Eighteen25 Ghost Snack Bags | Made to be … continue reading

Oreo spider cookies

OREO spider cookies, so cute!!

Hi friends, its Aimee from Like Mother Like Daughter here again! Halloween is only a month away and its such a fun holiday to celebrate! One of my favorite way to celebrate the different holidays is with holiday food. So for an adorable and simple to make Halloween treat I have made Halloween Oreo Spiders. These little treats are not only delicious, but also adorable for a Halloween party! My husband decided to experiment and looked up what real spiders eyes look like - yuck! and decorated some of them with our blue gel. He also thought the spiders needed googly eyes, so we added those too, but that's completely optional. However you decide to decorate these little spider … continue reading

Day of the Dead party ideas

Day of the Dead party ideas | lollyjane.com

One thing we love about blogging is collaborating with other bloggers who have like-interests.  There is some major talent out there and we are so grateful to have a big handful of that talent here in Arizona!  We partnered with Wendy,  Kate, Vanessa & Kim to bring these darling Day of the Dead party ideas!  We each split up the assignments so it was more manageable.   The biggest part of the party is decor!  Kate found a great location that set the tone perfectly.  Love the old, chippy blue door! And of course you need something to do, right? These mask printables are so cute and kept the kids entertained! And party … continue reading

hand painted arrow sign

DIY | hand painted arrow sign ---> lollyjane.com

Kristi drug this 100 year old piece of barn wood home from her in-progress new build.  She stacked it in my yard so pretty much that means it's free game right???  I mean, she may still hold a slight grudge when she did the same thing with her hand-me-down-crib-mattress turned bulletin board in my craft room.  Someone should tell her to stop leaving goodies in my yard (: So of course I painted it whilst she was grocery shopping one day...isn't it cute?  I love this hand painted arrow sign, it's a fun addition to my entryway and I painted 6 stripes on there to make it custom to the number of peeps who run around here all day.  Well, more like 20 peeps run around … continue reading